Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries


Teleconference Call – Feb. 5, 2010

Present: John Pollitz, Lisa Jewell, Mark Rozmarynowski, Vanaja Menon, Ewa Barczyk, Myrna McCallister

Agenda for February 15 meeting:
The following clarifications were made to the agenda: (1) The UW Systems report will be allotted 15 minutes and be delivered by Ed Meachen; (2) Valerie Malzacher will be the contact for the report from the Resource Discovery Task Force; (3) the Efficiencies Task Force report is allotted 30 minutes, but could need more for discussion; (4) the UB decision on patron information retention is still waiting for a response from System legal.

John Pollitz will send out an agenda as amended and remind chairs to bring their updates in writing.  He will also attach minutes from CUWL and CUWL Exec that need to be approved. 

CUWL webpage and Wiki:
Discussion of which minutes need to be posted on the CUWL webpage and whose responsibility it is to post them.  After CUWL and CUWL Exec minutes are approved, it is the responsibility of the CUWL Exec secretary to send them to Karen Dunn to post on the CUWL webpage.  Upcoming dates of meetings also need to be posted, and the chair of CUWL Exec will do this.  The CUWL website is the official record, and the wiki is the working site.  All coordinating committees also need to post their minutes to the CUWL website. 

The minutes of the retreat also need to be posted.  There were a number of iterations of those minutes and there was some confusion on which version constitutes the final minutes.  John will look for those.  It was decided that minutes of the CUWL Exec meetings will go to the entire executive committee for comment. 

There was general agreement that the organization of CUWL has gotten more complicated and has become more difficult to track.  Ewa and Lisa had worked on a schematic to show the organization and if that could be refined to be posted and allow users to hover over the name of a group and show the membership, it would be useful to everyone.  Ewa agreed to work with her staff on doing this.  She also suggested a one-day retreat for the summer in order to pull things together and focus. 

Resource Discover & ExLibris:
It was decided to defer a visit and demonstration from ExLibris at this time.  We want to encourage some trials of resource discovery systems. Anita Evans may have set up a trial for the Ebsco Discovery Service, and we should look for other sites to do trials for Summons and OCLC.  This will be discussed at the Feb. 15 meeting at 2 p.m., and John will tell ExLibris that we need a little bit more time before meeting with them. 

John was on the conference call with the Resource Discovery team that discussed a possible RFI with Ruth Ginsberg, and she concluded that an RFI now is an appropriate step.  We know about the external environment, but don’t know about costs, so an RFI might be the best next step.  We will try to get sample RFIs and RFPs in order to build on work that has already been done elsewhere.  John has a conference call with chairs of coordinating committees on 2/8/10 and this can be discussed with them at that time.

The Executive committee was happy that John will be talking to the provosts on Feb. 12, 2010, and suggested that John send notice of this to CUWL membership and include his talking points in an attachment. 

At a future CUWL meeting we should discuss budgeting alternatives to allow faculty representatives to be funded for attending CUWL meetings.

Meeting adjourned 3:10 p.m.

Minutes by Myrna McCallister, secretary.