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The University of Wisconsin Libraries


The UW System libraries, working together as a coordinated university library system, will provide students, faculty and staff with access to a truly great public university library collection and to a growing global network of electronic information resources. Implementing this vision requires the following:

  1. The UW libraries will provide barrier-free and timely access to the information resources of the UW libraries and electronic gateways to information resources via the Internet.
  2. All UW students will have easy and convenient access to course materials through the UW library information system.
  3. UW library collections will be developed as an integrated, interdependent resource for University research and teaching.
  4. The UW libraries will increasingly become centers for collaboration, group study and specialized instruction as well as repositories for collections.
  5. Librarians will serve as information resource managers and teachers who assist their constituencies with using new learning systems and information technologies.
  6. The UW libraries will become more accessible to Wisconsin citizens, businesses, and government services.


Implement New Library Access Technology: UW libraries will up-grade and replace the computerized library management system. This new system will be designed and implemented to support UW strategic library goals with respect to resource sharing, integrated information access, and controlling costs.

Develop the UW Electronic Library Collection for All UW Faculty and Students: Centralized funding resources will be used to provide all UW students, faculty and staff with convenient access to a core collection of materials and electronic resources including full-text journals, reference resources, and government information.

Expand Delivery Services: UW libraries will allocate new funding resources to enhance resource sharing and delivery services that will provide UW students, faculty and staff timely and unrestricted access to all UW library collections.

Systemwide Collection Access: Develop UW System-wide resource-sharing that provides open access and common library policies to serve the widest possible community of UW users.

Improve Outreach Services to Wisconsin Public Schools and Businesses: UW libraries will work together with public and school libraries to develop expanded access to UW library resources for Wisconsin schools and citizens in ways that are appropriate for the mission of the University.

Provide Electronic Access to Reserve Reading and Course Materials: UW libraries will implement library technologies which will provide students with remote access to course materials via electronic reserve reading services and other electronic learning technologies.

Support Distance Education: Identify and develop policies, funding sources, and resource sharing mechanisms that will adequately serve students and faculty at a distance.

Control Costs: UW libraries will develop management control systems in order to promote cooperative collection development, statewide licensing of electronic information, and coordinated policies with respect to copyright and the intellectual property created by faculty and students.

Online Catalog Access: UW libraries will provide complete online access to the cataloging records of all UW library collections as well as enhanced to some specialized collections.

Collaborative Staff Development: The UW libraries will collaboratively develop staff development programs that anticipate the changing information resource needs of students and faculty.


Draft by Ken Frazier, revised January, 2000