Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

CUWL Executive Committee Conference Call
January 21, 2009


Present:  Jean Gilbertson, John Pollitz, Lisa Jewell, Ewa Barczyk
Guest: Ed Van Gemert

1. Further budget discussion

The group discussed a number of budget expenditures to get further clarification of expenditures. Our concern was how to make the CUWL budget discussion useful and helpful in setting priorities. Outcomes desired from discussion:

  • Give CUWL a clear understanding of the budget
  • Strengthen connection of the budget to strategic directions
  • Discuss priorities and possible strategies in view of potential cuts

The CUWL discussion will inform the working group we propose to develop the 2009/11 budget.

  • Lisa will clean up the budget and send out to CUWL prior to the meeting and take the lead at the meeting to explain the expenditures.
  • Ewa will send out the data gathered by Schneider regarding WorldCat/BadgerCat usage and summary of comparisons of spending for delivery of resources by South Central.  This was put together at Ed Meachen’s request to show that we are making optimal use of limited dollars.

2. Strategic directions

We have an hour allocated to the budget discussion and it will be hard to really delve into details and focus on how these expenditures tie to strategic directions. Lisa stated that the strategic directions document needs updating for the coming biennium.
CUWL Exec agreed to propose the creation of a small working group, chaired by John Pollitz (since he is the vice-chair) to establish the framework for the budget and justify how these expenditures support our strategic directions. This can be brought to the spring CUWL meeting to focus our conversation for the budget and priorities.

3. Appointment to Coordinating Committee

Approved appointment of Colleen McFarland, Special Collections, UW-Eau Claire, to fill vacancy on User Services CC.

4. Two new taskforces

Very little feedback from CUWL on the charges for the two new taskforces. Marlys and Steve are updating them on the WIKI and a formal appointment will be sent after ALA.

Call adjourned at 3 p.m.