Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

Incoming/outgoing CUWL Exec Committee meeting
June 23, 2008

UW-Milwaukee Library

Present: Eva Barczyk, Vanaja Menon, Jean Gilbertson, Valerie Malzacher, Paul Roberts, Deb Nordgren, Lisa Jewell, and John Pollitz.

1. 10AM Call to order and announcements
Jean Gilbertson called the meeting to order at 10:05 am and introductions were made about the group.

2. Executive Committee membership for 2008/09
The membership of the Executive Committee for the coming year was discussed.  Mark Boucher has left to take another job and Chuck Rybak is also stepping down as a CUWL faculty representative. Vanaja Menon took over from Mark Boucher so there is actually only one open position on the Executive Committee.  Operating procedures about how to proceed were discussed.    

--- CUWL needs to fill faculty slot vacated by Rybak on the Executive Committee.

--- If possible, the replacement should be elected for two-year staggered term with the new member-at-large (Vanaja Menon, whose term runs through June 2010.)

--- Currently there are three CUWL faculty representatives:  Tony Gulig (term expires June 09), Michael Pickart (June 10), and Kristin Eschenfelder (June 10)

The consensus of the group was to ask one of the faculty members to serve a one year term on the Executive Committee to maintain the staggered terms.  Jean Gilbertson will follow the recommendation of the group.  The faculty member’s name will be presented as an election slate at the July meeting of CUWL.  (The only position on the slate is the faculty member for the Executive Committee.) 

3. CUWL membership for 2008/09
--- CUWL needs to fill the faculty slot for the UW Colleges (formerly Rybak) The open faculty position at CUWL is from the Colleges and will be selected by the Colleges.

--- Jean Gilbertson has asked Marc Rozmarynowski (CUWL representative from the colleges) to work on this matter.

4. Paul Roberts and Jean Gilbertson brought up the issue of whether to continue to place full Coordinating Committee reports in the CUWL Minutes or rather to provide links to the Coordinating Committee reports on the CUWL web site.  Discussion of who posts to the website and other logistical questions followed, including what should be on the website and what should be on the CUWL WIKI.  Anything that is a final report, etc. should go on the CUWL website and not on the WIKI.  Jean will work with Karen Dunn on the CUWL website. 

-- The consensus was that in the future to have links in the CUWL Minutes to the Coordinating Committee reports on the general CUWL website.

--When the Secretary does the minutes the Secretary should send them to the CUWL Chair and to the UW System representative.  After that they go to the full Executive Committee and then to the CUWL membership as draft minutes. 

--Jean Gilbertson asked how much detail should be in the minutes, e.g. budget issues.  Discussed ensued and the feeling was the best format was that of a summary with following points.  

--The issue of announcements was discussed next.  The suggestion was made that individual CUWL members should state if they want their announcements in the minutes otherwise they will be included in a general summary.

--The CUWL mailing list was discussed.  The points covered were:

-CC chairs are on the CUWL mailing list.  They are non-voting members of the CUWL.
-It was suggested that at the July meeting, a request be made for a printout of who exactly is on the CUWL mailing list; so everyone will know the extent of the list.
-A suggestion was made for a separate CUWL Director/Member discussion list in order to discuss issues of importance to CUWL Directors/Members. 
-Discussion followed of who is invited/attends CUWL meetings from System.

--Finally, it was noted that working group reports remain unofficial until they are passed on by their Coordinating Committee.  Then any working group report becomes an official part of the individual Coordinating Committee report.  This process should be stated explicitly in the Operating Procedures.

5. Discussion of the Executive Committee meetings during the year was next.  The difference between the Executive Committee meetings and the monthly Coordinating Chairs meetings was noted.  CUWL should consider adding the monthly Coordinating Committee Chairs meeting officially to the Operating Procedures when the general assessment of the Coordinating Committees is done this year. 

6. Coordinating Committee chair appointments for 2008/09
--Jean Gilbertson thinks the current chairs are willing to be reappointed for a second year, but the Executive Committee should discuss/clarify the process for appointing and reappointing chairs.  In theory the appointments for the next year should be finalized prior to July 1. Coordinating Committee Chairs were originally appointed by the CUWL Executive Committee for one year term.  The Coordinating Committee rules are that a chair may be appointed after one year on the committee, and may be appointed chair for a second year.

-- The consensus was that the Executive Committee will ask the current Coordinating Committee Chairs to serve a second year.  Their terms are up on July 1. 

7. The proposal to schedule an Executive Committee meeting with Anita Evans regarding the WLA Foundation and its proposal about academic libraries. WLA will help get funding for a survey to show how Libraries help the community.  This was discussed at the April Meeting (See meeting minutes).  Anita asked for time on the July agenda.  Anita could also bring Lisa Strand.  The Foundation originally asked to meet with the Executive Committee but it would be better to have the topic on the July agenda in order to discuss it more fully. General discussion ensued of what the survey would entail and who it would include. (i.e. private colleges and universities as well as public institutions?)

