Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries


NOVEMBER 30, 2010

Present: Kathy Davis, Anita Evans, Paula Ganyard, Felice Maciejewski, Vanaja Menon, John Pollitz

1. Efficiencies Task Force’s Role in CUWL -

Davis shared a list of thinking points regarding the role of the Efficiencies Task Form. The committee had a long discussion about these points.  It was decided that the Efficiencies Task Force will complete the four projects they have started and that no further projects will be taken on. Once the four projects are complete the task force will be ended.   The last of the four projects to be worked on government documents.  The task force will bring its recommendations for moving forward to the next CUWL meeting for approval. 

Also discussed was the idea that there are higher level efficiencies that should be explored.  This might be a good time for CUWL to suggest those to UW System Administration. 

2. Reorganization Assessment Working Group Final Report -

Committee reviewed the recommendations in the final report and decided on the following actions:

  • 1.1 Develop a page on the wiki geared for new staff describing CUWL – We need a fast facts or Q&A one pager.  Felice and Kathy volunteered to create a one page handout.
  • 1.2 Encourage all supervisors to include a briefing about CUWL as part of the orientation program for all new librarians. – this is considered an on-going action
  • 2.2 Aim for greater functional diversity in coordinating committee appointments
    2.3 Increase the involvement of staff from technical services on the coordinating committees
    2.4 Encourage directors to be more intentional in recommending staff for coordinating committee membership that reflect the memberships as described above. – all of these items have been assigned to the past chair as new committees are appointed each year.
  • 2.7 More clearly define the relationship between LTCC and LAMs and CRSCC and the CDC – This chair will discuss at the next conference call with the coordinating committee chairs.  It will also be asked of them if there are making sure that the work of the other groups is reflected in the coordinating committee reports each time.
  • 2.8 Review the committee charges and membership definitions at the time that CUWL’s strategic directions are updated, so that the charges can clearly reflect CUWL’s on-going strategic priorities – the Executive Committee will do this in the future.
  • 3.1 The current free wiki has reached space limitations.  A small group should be formed to study options for a wiki scales to our needs and offers permanence. – Felice will check with Paul M. about the status of this.
  • 3.3 Make the timely posting of meeting agendas and minutes a high priority.  – on going
  • 3.2 Discontinue the practice of posting committee/task force/working groups minutes on the CUWL web page. 
    3.4 Clearly define and advertise how to join the wiki and how to obtain rights as a writer.
    3.5 Determine and document how administrative tasks related to wiki maintenance will be accomplished. – Paula and Felice will put together a proposal for the April CUWL meeting on what the wiki should be used for vs. the web site. 
  • 4.4 The current lists hosted at DoIT have been problematic.  A small working group should be formed to investigate other options for list hosing, including options for moderated list hosting which allow for people to self-subscribe and unsubscribe the lists. – Felice will investigate further.

Anything in the report not listed above was considered complete.

As part of this discussion the Executive Committee also felt it would be useful to create a CUWL annual calendar listing what needs to be done at various times throughout the year. 

3. Strategic Directions and Action Items -

Due to time constraints, this item was tabled for a conference call in December.

4. ALS Statistics -

Felice asked if it was possible for the libraries to go back and complete the ALS survey for 2009.  The committee felt it would be too confusing to do it now while we are working on the 2010 survey.  The committee will put out a call to the directors to remind them that they will need to submit a copy of the ALS data they report this year to Felice at UW System and that we will do it each year even when ALS doesn’t request it.  By doing the survey in the off years it will also UW System to have a complete run of data.

5. Legislative Day 2011 -

It was recommended that Ed Van Gemert be asked to talk at WLA’s Legislative Day regarding the Research Commons. Vanaja will contact WLA Legislative committee to ensure that there is a flyer on the UW Research Commons initiative in each attendee’s packet.  In addition, Vanaja has sent a card of congratulations to Governor-elect Walker on behalf of CUWL.

6. CUWL Compilation of All Databases -

Felice asked if a complete list of all databases the UW Libraries subscribes to exists.  There is a list of the SEC databases, which includes the databases that we also get because of UW Madison.  It was suggested that adding the Badgerlink databases might be useful.  The committee agreed that if there was one at one time that it would be very out of date at this point.  The committee discussed the advantage of having such a list and it was decided that it would give us a good idea of which databases we might want to request group pricing on.  There was no decision if such a list would be complied or not.

7. Common Systems Group -

Felice shared with the group the Common Systems Budget Narrative that we will be submitting on December 17.  Felice still needs to work on budget for the document.  The committee has been asked to review it and give any feedback to Felice as soon as possible.   The final draft will be shared with the entire CUWL group for feedback before being submitted to Common Systems.

8. Resource Discovery RFP Recommendations & Call for Participation -

Due to time this item was tabled for a future conference call.

9. Research Commons Update -

The committee reviewed the email from Ed Van Gemert dated Nov. 22, 2010 updating us on the work that has been done regarding the Research Commons.   Ed suggested a conference call with CUWL Library Directors in early December to discuss other potential funding options.

10. ICOLC -

Felice has become a member of ICOLC and therefor CUWL can be a member of this group.  She asked if the committee had any concerns regarding this and the committee said that they did not.

11. MILER issue -

Felice asked the committee for any information that we might have on the approval that Lee Konrad received at the CUWL Retreat for development work to be done for FORWARD in regards to IAA.  There is a $16,000 bill from MILER and UW Milwaukee, UW Green Bay, UW Stevens Point, and UW Superior have been listed as participating in this project.  No one knows anything about this being approved and all were very concerned that this went ahead without any approval or mention that there would be a cost involved.  Felice will continue to investigate how this got approved and who should be responsible for paying this bill.

12. Library Analytics product demonstration from Ethority -

The Executive Committee then watched an online demonstration of a library analytics product called Ethority.  Eric Robinson from WiLS, who is also serving on the Library Analytics group, joined us for the demonstration.

13. Adjourn -

meeting was adjourned at 3:45 pm