Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

Executive Committee Minutes, February 27, 2008

CUWL Executive Committee
Telephone Conference Call
Feb. 27, 2008 2:00-3:00 p.m.

Attending:  Jean Gilbertson, Ewa Barczyk, Charles Rybak, Paul Roberts, Ed Van Gemert, Paul Moriarty, Lisa Jewell, Valerie Malzacher

Meeting called to order at 2:00 p.m. by Jean Gilbertson.

Update on DIN/Budget process (Ed Van Gemert)

Ed Van Gemert gave the Executive Committee a status update on the DIN/Budget request process.  There has been positive feedback from UW System Administration staff regarding the work done so far.  There was a meeting with Rebecca Martin, Senior Vice President who has offered to provide feedback on the final draft language of the DIN request.  The entire budget committee will be invited to meet with her on March 5. Lynn Paulson, Assistant Vice President, will advise on how to present data in the request.
Draft Three is still the most current version of the draft.  Suggested revisions and edits have been received from nine of the CUWL directors.  Kathy Pletcher has been very helpful, not only with the DIN language but also with the DVD.  She and Ed will complete the final language for the request on March 1 and get it to Rebecca Martin and Lynn Paulson for their review prior to the March 5 meeting. After the meeting on March 5th there will be a conference call set up with CUWL directors to apprise them of the situation.
It is too soon to know what dollar amount will be included in the final request, but the working number at this time is $12M.
Some campus administrators may be concerned that a system-level library request will compete with individual campus requests.  Ed believes that the library request appears to have fairly broad support from the Provosts.  Our message is that the libraries’ ability to support research will be seriously imperiled if we do not get an increase.   
Ed also noted that if the request is funded, it is likely that UW System Administration will backload the funding.  Even though we have immediate needs in year one, we may not get most or all of the money until year two.  This is how the UW System manages new initiatives. We will make an effort to demonstrate our immediate needs.  Ed will communicate with CUWL directors about communicating with their Provosts.  
Ed also mentioned the DVD is coming along well.  Library users and administrators from many campuses are appearing in it.  It will not be ready for March 5th meeting with Rebecca Martin but it can be ready for the Provosts meeting on the 14th. Ken Frazier and Kathy Pletcher have done a great job on the DVD.  

Ed is still accepting comments, but they should be sent directly to him. Ed Van Gemert left the call at this time.

Survey on storage needs (Ewa Barczyk)

Ewa Barczyk interested in doing a survey to ascertain the need for a shared preservation storage facility. This is one of the action items for the Collections and Resource Sharing Coordinating Committee. Ewa has put together four questions for the survey that she has run by the Coordinating Committee.  She is asking if she should go ahead and send it out to CUWL. 

We are trying to determine need across the UW for an off-site shared preservation storage facility that could be used by any UW Library in order to ascertain your potential use of this facility please answer several questions.

  • Percentage of your library space that is currently filled and how many years of growth can you absorb before you are out of room?
  • What is library anticipated physical collection growth over the next five years?
  • Do you anticipate refocusing your current shelving space for other uses that might necessitate off-site storage?
  • If a centrally located site were built, would you use it?

After discussion, the Executive Committee felt she could send out the survey to CUWL. 

UW System funds for staff analysis of LibQual and Library Dynamics data

Ewa understood that there is money set aside at the system level for help analyzing LibQual and Library Dynamics data.  Paul Moriarty noted that Ewa is correct. There is fifteen thousand dollars in next year’s budget for assisting in analysis of Library Dynamics.  For LibQual analysis there is a couple of thousand this year and six thousand budgeted for the next fiscal year to assist in analysis of results of these two projects.  The mechanics of the analysis was discussed.  The use of this money is to analyze results across the system; individual libraries will be doing their own.  Jean and Lisa will talk later about how to manage hiring a student to help with the analysis.  Jean asked if there was any committee looking at the LibQual data at a system level.  This analysis is of interest to Coordinating Committees but does not fit neatly into any one committee.  It was suggested that perhaps a working group is necessary and could be set up by chairs. Jean suggested that perhaps instead the CUWL reps to the coordinating committees could be the working group rather than the chairs since the chairs are very busy.  Valerie noted that we want to have something on LibQual at the summer conference.  The four CUWL reps could also take that on to figure out what the program would look like.

New Topic:  Valerie Malzacher, what are the two common Library System questions on LibQual?

Discussion ensued on the questions.  The general consensus was that the question numbers were 21 and 105.  Paul Moriarty will verify those questions. 

