Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

CUWL Executive Committee Conference call
April 8, 2009

Present:  Ewa Barczyk, John Pollitz, Lisa Jewell, Deb Nordgren, Jean Gilbertson, Vanaja Menon
Excused: Michael Pickart

Barczyk  called the call to order at 8:03 am.

We reviewed the draft agenda for the May CUWL meeting.

Changes include:
Day 1

  • 1:15 – 2 pm budget committee report & strategic directions (Lisa will bring copies of budget shared with Rebecca & at the Feb. meeting)  Action items: discussion on efficiencies in tech. services; automation
  • 2-3 Coordinating committee reports
  • 3 pm break
  • 3:15 pm appointment of coordinating committee members

Ewa will ask for recommendations from Directors for committee membership; she’ll review recommendations for representation from across campus, one from each campus on at least one committee.  She also ask for recommendations or ideas for the CUWL Annual Conference.

  • 4 pm Ewa will check on time needed by Kathy and Pat for updates on  WILS and OCLC.

Day 2

  • The Metalib report  is a continuing discussion from our last meeting
  • 10:15 am break
  • Combine research fellows & depository updates from Ed Van Gemert.
  • Nominating Committee report/elections will be before the wrap up.

We also discussed the need to do timely updates to the CUWL wiki, particularly the coordinating committee minutes and reports.  Ewa will discuss this at the next Chairs conference call (next week).  She will also stress the need for written reports to be sent to CUWL before our meeting

Ed Meachen will be at the May meeting.  He can provide an update on budget from Rebecca Martin.  It was noted that, to date, projected cuts are smaller than anticipated.  Martin was interested in the efficiencies that may be gained from upcoming depository changes and potential collaborative efforts in technical services.

John noted the Nominating Committee will meet again.  Myrna has agreed to the secretary position.  Vanaja can continue as the at-large member.

Ewa reminded us about a joint meeting of outgoing/incoming CUWL executive committees.  Location and date to be determined, although past practice has been to hold it at the incoming Chair’s campus and during June.

The call adjourned at 9:05 am

Respectfully submitted.
Deb Nordgren
CUWL Secretary