Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

Executive Committee Minutes, November 26, 2007

CUWL Executive Committee
Conference Call
2:00 pm November 26, 2007

Present:  Jean Gilbertson, Ewa Barczyk, Valerie Malzacher, Paul Roberts, Paul Moriarty, Mark Boucher, Chuck Rybak

Jean Gilbertson started the meeting by noting that the purpose of this meeting is to determine membership of small group that will work on the Budget/DIN for 2009/11.

The meeting with Rebecca Martin, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs with the CUWL group went well and the impression was that she was hearing about faculty’s interest in better research materials and collections. 

Paul Moriarty said that the follow up meeting with the Provosts was very successful.  They are enthusiastic about the budget request and would like to have it to review by March 1, 2008.  This is earlier than we normally do it.  General discussion ensued about the Provosts meeting. They are generally supportive.  There appear to be communication channels across the Provosts as well as Directors and Provosts. 

The budget looked at by Rebecca Martin first and then will be sent back to CUWL Directors and then it will be sent to the Provosts.  The Provosts envision that the budget request will not be integrated into campus budget but will be sent on separately, as in the Nursing and Education DIN’s from this last time.  It would go in as a Library DIN and the provosts want a hand in shaping the budget.   

The budget group will create a draft budget to run by CUWL and then it would need to be run by the Provosts for them to shape it.   The working group would be creating a draft/outline for how much money they were looking for and what they would be targeting the money for.  Discussion then occurred on what the final product should look like.  Past budget/DINs were fairly short and Jean Gilbertson has looked at past submissions.

After discussion the working group for the budget/DIN was determined:
CUWL Budget/DIN Group  
Ken Frazier (assisted by Ed Van Gemert)
Pat Wilkinson co-chair
Valerie Malzacher co-chair
Ewa Barczyk
John Krogman

In addition the following individuals will advise the CUWL Budget/DIN working group:
Chris Goss
Paul Moriarty
Kathy Pletcher
Rebecca Martin

Discussion continued that we should have some sort of conceptual outline of the budget for the January 23 meeting in order for CUWL to review.  Rebecca Martin will want to see a draft, after CUWL sees it. Important to get CUWL feedback and to strike the right tone, emphasis and amount.  The hardest part will be the amount.  Richard Reeb’s group may have to do some work identifying critical collections, disciplines, and resources.  Ewa Barczyk and Paul Moriarty would be the linkage to that group.

Discussion of the time frame now occurred.  A message from Ed Van Gemert stated that Rebecca Martin suggests the CUWL directors prepare a draft budget/DIN by March 1st to be sent to the provosts so they can help further develop the request.  The end of the process is when Board of Regents deals with them in August of 08.  Before that there is a lot of discussion and development, including Chancellors and Provosts. Chris Gross needs something by April.  The vice chancellors have shortened our deadline so that they have time to react to it.

Discussion now occurred of how the DIN should be put together.  We want to tie into the Advantage Wisconsin program.  Our justification needs to reflect the language in that document.  We need to decide what we want and articulate it in a page or two.  There was discussion of how much supporting documentation is needed and of what type.  Further discussion on Advantage Wisconsin and how it relates to libraries ensued.  The emphasis needs to be on one big thing that will make it easier for people to understand.   Things are falling together nicely and our previous work is helping the process along. 

Benchmarking with other institutions is important. Rebecca Martin reacted positively when we talked about our peers. We need several points of comparison including comparison to other states showing how much money their university systems get from their states.  We do not compare favorably on that point. 

There will be another conference call next week to deal with committee appointments and other issues.

The final portion of the meeting dealt with the January 23rd meeting in Madison.  This is the day after Library Legislation Day.  The question is how many Directors will attend Legislation Day and what time to start the CUWL meeting on the 23rd. 

Jean Gilbertson ended the meeting at 4:44 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted

Paul Roberts
Secretary, CUWL
November 28, 2007