CUWL Strategic Directions document - where to post - what version (action plans continue to evolve and be updated)

The 2007-2011 Strategic Directions Document is not currently on the Web site or on the WIKI. The old one is still on the CUWL documents page on the CUWL website.  We can put a new one on the page, but currently we have three versions of the documents; one is the Strategic Directions that CUWL approved, one that was updated for the next meeting with tentative action plans and committee assignments, and we have an update in January with progress and extra items that were added.  It is an evolving document.  What do we want to put up for public consumption?  Discussion about this ensued.  Valerie Malzacher pointed out that there is yet another version; the pamphlet version developed for public distribution.  Paul Moriarty asked: what is the audience?  If it is the UW librarians, that may affect the decision. Consensus evolved to put the evolving document with action plans on the WIKI and put the officially approved document (with strategic directions) on the CUWL web page.  Jean will follow up on this issue.    

April CUWL meeting -
- Invite LAMs?
- CUWL plenary presentation - Library/D2L integration?

John Krogman is chairing the joint meeting in April and he has sent out the tentative agenda.  We have a slot from 11:45 am to 12:15 pm for a CUWL presentation. We have talked in past about D2L library integration topic and that is something that would be of interest to the two groups.  The question is who would do it   Jean will discuss this with Marlys. 
There was a discussion about point is whether to invite a CUWL Coordinating Committee or a subgroup such as the LAMS to the Green Lake meeting. Lisa read an excerpt from the minutes of the Technology Initiatives Coordinating Committee:  ITMC meeting in Green Lake, April 21-22.  With the new committee structure, it was suggested before that other groups could rotate their attendance at this annual meeting.  The LAMs typically attend because ITMC is mostly technology related, but they have no pressing issues right now. The Executive Committee will discuss this and decide which group will go to Green Lake this spring. There was more discussion about the possibility of inviting another subgroup or committee. There was also a suggestion that perhaps it is not necessary to invite a subgroup or committee at this time.  Discussion centered on what committees are working on and what would be the reason for them to meet with CUWL at the Green Lake meeting.

Nominations committee - need 2008-09 slate for April meeting (incoming chair, secretary, member-at-large)

Last year the nomination committee consisted of Valerie Malzacher, Anita Evans, and Leanne Hansen.  Ewa Barczyk as Chair-Elect is given the privilege of arm twisting people to serve.  Ewa will pick two people to be on the nomination committee and proceed.

Summer conference - do we need a national level key note speaker?

The Coordinating Committee Chairs are looking at possible program items for the summer conference.  Susan Gibbons has been asked to be a keynote speaker and she is planning to come.  She would be asked to talk about user behaviors and how to incorporate them into planning library services and facilities.  The total cost would be under $1000 and could probably be covered by UW System if the Executive Committee thinks it is important to have a nationally known keynote speaker.  The primary purpose for the summer conference is to engage library staff in system wide initiatives and to interact with their peers at other campuses.  The inclusion of a high-profile keynote speaker seems like an OK idea for this first meeting, but will have to be given further consideration for future meetings.  Paul Moriarty said that we should avoid registration fees, etc. Discussion continued on this topic.  Paul Moriarty will consider how to support refreshment costs, etc.   

Jean also raised the issue of hotel reservations.  To reserve a block of rooms we need to guarantee a minimum number of rooms.  It was suggested that the Chairs talk to someone at WILS about how they do it for WILS world.  General discussion followed with the conclusion that no one is authorized to sign a contract guaranteeing a certain number of reservations.  The consensus was that attendees should make their own hotel reservations at the state rate.

The estimated capacity at this time for the summer meeting is 130-150 people attending.  There would be one main room with four breakout rooms.  Jean noted that the goal is to get something out to people in March so that they may book rooms and start making plans. 

Should have an answer by Monday on the Susan Gibbons speaker fees and refreshments on what System can or can’t do.  Jean noted the decision on Susan Gibbons needs to be made in the next week or so. 

Jean received an e-mail from Marlys asking about using Voyager queries to collect some of the data required across system for the ALS survey.   Paul Moriarty stated that the results from the last two surveys will be going out in a few days along with the survey form for the 2006-07 year.  He feels that ALS is under control.  Jean will forward the e-mail from Marlys to Paul Moriarty.

Also, the consensus was that Executive Committee will function without a Member-At-Large until July due to Marc Boucher leaving.  

Meeting adjourned at 3:20 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted
Paul Roberts
Secretary, CUWL
April 2, 2008