Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

Executive Committee Minutes, December 4, 2007

Teleconference of CUWL Executive Committee, Coordinating Committee Chairs, and CUWL Coordinating Committee Representatives, December 4, 2007

Meeting time: 3:00-4:30PM

Present:  Jean Gilbertson, Ewa Barczyk, Paul Roberts, Valerie Malzacher, Marc Boucher, Paul Moriarty, Richard Reeb, Steve Frye, Marlys Brunsting, Joshua Ranger, Pat Wilkinson, Leanne Hansen.

Communication issues for Coordinating Committees (monthly meeting time) --

A time for Coordinating Committees to meet monthly has not yet been set. 8:30 am on Monday has been suggested as the best time to avoid conflicts. These meetings would start in January and the suggested participants are Committee Chairs, CUWL Representatives, CUWL President, and Paul Moriarty. The initial intent is that the call would be a half an hour and would rarely go over an hour. This would be a way of keeping in touch and fostering communication across committees. There would be issues that arise and Coordinating Committee Chairs might have suggestions of how they could be handled or referred and the person from the system office would also have some suggestions. The intent is to keep the meetings informal without minutes. If there are any action items they should be distributed ahead of time; otherwise minutes would be dispensed with. It was suggested that the meeting should be a specific day of the month, (e.g. first Monday) with the specific day will be set later.

Wikis and blogs

CUWL needs to plan how communication is going to work and how documents should be shared. The obvious way to do so is with a Wiki.  Steve and Marlys have been working on this and Steve has put out on the CUWL blog of number possible choices for a Wiki.  How the Wiki would work and how documents could be secured was discussed.  It is a good tool and would work well for us.  Discussion ensued of various types of Wikis and how they work and how people would be notified of Wiki topics. The question of how to organize and set up the Wiki was discussed.   The URL of the CUWL Wiki is The issue arose that if we are on an external service (Wiki) do we have library records or are they considered public records. The discussion included what or what is not a public record.  It was noted that soon there will be a record schedule for short term correspondence and it should help with these questions. The general consensus is that we are willing to create a Wiki and try and use it. Marlys and Steve will get the Wiki up and running. They will work out the structure of the site and ask for quick feedback before opening it up for general use. Paul Moriarty said it would be good to get a link on the CUWL website as soon as the Wiki is available.

Process for selecting members of working group

The question has arisen of when we have a new working group (even within our own coordinating committees); how do we actually select for the group? How do we get the right people and expertise and experience on the working groups? The question is: are we actually creating more committees? The intent of the Coordinating Committees was the opposite, to reduce 13/14 committees down to four. Discussion ensued of how committee working groups would operate, how they would be constituted, and how to we guarantee broad representation

In general whenever a group needs to be formed it should be attached to a Coordinating Committee who then brings in the people needed to work on the problem or issue. This will not work for everything. There are things that do not fit neatly into the Coordinating Committees charges; for example Strategic Planning and Diversity Task Forces. CUWL as a whole can always appoint a working group if necessary.

Process for replacing a CC member who does not complete his/her term

Jean asked the question of what does CUWL do when a Coordinating Committee member cannot complete their term for whatever reason?  Currently since it is still early in the game if we need a replacement we can go back to the original group of nominees for the committees to select a replacement. It would be interesting to know why someone does not want to serve on the committee.  There is currently one person who wants to leave a committee.  The committee member feels that someone else is probably better qualified for the committee.  Discussion then ensued of where various service groups belong within the coordinating committee structure. More general discussion followed about coordinating committees and working groups and how they operate and where they belong in the organization.   

MetaLib assessment - Strategic Direction 3 Action Item 3 - need new working group, its composition, charge

Given the discussions that CUWL has had we are obligated to do something soon about the MetaLib issue.  The Users Services Coordinating Committee should have the responsibility for this issue.  It is up to the USCC to select the necessary expertise and experience for the working group. The working group will be cross functional in regards to other coordinating committees. 

Discussion occurred of how much notice we have to give if we are moving off MetaLib.  Paul Moriarty said that the annual maintenance fee renewal is on a calendar year basis and we should be receiving the invoice soon.  This is for both for SFX and Metalib since the contract is a package.  He believes that the contract stipulates that we have to give 60 or 90 days of notice if we discontinue SFX/MetaLib, and the same timeframe also applies to ExLibris. UW System receives a single invoice that splits out the costs for both services.  Discussion ensued at looking at usability testing of Metalib and federated searching in general. Discussion also ensued on federated search services.  Discussion ensued on how to proceed with assessment on this topic. The suggestion is to put a group together and have them create an action plan of how to do the assessment.  Once we have the results, then we go ahead and do the assessment.  Discussion also focused on how campuses have implemented MetaLib and how to assess those implementations (i.e. best practices).    

The weather intervened at this point.  Jean feels we can hold off discussing the summer staff meeting.  She suggested a conference call or a monthly meeting in January to discuss the summer staff meeting. Jean feels that this last discussion would be useful for part of the program.   Valerie suggested that she Marlys, Steve, and Anne could PowerPoint and develop this last discussion. Please exchange any comments online to finish off this discussion.

System-wide UB issues (both technical and policy) -new working group, appointments based on technical and policy expertise, charge?

After lengthy discussion, it seems that CUWL needs to turn to a group of people that have specific expertise on this topic for the UB working group.  There are only a few people who have dealt with this topic on a consistent basis.  Discussion agreed that the working group, even though it cuts across multiple coordinating committees needs to report to a single coordinating Committee.   It was agreed that the UB Working Group will report to the    Collection and Resources Coordinating Committee. Discussion ensued on where Circulation staffs belong in the scheme of the Coordinating Committees and the UB working group. Consensus is that Circulation belongs with the CRCC.

Future/next gen OPAC  - Strategic Direction 1 Action Items 1 and 2 - appoint a system-wide group?  Madison appointing a campus group at this time.

Tabled at this time.

Summer 2008 staff meeting in Madison

Tabled at this time. (Please see above under MetaLib Assessment)

Jean Gilbertson adjourned the teleconference at 4:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted

Paul Roberts
Secretary, CUWL
December 13, 2007