Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

Executive Committee Minutes, April 1, 2008

CUWL Executive Committee Telephone Conference Call
April 1, 2008
9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Present:  Jean Gilbertson, Valerie Malzacher, Ewa Barczyk, Charles Rybak, Paul Roberts, Lisa Jewell

Jan. 08 CUWL minutes
Jean noted that the minutes for the January 23, 2008 CUWL meeting were sent to the Executive Committee for review.  The minutes have been reviewed by Jean Gilbertson and Paul Moriarty.  There were no further comments or changes by the Executive Committee and Paul Roberts will go ahead and send the draft minutes out to the CUWL distribution list with a request for revisions and changes.  Minutes will be approved at the CUWL meeting in April.

UW Library Staff meeting in June (aka Summer Conference) in Madison
---update on program plans
Draft agenda of the program has been distributed.  In conversation with Steve Frye, he feels the program is pretty well set.  He wants us to approve the program in principle.  Lisa noted that the contract with Susan Gibbons has been finalized. The conference program was modified since Ms. Gibbons was willing to stay on during the breakout session.  This may not be standard procedure in the future. Ewa suggested changing the conference title on the WIKI from Summer Conference to Summer Meeting.  This was Jean’s suggestion to the chairs.  Chairs are doing most of the program work.  Discussion followed on the chairs activities for the conference.  With the exception of the formal program, they are trying to keep the meeting arrangements simple. For example, hotel arrangements and lunches will be left to individuals attending.  They will be adding contract hotel list for local hotels to the wiki.  The wiki is the website for the conference.  Jean will talk to them about the name; the suggestion is to call it the UW Library Summer Staff Meeting. 
Originally Rebecca Martin was to speak at the second plenary session but she is not available.  Ed Meachen from UW System is available and is willing to speak in her place.  We do have a 25 minute slot. Valerie is willing to give an overview of the Committee structure and the Committees’ first year at the session.  Discussion of the length and start times ensued.  In order to have enough time Jean will suggest starting at 9:20 a.m. (cutting into registration time).  The final consensus was that Ed and Valerie would give the plenary session and perhaps not show the video.
---estimating numbers of attendees
Steve Frye sent an e-mail on 31 March summarizing Summer Conference Activities.  The main issue right now is finding out who is coming and on which day(s).  They need a list by the end of April.   A message will go out to CUWL Directors and Chairs requesting the names of people who are coming and the message will have a link to the Conference WIKI page.  Information on attendees needs to be returned by the April CUWL meeting.
---Conference assessment from UW System – Lisa
Jean talked with Lisa about doing assessment after the conference.  This is in order to plan for next year.  It would be good to know if the users get out of it what we are hoping for.  Specifically we hope to engage staff in UW System library issues and initiatives and to allow opportunity for people working in functional areas to have an opportunity to interact about joint projects and best practices. Jean and Lisa will do a brief Survey Monkey survey to be sent to all attendees.

Review draft agenda for Green Lake meeting April 21-22

---Draft agenda for the Green Lake Meeting

The current Green Lake agenda has a CUWL presentation from 11:45 to 12:15 by Pat Fellows, a D2L coordinator for the colleges, on integrating Library Resources into D2L. 

---not inviting a Coordinating Committee

There will be no group attending with us at the Green Lake meeting such as the LAMs or CDC or one of the new Coordinating Committees.  Just the regular CUWL group will attend.  Jean understands that the plenary sessions will emphasize common systems stuff.
--Specific CUWL Meeting Agenda at Green Lake

  • Discussion of agenda.  (refer to the draft agenda)  The agenda items have been listed but specific time allotted, etc. have not been set.  Agenda items, especially for the second page, are not in any order and can change.  Jean will talk to Committee Chairs about their time needs and any action items they need to bring to CUWL.


