Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries


Monday, January 30, 2012 10:00

Present: Kathy Davis, Chair, Paula Ganyard, Paul Moriarty, Zora Sampson (Absent : Patrick Wilkinson, Martin Havlovic - Faculty Rep)

A. Executive Committee minutes from September 12, 2011 were approved.
B. Updates on Executive Committee initiatives:

In the last meeting we did make some changes, doing away with committee liaisons, and added duties to officers.  Do we need to amend the by-laws of CUWL?  Davis will write up a description of the revised duties of the executive officers and check the By-laws to see if they are spelled out.  If any by-laws changes are needed Davis will bring them to the meeting. 

a. Updates/revisions to By-laws ; need to get by laws draft ready

In the last meeting we did make some changes, doing away with committee liaisons, and added duties to officers.  Do we need to amend the by-laws of CUWL?  Davis will write up a description of the revised duties of the executive officers and check the By-laws to see if they are spelled out.  If any by-laws changes are needed Davis will bring them to the meeting. 

b. Communication Plan – Wilkinson ; ready to go  Wilkinson was unable to attend but has a substantive outline ready to go and should have this ready to present at the meeting.

c. Web Site progress – Ganyard ; Ganyard will present recommendations CUWL needs to delineate what belongs on the Web and what on the WIKI and do we need a new wiki product.  We will probably want a task force to look for new products.

Moriarty ; D2L is being used now by other groups for the same functionality as the WIKI.  This is a UW System identity management system account logon that will be tested by the CDC group in a pilot that begins soon.  Moriarty recommends that we use this as put together by WILS.  All committees should be able to keep documents together in D2L. Pilot has not yet begun but starts very soon.  The idea was to decide in one year if this works.  DOIT in Madison has offered a wiki but ongoing costs are uncertain.

Listservs – People complain that they cannot find the Listservs.  They are listed on the on the web under coordinating committee at the bottom of the page.  A link on the front of the website it could help people find the Listservs.  Maciejewski and Ganyard and the webmaster already met with Karen Dunn who works at Steenbock and works as CUWL’s webmaster.  She will implement any changes we ask for.

d. Legislative Day Planning – Sampson/Havlovic ; Sampson will put forward at the meeting information for new people to understand WLA Legislative Day and encourage participation.   This summer at the summer conference we could have a round table to discuss this.  Ganyard says Terry Dawson is the new chair of the WLA legislative committee.  Each fall CUWL needs prepare an agenda for that members can use to work with legislators all year and to bring to work with the WLA Legislative Day each spring.

e. New Committee Chair training – Davis/Ganyard – We need names to recommend for committees.  Ganyard will ask everyone to start thinking in Feb. because we need names by the April meeting.   

C. Agenda items for the CUWL Meeting in February – A draft

Mon. Feb. 13, 2012

a. Coffee/Conversation – 780 Regent Street 126A and B start at 8:30 am coffee meeting starts at 9am  Davis will send out exact times later this week.  Conference phones do not function adequately.  The room does not support the phone function well.  CIOs are now using the high def video conferencing in the Chancellors offices.  We would need to reserve these six months or more in advance.  When we set the winter meeting next year we might want to make it a high-def connection.  Each campus needs to ask how to schedule that room in their own campus administrative offices.

b. Announcements/welcome/campus updates  - Davis will introduce new members.  Moriarty will be distributing the new membership listing electronically before the meeting and will not bring handouts.  Announcements should be sent electronically before the meeting and failing that we will move announcements to the end. 

c. Approval of CUWL Minutes

d. System Report – Moriarty and Ed Meachen (UWSA),

1. Vendor Negotiation training
2. Listserv cleanup
3. ERM Study plan
4. Digital resource usage report generation
5. ILLIAD support
6. Ongoing role of CUWL consultant – changes to that role
7. Update on search – job description/search committee/ timeline
8. Budget news  - Meachen may report, Moriarty will address the budget for next year.  It will not be ready by the meeting.

e. CUWL Communication Plan - Wilkinson

f. Resource Discovery Update – timeline/implementation plan/financial plan – Valerie/Terri will give an update on where we are in the process of selecting a Resource Discovery product, financing it and a timeline.

g. Unified CUWL statement for Percentage of Grant Overheads – Meachen/A. Evans (UW-La Crosse), E. Barczyk (UW-Milwaukee)

h. WILS Report - S. Morrill,  - WILS role in supporting CUWL Consultant role –Meachen and Moriarty will distribute an outline of the Role of WILS in this new system environment.

i. Coordinating Committee Reports

1. CRCC – Joan Robb (CRSCC Chair),
2. LTCC – Terri Muraski (LTICC chair)
3. USCC – Brad Gee (USCC chair),
4. DICC - Paul Beck (DICC chair),
5. WHS – USAC – Matt Blessing (Director Wisconsin Historical Society) – Davis will contact Blessing to see if he wants to present a report on bar-coding the ARC collection or other concerns. 

j. Summer Conference planning – Tue June 5th Pyle Center Room 325-326 reserved as one big room and 4 additional breakout rooms.  We also have one room reserved for half a day on Tuesday for the Executive Committee Transition meeting with new and old chairs of committees.  

Coordinating Committees should plan a birds-of-a-feather discussion for each committee.  We will have a brief general introductory session on resource discovery and a general wrap up and report at the end of the day.  The groups can report on what was discussed or decided that day. 

Other sessions?
ERM is being lead by WILS to investigate this for several campuses but we may want to wrap up Resource Discovery first.  Campuses need ERM and any hosting service at DOIT would need clear up front costs.  Does this need to be a system wide solution or just one product purchased for a few interested campuses. 

Technology, what is new?  New to CUWL?  D2L uses?

CUWL Conference Committee?  Call for each Committee to appoint one person from each Committee to form the CUWL Conference Planning Committee.  Davis will ask the Chairs for names.

k. Web Site update – Ganyard – 15 min  Ganyard will present a plan for the CUWL Web pages.

l. Wrap up / campus updates 

Ganyard is going to put together a recommendation to the User Committee to revisit the costs of items and restate the UB rules for billing and fees.

Mon. Feb. 6 10:30 to 11:30 meeting will be a phone conference with the Coordinating Committee Moriarty, Davis and the CC Chairs.

Ganyard will begin work on the 5 year budget plan and work with Moriarty after the meeting on that.

Summary : The agenda for the Feb. 13th meeting was set, preparations for CUWL participation in WLA Legislative Day on Feb. 14th was discussed, Plans for the Summer Conference were set in motion and a change to move campus updates to the end of the agenda were implemented.

Respectfully submitted, Z. Sampson