Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

CUWL Executive Committee – Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Conference call 11:00 am – 12:00 noon.

Attendees: Susan Mitchell, Paula Ganyard, Marc Boucher, Ed Van Gemert, Deb Nordgren

Meeting Convened at 11:00 am.

1. Primo – Guests Marlys Brunsting and Maccabee Levine, co-chairs of the Primo Implementation Task Force joined us to discuss some items regarding Primo.

  • MOU – The MOU for the Primo System Administration Manger has been written and approved by Lori Docken.  Discussion took place about when it will be announced and who will fill the role. Ganyard suggested to that an email be sent out to CUWL to update them on the status of the MOU and to share with them that Madison has offered to take this role on, but that if any other campus is interested that need to step forward now. 
  • Steering Group – The Task Force sent a draft of a steering group charge to oversee the ongoing priorities and administration of Primo.  The Executive Committee will bring this forward to CUWL for further discussion.
  • Timeline – While good progress has been made on Primo they are now starting to fall behind in their timeline for implementation. This issue has been exacerbated by a staffing change at Ex Libris.  Susan is trying to work with Ex Libris on this issue and to use it as leverage for the server needs item.  The Executive Committee supports expressing to Ex Libris that this is not acceptable. The Task Force co-chairs were asked to CUWL a updated report at the April meeting and that at that time it will be discussed if the timeline needs to be adjusted or if other steps can be taken.
  • Server Needs – This was an informational item letting us know that the Task Force feels we should have 4 servers for Primo: 1) production, 2) staging, 3) sandbox, and 4) Failover (mirror).  We have production and staging as part of our contract already, but the other two would need to be obtained and there may be costs associated with that.  It was recommended that the Task Force continue to gather the necessary information and to come back to CUWL with a formal proposal.
  • Standardizing Cataloging and Technical Processing Practices – the Task Force is recommending that CUWL institute uniform practices for technical processing.  Since this was also an issue brought forth in a proposal from a different group, it was decided that it would be address with that proposal.

2. Cataloging Proposal – The CDC sent forward a recommendation from the cataloging subcommittee that CUWL form a cataloging committee.  Discussion took place and various suggestions were made and it was the consensus of the group that cataloging issues will continue to be a key issue as we move forward with a new ILS. It decided that this proposal be sent to the CUWL for further discussion at the April meeting, however the Committee would like to see the group create a list of the issues are that will need to be addressed. Furthermore, the Committee also wants the proposal and issues to be shared with other catalogers for feedback.  Ganyard will contact the committee to let them know of the decision and ask that they report back to CUWL for the April meeting.

3. Bx Recommender –USCC was tasked at the last CUWL meeting to gather data on the usage and usefulness of bX Recommender.  The USCC has the Committee with the requested data and is recommending that it be included at the CUWL meeting as part of the USCC report.

4. Budget –Ganyard asked the Committee if a “bigger picture” budget discussion should take place at the April meeting.  She suggested that the current “stop gap” use of the OLIT (CUWL) budget is not working and will only continue to get worse.  She suggested that CUWL have a conversation around the budget philosophy and what we would like these funds to allow us to do. Ganyard will ask a couple of other people to help create a presentation that will provide structure to this discussion for the April meeting.

5. Other business – Ganyard and Mitchell met with the Coordinating Committee and Task Force chairs to get an update on their work and any issues that needed to be brought to CUWL. 

6. Next conference call – Looking for first or second week of April – Ganyard will put out a Doodle Poll.

Meeting Adjourned at 12:09.

Respectfully submitted.