  • We may not need to discuss it at this time since some surveys will still be open.  Discussion followed of how to analyze the system data.  No one is available at the UW-Milwaukee Library School to help analyze the data.  Jean suggested that Lisa contact Kristin Eschenfelder who is a faculty representative for CUWL and is on the faculty of the Library School at UW-Madison. Lisa will talk to Paul Moriarty about the data analysis and will contact Kristin.  At the last Executive committee meeting it was decided to have a small group, the CUWL Reps to the coordinating committees, comprise a working group on follow-up for LibQual.   One of the four: Leanne, Valerie, Pat, or Ewa, could report at Green Lake. Jean asked Paul Roberts to read back from the February 27 meeting minutes.  The passage was: Jean asked if there was any committee looking at the LibQual data at a system level.  This analysis is of interest to Coordinating Committees but does not fit neatly into any one committee.  It was suggested that perhaps a working group is necessary and could be set up by chairs.   Jean suggested that perhaps instead the CUWL reps could set up the working group rather than the chairs since the chairs are very busy.  Valerie noted that we want to have something on LibQual at the summer conference.  The four CUWL reps could take that on to figure out what the program would look like. Valerie will not be at Green Lake and so cannot report on LibQual.  Perhaps one of the other four could address some of the follow-up issues.
  • Summer Meeting is another major item that we need to discuss at the April Meeting.
  • OCLC items, Pat and Kathy need time to discuss OCLC issues.  One issue is a governance survey dealing with the national or international level.
  • UWSAC, Jean is not sure what our communication is with them.  Peter Gottlieb agreed to report to CUWL periodically.  Jean will contact him and see what he wants to do.

WLA Foundation Board Proposal
--email from Lisa Strand
The Wisconsin Library Foundation Board is interested in knowing if the academic libraries are interested in having the board do a survey on the impact that this type of library has on Wisconsin.  This is an expansion of what the public libraries are doing. Lisa Strand wanted to meet with CUWL executive board.  However since Anita and Leanne are on the WLAF board, this could be put on the agenda for April CUWL meeting and have them talk about it then.  Consensus was that this would be appropriate.  We would like to know how working with the WLAF might fit into our planning and budget initiatives. There is a possibility of WLAF requesting LSTA funding to work with the academic libraries. This would be similar to what they are doing for public libraries. There should be an informational discussion at CUWL, but probably will not need to make a decision yet.

ALS --do as usual for this year's report and then try voyager queries to compare?
Marlys and the LAMS are thinking of other ways of getting the data (i.e. voyager queries).  There are problems the way data is displayed on different campuses and we may not want to change the process at this time since it could affect the data.  The paper report is due on April 30.  We will do it the same way we have always done it this time.  If the LAMS want to use the Voyager Queries and have time, they could test it out and compare the query results to the paper report data submitted by each campus.   

Any follow-up on Library General Records Schedule - Paul or Lisa
Jean asked Lisa where the process was since we have had no other feedback since the last mailing.  Discussion of individual library comments followed.  Valerie asked: what is the next step?  Jean will talk to Paul Moriarty and will put this on the agenda.  CUWL directors would like to know what is happening next.

Any update on DIN/Budget process?
Jean is really impressed; the budget DIN request is going well.  The next step is for each library director to pursue a Faculty Senate resolution.  General Discussion ensued on the process.  The Budget DIN is on the agenda for the April meeting.

New CUWL faculty rep - Paula Huff from UW-Extension
This is an announcement only to the Executive Committee.  Jean will make sure she knows about the upcoming meeting.

Slate for 2008-09 CUWL officers

  • We need a Chair-Elect, Secretary, and a Member-at-Large (replacement for Marc Boucher who had a two-year  term, this could be any CUWL voting member)
  • Chuck Rybak will remain on the CUWL Executive Committee for another year as the faculty representative.  Currently all faculty slots for CUWL are filled.
  • We need a small nominating committee. Ewa as Chair-Elect makes contacts and develops the final slate. Valerie is willing to serve on the nominating Committee.  Ewa will recruit one other person for the committee.

Other items?

 As there were no other items the meeting was adjourned at 11:00 a.m. by Jean Gilbertson

Respectfully Submitted
Paul Roberts
Secretary, CUWL
April 14, 2008