Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries


JANUARY 28, 2011

Present: Kathy Davis, Anita Evans, Paula Ganyard, Felice Maciejewski, Vanaja Menon, John Pollitz

1. Common Systems & Resource Discovery Proposal -
The committee discussed that Common Systems had approved $350,000 for the resource discovery project, but that it will not be official until the Chancellor’s approve it. The committee started discussions about the makeup of a RFP committee. Felice will contact Ruth Ginzberg to get her suggestions on putting a committee together.

2. MILER Issue -
Felice reported that has had investigated further the issue regarding the $16,000 bill from MILER. Mitch Lundquist had submitted a work request form for IAA authentication. MILER started working on it without first coming back to Mitch or someone else on CUWL with the project costs. Felice spoke with Lori Docken and Lori has indicated that she will cover the initial costs. This will be on the LAMs agenda to ensure that work, such as this, does not go forward without the approval of CUWL.

3. New Member Brochure -
The committee discussed the draft of the new member brochure that Kathy and Felice had sent out. There were suggestions to add revision date, terms of officers, and to cut down the text by putting in links for further information.

4. Budget Committee -
The Budget Committee will try to meet by phone with Ed Meachen by the end of February/early March. The budget will then be presented at the April CUWL meeting.

5. April CUWL meeting -
CUWL will meet jointly with the ITMC groups in Stevens Point in April. Felice has been trying to get in touch with the person coordinating the meeting to make sure that we have the proper space. It was decided that we would not offer to do a presentation for the morning joint session.

6. CUWL website and wiki -
Felice and Paula will be looking at the CUWL website and wiki and will be prepared to make recommendations at the April meeting. It was suggested that the navigation on the CUWL web site match the categories in the new brochure.

7. February CUWL meeting -
The committee put together the agenda for the February meeting of CUWL.

8. Summer Conference Planning -
Progress is being made by the planning committee for the summer conference. Keynote speaker has been identified.

9. Adjourn -
meeting was adjourned at 11:28 am