Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries


JULY 19, 2011
3pm – 4pm

Present: Kathy Davis, Chair, Paula Ganyard, Felice Maciejewski, Vanaja Menon, Patrick Wilkinson, Martin Halvlovic (on vacation); Zora Sampson; Lucy Arendt ;


1. Introduction of Lucy Arendt who will be the facilitator for the retreat.  Lucy will facilitate a discussion that will result in a clear direction for the CUWL, the CUWL Executive Committee and the Coordinating Committees for the year.  After the retreat there will be no meeting until Nov.  The retreat needs to result in a budget for the year and clear directions for spending.  It should also result in unambiguous directions so work can proceed at every level.   Is this too much to expect from one day.  With a firm schedule it should work.  We discussed if we could do more than one day but decided one day should work.

Deliver at the end of the day:

1. Budget as known with priorities for executive committee action and timelines
2. CUWL conference timing, funding and collaboration decisions 
3. Major initiatives for the year need to be few and focused.
4. Goals for CUWL Committees
5. Plan for execution of goals
6. Year’s meeting schedule – joint meeting with IT?  Locations of meetings?

At the end of the day we will know where we will go for the year.  We discussed what reasonable expectations for the day would be, the outcomes we could achieve and the goals we need to be effective. 

The Agenda for the retreat will be roughed out by Kathy and delivered by July 28th.  We will look at the order of items and consult with Lucy.  She will give feedback about how much time is allocated for each agenda item. 

Discussion Points –

1. Strategic Plan - We discussed whether the strategic planning document we have should be the soul basis for action items for the coming year.  The hope is to come up with a small number, possibly three to move forward.  Do we need to re-look at the current strategic plan or will it serve to support what we need to improve our service in the needed directions. 
2. Budget – We hope to come to an agreement on the priorities and directions to guide CUWL for any cuts that are required.  Will there be any budget to discuss?  No there will not be a firm one.  The hope is to have alignment between our strategic plan direction and the budget.  The strategic plan may need to be adjusted.  The firm dollars allocated to CUWL for the budget will not be fully known before the retreat. 
3. Coordinating Committees – We will not make any changes in structure but will investigate whether communication challenges are important to CUWL.  If discussions of the summaries brought forward by past and current chairs elicit agreement, then we could solicit broad input during the current year to inform corrective actions for the next year.  Felice believes the communication problems need solution to enable functional groups.
4. CUWL Conference – We need to decide if this is something we want to and can afford to continue.  We need to consider possible collaborations to allay cost and enhance offerings.
5. Meeting Schedules – Again we should decide if we want to try any meeting in joint with ITMC.  Where and when do we want to meet?

We solicited feedback from all of the CUWL committees on structure issues, communication problems and possible unrepresented groups.  We plan to discuss the results where are no all back yet, at the retreat.

Lucy has some good ideas on getting broadly inclusive input from all who attend the retreat.  We hope to have copies of the CUWL structure and the current strategic plan available for attendees.  The results of discussions will be directions and focus not solutions. 

We will put together documents and have handouts for the attendees and copies of the CUWL structure and the strategic directions with a draft to the committee by Aug. 5th.