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TO: John-Leonard Berg, Chair, Reference Coordinators Committee

FROM: Anita Evans, Chair, CUWL

RE: Committee Charge for 2003/04

October 20, 2003

At the fall meeting in Green Lake, CUWL approved The University of Wisconsin Libraries STRATEGIC DIRECTIONS FOR 2003-2005 document (available on the CUWL website: In accordance with one action item under STRATEGIC DIRECTION 3, CUWL charges the Reference Coordinators Committee to:

Explore the feasibility of creating new and using existing online tutorials in the Desire2Learn environment and to report back to CUWL at the May 2004 meeting.

Although this is the central charge for this year, I also wanted to bring to your attention the other references in the Strategic Directions document to the Reference Coordinators Committee, which are excerpted and appear below.

STRATEGIC DIRECTION 1: UW library collections will be developed as an integrated, interdependent resource for University research and teaching, building upon the concept of “one system, one library.”

· Provide all UW students, faculty and staff with convenient access to a shared collection of materials and electronic resources including full-text journals, reference resources, and government information. Such resources depend upon strong local collections and will increasingly include digitized materials from the UW Libraries’ existing collections.


· The CUWL Collection Development and Reference Coordinators’ Committees will continue to assess the shared electronic collections funded with System and/or campus monies.

·Continue to experiment with and develop a collection of electronic books through the Collection Development and the Reference Coordinators’ Committees.

STRATEGIC DIRECTION 3: Librarians will serve as information resource managers and teachers who assist their constituencies with using new learning systems and information technologies.


· Evaluate the use of real-time reference software and support the collaborative opportunities for providing these services.

John, for your convenience, I am attaching the original organizing charge statement for the Reference Coordinators Committee. Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions.