Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries


Friday, April 6, 2012 9:30 am

Present: Kathy Davis, Chair, Paula Ganyard, Paul Moriarty, Zora Sampson, and Patrick Wilkinson (Unable to attend: Martin Havlovic - Faculty Rep)

A. Approved Executive Committee minutes  - January 30, 2012

B. CUWL Agenda draft – The draft agenda for April 25th was set.

The agenda was sent out by Davis to CUWL. 

Campuses should send announcements as emails out to the CUWL list before the meeting again. 

Moriarty shared that we will not look at any formulas for funds distribution in the next year. 

Davis shared the good news that all our Coordinating Committee Chairs are returning next year.

Ganyard announced that the CRCC will bring a proposal for discussion dealing with the structure of meetings.  Moriarty and Wilkinson suggest that this may result in a couple of pilot years for some meetings.

Moriarty explained that the SFX upgrade resulted in some higher DOIT charges.

Davis announced that WILS will be handling our Summer Conference registration and assessment.  A mix of topical and birds-of-a-feather sessions will include a WIScel presentation and hopefully a tour. 

Research Commons proposal will be readdressed in the fall. 

Moriarty will provide information about ITMC schedules next year if needed.

Respectfully submitted, Z. Sampson