Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

CUWL Executive Committee
Conference Call Minutes
December 12, 2008

Present:  Ewa Barczyk, John Pollitz, Lisa Jewell, Ed Meachen, Deb Nordgren, Jean Gilbertson, Marlys Brunsting, Steve Frye

Unable to join us:  Michael Pickart, Vanaja Menon

1. Discussion of upcoming meeting with Rebecca Martin regarding the $100K reallocated from the Library Automation Fund. 

Ed Meachen joined us for the discussion. Meachen noted that there may have been a misunderstanding on the $100K. These funds will not be available for reassignment until 2010. The call for proposals has gone out for 2009-10 which included this money. It may be possible for CUWL to regain the funds for 2010- 2011. As may be expected, it depends on the state budget. If the state budget “crashes”, then the growth agenda for the System “crashes” and there will be no need for grants to forward growth agenda. If so, it is more likely that the $100,000would be returned to the library budget. The second point is how do we maintain the electronic collection for next year with no contingency funds available within our budget. Meachen stated that Martin is concerned about this electronic collection. Meachen recommended renaming the automation fund since it really is funding for a set of library services, not automation. Jewell will work on this. Meachen added that Martin is also questioning some of the items currently funded. For example, is Minds@UW sustainable? Meachen suggested possible areas of reallocation for the electronic resources: the $125K in Minds; revisit the reimbursement of net lenders, funds from the commercial document delivery ($80K), $35K budgeted for Library Dynamics. Jewell noted that no invoice has been received from Library Dynamics yet for this year. We paid $20K for last year. The Library Dynamics project is a pilot project so we need a report on its value and the need for ongoing funding. Barczyk will talk to Kathy Schneider about the net lender reimbursement. CUWL needs to see a detailed System Library budget. It was also noted that if we need new automation system in next 5 years, libraries will need to go to Common Systems to get funding. A new study on the delivery is also needed. Pollitz asked if a commercial vendor could do document delivery more cost-effectively than the South Central delivery service. Meachen suggested we issue an RFI. Jewell will provide statistics on the circulation of items via ILL/UB to assist in CUWL decision making.  Meachen reiterated that our most valuable asset now is the shared electronic collection (SEC) so we need to find ways to sustain it. At the last CUWL meeting there was discussion of merging the operations and funding for Minds and Digital collections. We thought Van Gemert had stated he would continue to fund Salo and some of the Minds work from the Madison budget. Jewell added that there would be no cost savings from the merger and that the DICC was expecting to request more funding by merging.  Jewell and Barczyk will follow-up with Van Gemert. Meachen noted that we do need to prioritize our funding. Jewell added the funding needs to be aligned with our strategic priorites. Barczyk stated that this is a shift in focus for funding that should be discussed by full CUWL. CUWL will be meeting in February prior to Legislative Day and budget discussion will be on the agenda. Meachen advised that we meet with Martin after the Governor’s budget is out and Barczyk agreed it would be best after the CUWL meeting and discussion. Meachen noted that the Digital Commons DIN had the best campaign for funding a DIN.  It’s unfortunate that it is such a bad budget year. We need to plan for the worst while trying to hold stable for the next couple of years. He added that everything is on the table and CUWL needs to decide what its priorities are. Barczyk requested that Jewell send this year’s System budget to the Executive Committee. Jewell added she would include an earlier memo from Moriarty on funding as aligned with our priorities. Barczyk noted we need another conference call of the Executive Committee soon to plan the budget discussion for the upcoming CUWL meeting.

2. Filling Coordinated Committee vacancies

A CUWL Liaison is needed for LTCC as Hansen has retired. Nordgren expressed interest. The Executive Committee nominated Nordgren and approved her appointment to the LTCC for the duration of Hansen’s appointment.

There is a User Services CC archivist slot open. Barczyk will ask for nominations from directors.  The composition of the committee states there is to be an archivist.

We approved Dave Dettman's continuation on the User Services Coordinating Committee although his campus affiliation has changed. 

3. Frye and Brunsting joined the call for a discussion of the charges for the Resource Discovery Exploratory Task Force and a Library Management System Exploratory Task Force. The only revision suggested was on the timeline. There will be a progress report in March and a final report later in the year. The final report will include budget data to assist CUWL with its decision making. Brunsting and Frye will make the changes to the charges. The charges are to be sent to CUWL for their review. 

It was noted that the composition of the Coordinating Committees should include the retention of the past chair on the coordinating committees for one year after his/her term has ended. 

Respectfully submitted,

Deb Nordgren
CUWL Secretary