Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

CUWL Executive Committee Conference Call Minutes

Nov. 9, 2012
2:30 - 3:30 pm

Present: Ed Van Gemert, Lee Konrad, Paula Ganyard, Deb Nordgren, Susan Mitchell, Marc Boucher

1. RFP for next gen ILS - (Lee Konrad) –
Lee Konrad was invited to participate in the call to discuss the RFP process for the next gen ILS.  The committee reviewed the documents provided by Konrad and approved the following items:

  • guiding principles
  • basic structure
  • evaluation team

2. Last copy policy - discussion
Proposal will be sent to CUWL for their review and approval at the February 4, 2013 meeting.

3. Meeting with Senior VPs Morgan and Nook – Ganyard, Mitchell and VanGemert meet with UW System Senior Vice Presidents Michael Morgan and Mark Nook to discuss the issues before CUWL this year.  It was a very positive meeting.  The informational sheet shared with them will be shared with CUWL at the February meeting

4. Common Systems Proposal – discussion – Susan is starting the draft and will have a draft to the Executive Committee by Thanksgiving.  We are looking at putting the maintenance costs into the request.  Question of whether we can extend the request for maintenance beyond the commitment to the vendor.

5. Van Delivery contract options – Paula, Ed and Susan met with Bruce Smith of South Central Library System on Friday, November 2, 2012 to discuss options for reducing costs of the van delivery system contract.  Bruce is anticipating that the state budget will once again hit public libraries hard causing them to reduce delivery from 4 days to 3 days.  If this happens and CUWL stays at 5 days we will see a significant increase in costs.  Some options were discussed and we agreed to take the next steps to explore these options further. Next Steps:

  • Ed, Susan and I will talk with Matt Blessing about the archival material to see if there is any concern about having it shipped via an outsourced delivery system.
  • Bruce will look at the statistics for the individual UW schools to see where the 13% drop is coming from or if it is an even drop across all of the libraries.
  • Bruce will work on price estimates for going down to 3 days.
  • We will ask the CUWL libraries to figure out the % of non-pickup for their library. (Susan will check with the USCC to see if they can gather this data for us.)
  • At the CUWL February meeting (2/4) Bruce will be put on the agenda to present the various options we have.

6. Primo / Forward issue –

  • Madison will implement Primo, but will be allowed to take the next year to evaluate the Primo as an option for them.  The reason being is that Madison has an obligation to ensure and protect access to the UW digital collections and a heavy research agenda.
  • FORWARD is not considered a shadow system because it does not have identical functionality. Therefore we do not believe that it will harm the Common Systems funding.
  • All other UW campuses will be implementing Primo. 
  • We expect all UW campuses (with the exceptions already stated) to meet the milestones of the Primo Implementation with a complete go live date by Fall of 2013.
  • There will not be a required name for Primo, though we were in agreement that if campuses choose a name that it NOT use Primo since that is a brand.
  • Paula will send a message to all CUWL Directors outlining the use of Primo and naming choices etc.

7. Budget - discussion

  • Update on any concerns for FY13 (Susan) – No concerns at this time.  Will be meeting with WiLS regarding bill backs next week.
  • Subcommittee to work on option (Ed) – Ed will pull together the budget subcommittee and have something to present to CUWL at the February meeting.

8. Follow-ups from CUWL meeting – informational

  • DICC faculty rep – Will be responding soon to faculty rep request.
  • USCC committee member – James Hibbard added from UW-Platteville
  • Draft of digital preservation questions (Lee)
  • CUWL meeting day before WAAL – Paula will be working with WAAL planning committee
  • Contact WAICU – Paula will be contacting WAICU for this rep.

9. Other Business – One day conference at the Pyle Center – Will be asking for committees to submit names to planning committee.

Next CUWL meeting – will be scheduled through Doodle