Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries



Present: Kathy Davis, Anita Evans, Paula Ganyard, Ed Meachen, Vanaja Menon, Paul Moriarty, John Pollitz

1. Library Analytics (formerly business analytics) – Ed discussed with the committee the Library Analytics pilot. Ed and Paul met with Kathy Schneider and Eric Robinson from WiLS to define the pilot project and to create a framework that will allow us to collect data that will help CUWL make data driven decisions. Phase 1 is to develop a list of questions and definitions of what we want answered and then figure out what data is needed to answer these questions. Phase 2 will consist of a pilot with a data warehouse vendor that can provide a user interface to pull the data out easily. “Data tools for the masses.”  It was suggested that a working group of library directors could work on this. After further discussed the Committee felt it best to assign this to the Efficiencies Task Force since it is most closely aligned with their charge. In addition tothe Efficiencies Task Force members, Eric Robinson from WiLS and Felice Maciejewski, the new Library Consultant, will also work on this project. 

2. UWS Budget Process – it was decided that CUWL should take a vote of approval on the budget each year. Ed proposed that we have a budget committee and Executive Committee agreed. The Committee decided that the CUWL Vice-chair should lead the CUWL subcommittee for budget  and should be made up of 3-4 other members, including the Library Consultant. The Budget Committee should address the budget earlier in the year and have it ready for CUWL approval in early spring.

3. ILLiad LDAP Issue – the issue of only one library being able to use LDAP will be assigned to LTCC. Paul reported that there have already been some brief discussions.

4. E-serials only, where are we? – This was an item within the Next Steps document from the 2009 summer retreat. The committee felt that we were moving towards this and that it is happening systematically. This might make a good roundtable discussion for a future meeting.

5. Strategic Planning Follow-up – We need to remind the committees that they need to add action items into the strategic planning document.  They should have this completed and returned to the Executive Committee by November 1, 2010. The Executive Committee will review and send out to CUWL by December 1, 2010.

6. Last CUWL Conference Feedback –Terri Muraski will provide the Executive Committee with some comments from the CUWL conference. We will put a 15 minute discussion on the CUWL agenda to discuss the conference.

7. Resource Discovery – Valerie will present on behalf of the Experimentation group. We will also have a separate presentation by Ruth Ginsberg on the RFI information we have received. These items will be on the agenda and put back to back for a total of 90 minutes.

8. Research Commons – Ed Van Gemert will present on this. Since Ed has given us an update by email, we will give this item 15 minutes on the agenda.

9. Meeting locations – It was recommended that we have a discussion about picking the most cost effective meeting locations. It was also discussed that Library Legislative Day is February 22, 2011 therefore the CUWL meeting will be February 21, unless we decide on an earlier meeting. The April meeting will be in conjunction with ITMC which will be held April 18-19, 2011 in Stevens Point.

Minutes submitted by Paula Ganyard, September 9, 2010