Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

Conference Call Minutes

August 26, 2008 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Present: Ewa Barczyk, Jean Gilbertson, John Pollitz, Deb Nordgren, Vanaja Menon

I. Fall CUWL meeting discussion
After some discussion, we agreed we should meet as planned with CIO/ITMC in Green Lake. We expect to be involved in the discussion on the Digital Marketplace. We’d also like to discuss RIAA issues; learning objects repository and its funding;  Minds@UW; and Kathy Pletcher  has talked about other collaborative planning issues. It was suggested that we consider inviting the LAMs. Ewa will contact members of the CUWL reorganization taskforce to get their input on their recommendations to consider different groups attending with CUWL. The February meeting will likely include more discussion of the DIN.

II. Appoint Conference Planning Working Group
The Conference Planning Committee was appointed. There has been one member from each Coordinating Committee identified. The Chairs of each of the Coordinating Committees will act as ex-officio. Mitch Lindquist from Madison has been named along with Lisa Jewell. They will be working on local arrangements.

III. Next Executive Committee Conference call
The next conference call will be in October to set the agenda for the November Joint meeting.

IV. Letter to OCLC – update from Kathy Schneider
Ewa spoke with Kathy Schneider who suggested we hold off on any letter until after the networks meet with OCLC on September 10. At that point Kathy will advise us. If it still looks like a letter to OCLC will be helpful Kathy will assist us in composing the letter. Anita Evans and Leanne Hansen are scheduled to meet regarding the proposal to the WLA Foundation to undertake a study of the economic impact of academic libraries on local economies. Ewa will update the Executive board when she receives the draft proposal.

V. Other
The new task force charged with the assessment of the new CUWL committee structure is being formed. Valerie Malzacher has volunteered to head up the group. Jean will consult with Valerie regarding the make-up of the task force. This will be a sub-group of CUWL with an expectation of a report delivered at the Spring meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Deb Nordgren, John Pollitz