Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries


Wednesday, August 31, 8:30 – 9:30

Present: Kathy Davis, Chair, Paula Ganyard, Felice Maciejewski,Vanaja Menon, Patrick Wilkinson, Martin Halvlovic, Zora Sampson

CUWL Executive Committee Conference Call

1. Welcome to new members/questions about duties/procedures for minutes, etc.
The chair asked if there were any documented assigned duties for CUWL Executive Council member.  Past Chair and other members concurred that (other than the secretary who takes the minutes) there were no detailed tasks in any documentation.  The practice has evolved of late that the Vice-Chair will chair the budget committee and that the Vice-Chair has organized CUWL cooperative meetings and communication with the UW System ITMC group.  This has been helpful and is expected to continue.  Do we need to formalize this process in any CUWL documentation?

2. Next steps for Strategic Planning
Many great Ideas were generated from the four strategic planning groups, which have been widely distributed.  Some fall within the purview of the current CUWL Coordinating Committees and others do not. CUWL executive committee will meet fact to face and select two goals from each of the four strategic planning initiative groups to focus on in the coming year.  This meeting will be in Oshkosh on Mon. Sept. 12.  Details and an agenda to follow.

3. CUWL meeting planning – The first meeting will be October 24-25, 2011 hosted by UW Green Bay tentatively to begin at 10 or 10:30 to 4:40 on the 1st day and 8:30 to noon on the second day.  Paula has a room reserved – and a restaurant.  She reports that the Country Inn and Suites will have rooms. CUWL executive committee will create the agenda in Oshkosh on Mon. Sept. 12, 2011.

4. Coordinating Committee Chair orientation/communication/meeting with Executive Committee schedule  (4 & 6 agenda items were discussed together.)
Monthly CUWL Executive Committee Conference calls with Coordinating Committees have helped select agenda items for CUWL but feedback from past chairs tells us that every other month will be enough.  These conference calls will continue with Coordinating Committees Chairs, the CUWL Chair, Vice-Chair and Felice Maciejewski for October, December, February, etc.  Details of exact dates and times will follow.  They have always been on the first Monday of each month, now scheduling will try for the first Monday of every other month. 

Orientation for Coordinating Committees  Chairs would be helpful – currently the orientation is just asking the past chair to fill in the incoming chair.  Strategic planning retreat this year did not allow time for the orientation of chairs – in the future it could.  Paula thought the CUWL executive committee doing the orientation would be better and give the committees firmer footing on the selected path of CUWL for the year.
Vanaja believes that the chairs are usually chosen well before August giving sufficient time for orientation.  The outgoing chair of CUWL could take charge of the organizing the orientation.  Paula and Felice will help Kathy prepare to orient current new Coordinating Committees chairs to CUWL and will report back to CUWL.  Patrick noted that stakeholder management must include staff as a stakeholder and it follows that better communication will be part of that goal.  This is an important issue that will be addressed.

Kathy would like each agenda and the resulting minutes to include a summary of the major ideas from the day listed and summarized.

Year’s schedule for meetings
Coordinating Committees need a schedule of deadlines this must come after the CUWL schedule.  The discussion dealt with the difficulties of scheduling around the legislative day organized by WLA.  CUWL needs to meet in January or February.  Zora pointed out that the only problem with meeting separately from the legislative day is that we don’t want to schedule a conflict.  It is expected that many CUWL members will attend legislative day whether the meetings occur back-to-back or not.  We will likely schedule separate meetings this year.  Orientation of new members is needed to make the best use of legislative day from the perspective of CUWL and academic libraries.  The CUWL executive committee should recommend talking points for CUWL members attending WLA legislative day.  Zora and Marty volunteered to draft talking points – partner directors? 

Felice wondered if we need a new email list for all UW Library employees.  She is concerned that the current CUWL membership email list is misunderstood.  She worries that directors and others, assume that notices to the CUWL-all-list are seen by all library staff and all librarians.  This is not the case.  The list includes all who ever signed up for it with currently valid email accounts.  This includes people who have retired, left the libraries, and others.  Many current UW librarians and library employees have simply never signed up to be on it and are not included.  An all UW Library member list serve would be separate from CUWL lists.  It would have to be maintained and that would be easiest if it used a library all from each campus maintained at the campus.  Not every library has this but most do.  The question is do we need this?  CUWL currently has the all signed up member list, an all directors list, and each CUWL Coordinating Committee has a separate list for those members.  There is no current list for all members of all Coordinating Committees.  Lists are also made as needed such as the list for the current RFP Committee.   This will be discussed in Oshkosh.

7. Other issues and System budget news?

UB Policy guidelines need to be enforced by all directors.  This needs to be on the next CUWL conference agenda. 

Budget news  -  OIS – OLIT has lost staff to budget cuts including staff help desk and a few others.  Beyond that the office has been told that they should proceed to plan and spend from their budget unchanged from last year with no other cuts.  This means that the CUWL conference money is there to spend as a separate conference or in combination with WAAL.


  • CUWL executive committee will meet in Oshkosh on September 12th.
  • CUWL will meet in Green Bay on October 24th and 25th, 2011.
  • Martin Halvlovic and Zora Sampson will work on Legislative Day Orientation
  • All member list serve will be discussed
  • Budget new is good aside from lost positions

Respectfully submitted by Zora Sampson, CUWL secretary 2011-12