Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

CUWL Executive Committee
Conference Call

October 8, 2008

Present: Ewa Barczyk, Jean Gilbertson, John Pollitz, Deb Nordgren, Michael Pickert, Lisa Jewell

Excused: Vanaja Menon

Barczyk called the meeting to order at noon.
1. Fall conference discussion
Ewa shared a draft agenda. We agreed we would start at 1 pm following the joint meeting and lunch. Barczyk noted that the LTDC will not be attending the Joint meeting as they had already scheduled another. 

Our agenda will include reports from the Coordinating Committees, WILS, UWSAC, the annual report from Jean, WLA Foundation “Value of Academic Libraries” report from Anita. Lisa will be included and asked for 20 minutes. We would like Ed to talk about the UW-Madison Resource Discovery committee’s recommendations.

It does not appear there will be time for Advocacy training at this meeting. We recommend doing this at the February meeting. 

We will need time to discuss the recommendation from the Digital Initiatives Coordinating Committee regarding MINDS@UW. The Library Technology CC also has a recommendation for consideration. Ewa will have a better idea after the CC Chairs conference call on Monday. 

Ewa suggested a roundtable discussion for Tuesday morning.  Topics to consider:  staff for implementation of technology; implementation of CUWL’s strategic plan goal of diversity in libraries; pc access for UW students at other campuses.

We discussed inviting the LAMs. It was decided that it was not a good fit for this meeting; however, we did encourage them to hold a separate face-to-face meeting.

We agreed that Christopher Ashley would be included at the February meeting to discuss RIAA.

2. Ewa will ask Anita to send out the Value of Academic Libraries report. We need to have a discussion on public access to pcs.  Those present noted that each of our institutions have some pcs freely open for the public while others are available via login.  Michael asked about students going to another campus, particularly UW-Madison, to do research. What is the policy for use of pcs by these students?

3. CUWL Organizational Assessment Committee appointment
We agreed to appoint Valerie Malzacher as chair. The committee will be composed of 7 members including the 4 Coordinating Committee chairs, 1 library director (Anita Evans), Lisa Jewell, and Mary Rieder since she was part of the original committee making the recommendations.  Ewa will notify CUWL.

4. Libqual timeline 
Nola has asked for extension. Deb noted that UW-Superior will be completing survey in October. We agreed a reasonable time to submit the final report would be in February when we meet in Madison. We will ask Nola to send executive summaries by campus upon completion. Ewa will notify CUWL that full report will be available in February.

5. Summer 09 CUWL Conference
Recommendations have been received from each CC for the Planning Committee. They are Dina Kaye (CRS - UW-Parkside), Mitch Lundquist (LTCC - UW-Madison), Steve Frye (UW-Madison), Dorothea Salo (UW-Madison), Lisa Jewell (UW System Admin.).  Steve was on last year’s committee and spearheaded the planning.  Ewa will review Steve’s role in next year’s committee with him.  Ewa will be a part of the committee as well.  She expects there will be a conference call between the old and new committee.

6. Other
The minutes from last executive meeting are incomplete as Deb had to leave early.  John will send notes from the rest of the meeting to Deb. Ewa will send the executive committee meetings/conference calls and last CUWL meeting minutes with the agenda to CUWL. 

Action items:
Ewa to talk to Nola on LibQual and Ed--resource discovery, advocacy training; notify LAMs & will send revised draft agenda.
Jean to talk to Steve to appoint conference working group.
Deb to complete minutes
Committee structure review charge to be fleshed out with Valerie & on to CUWL.
John to contact Chris Ashley

Jean noted that the operating procedures on CUWL website still says draft so that will need to be removed.  Other updates to be done on executive committee responsibilities.

The meeting adjourned 1:27 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Deb Nordgren
CUWL Secretary