8. Update on status of operating procedures revision was taken up next.
----Valerie Malzacher distributed draft copies of the revised CUWL operating procedures. Anita Evans and Valerie updated the procedures based upon the new Coordinating Committee documents.  The Operating Procedures were reviewed at the last CUWL meeting and minor changes were made.  There needs to be one more final review by CUWL. Valerie noted that more detail is needed on where official reports go.  Discussion of official CUWL website and what documents should be there ensued.  Valerie will draft language on this area and will bring to next CUWL meeting. 

----Discussion then followed about the membership of CUWL as listed. (Voting vs. non-voting CUWL members). The CUWL roster needs to be adjusted.  Lisa Jewell will make suggested changes and Valerie Malzacher will make sure that non-voting members are listed in the Operating Procedures.   

----Discussion of changes to the draft document followed.  The major change was the insertion of Coordinating Committees as sections D. and E.  Resource groups are substituted for the older standing committees.  Anita and Valerie will create a point VI which will address official communications and draft language for these modifications will be coming. These new changes will have to be on the July agenda. They will also add the Library Consultant as ex-officio to the membership along with other system people.  Refer to the amended draft operating procedures to come from Valerie Malzacher. 

9. Next steps for Universal Borrowing (UB) policies consideration by CUWL.
The Collections and Resource Sharing (CRC) Coordinating Committee will be bringing recommendations to CUWL on behalf of the UB Group.  They will have to be voted on by the membership.   The question of whether Mary Rieder should attend or not was discussed, her attendance may be up to Richard Reeb.     The UB recommendations should go out to CUWL directors for review before the meeting and   Richard Reeb should be the one to send them out.  If they are to go into effect for the fall semester it needs to be on the July meeting agenda.

10. Brief review of June 3-4 meeting/conference in Madison
A survey went out to everyone who attended.  The results from the survey were sent out this morning to the Chairs group.  The overall impression of the meeting was positive.  An assessment of the summer meeting/conference should be on the July agenda.

11. CUWL annual report for 2007/08
Valerie and Jean determined that the outgoing chair should write up a brief summary at the end of his/her term. This can be shared with CUWL and would also be submitted to Rebecca Martin.   Jean Gilbertson has agreed to do produce the report.

12. Updating the CUWL strategic plan in the wiki
The WIKI has action items and notes but no one is responsible for updating them at the end of the year.  How do we assure that things have been done?  Someone should read through and update the pieces.  Jean Gilbertson will do updates for this past year. We need to place this issue on the July agenda that is how to update the CUWL Strategic Plan and Annual Report and where should those documents reside.

13. Discuss draft agenda items for July 22 CUWL meeting:

Jean Gilbertson announced that the next CUWL meeting will be in the Special Collections conference room in Memorial Library at UW-Madison on July 22, 2008. WILS World is July 23-24.   

Potential agenda items for the July 22 CUWL meeting are:
----budget request update
Discussion of exactly what is in the budget request.  Clarification of what we would achieve is needed.    

----review of June 3-4 library staff meeting - give each Coordinating Committee Chair an opportunity to comment on the chair activities

----The plan for assessment of the new committee structure by end of 08/09. Separate assessment by a working group by the April 09 meeting.  Executive Committee should recommend a CUWL working group.   

----UWSAC report

----LibQual discussion--What information is needed?  Should Nola Walker attend this discussion? She will be working on LibQual data, both qualitative and quantitative, and will prepare a report for us. We need to answer the question about what we want to do with the data. (Support the Library DIN, for example)

----Document delivery report
Money allocated to this project has not been spent. Reassignment of funding may be necessary. Discussion ensued of the project to date and possible future action. It was noted that the project needs more time. We also need to open it up to graduate and undergraduate users, and the Collections and Resource Sharing Coordinating Committee needs to expand the number of vendors available. 

----Shelving report

----CUWL wiki as a public record?  Also, how to update reports and strategic plans on the WIKI.

----follow-up on surveillance video in libraries

----Discussion on Records Management

----COLAND Visioning summit

----UB changes/policies

----Progress reports and any action items from CC chairs

----CUWL meeting schedule for 08/09.
We need to have a tentative schedule for next year including scheduling a joint meeting with ITMC.  It was suggested to invite a Coordinating Committee to a general CUWL meeting.  The fall meeting should be from the mid to end of October and the January meeting should be before the WLA Legislative Day.

----Strategic plan updates and Annual Report

----Operating Procedures

----WLA Foundation Issue

----WILS Report

----UW System Report

----Resource Discovery exploratory task force.  What is the next step?

----Appropriate Lobbying for DIN.  What are the Do’s and Don’ts? This may be better done at the October meeting.

14. John Pollitz asked that the Executive Committee discuss the RIAA (recording industry of America) training workshop. 
----UW Legal counsel would come and give a session on copyright and music, etc.  This would be good for a Joint session with ITC.  It was agreed that this would be natural topic for the Green Lake meeting. 

Jean Gilbertson adjourned the meeting at 2:45PM.

Respectfully Submitted
July 9, 2008
Paul Roberts
Secretary, CUWL 2007-08