Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

Executive Committee Minutes, October 10, 2007

Minutes of the CUWL Exec Committee conference call October 10, 3:00 p.m.

Present:  Jean Gilbertson, Ewa Barczyk, Paul Moriarty, Valerie Malzacher, Paul Roberts, Marc Boucher

Absent: Charles Rybak

Approve minutes from September 14, 2007 conference call 

Some changes from the Executive Committee are still forthcoming.  Once they are received and the changes made, the minutes will be distributed to the Executive Committee.

Strategic Directions brochure -- format/content for 4 page flyer

Pat Wilkinson is working on a four page folded color brochure on the strategic plan and direction of CUWL. On the back of the brochure he would put brief highlights from the CUWL 2005-07 accomplishments. Want to know if it is ok to do so. The Executive committee agrees that this would be a great idea. Pat thinks brochure will be done in about a week in time for the meeting.  Pat will also provide a strategic directions document with the committees’ initial action plans included.

LibQual -- any action necessary prior to CUWL meeting?

  • Jean Gilbertson asked Paul Moriarty if he needs to know for sure which libraries are participating in LibQual at this time.  He will need to know for the budget. He thinks that all but one or two will want to participate. 
  • Marc Boucher has a meeting with the other colleges next week and would try to have a consensus on what the colleges wish to do before the CUWL meeting. Paul Moriarty said that assessment is a strong part of our strategic direction and that as many libraries as possible should participate. The proposed budget will include some funding for assisting libraries with data analysis, especially making comparisons across the system.  It should be an incentive for libraries to participate if they know that there will be help available to deal with the results. 
  • Jean Gilbertson said that Madison did a LibQual survey in 2006 and has its own full faculty survey going out this fall, so Madison does not plan to do LibQual in 2008. Paul Moriarty noted that this was the situation with Parkside last time we did LibQual. He suggested that the UW libraries schedule LIBQUAL and other assessments system wide in order to coordinate data gathering.
  • Jean Gilbertson said that CUWL should talk about the appropriate time interval for doing LibQual and also talk about any other concerns.  Boucher said that the colleges are concerned about the amount of staff time needed.  Paul Moriarty budgeted for the Colleges set up as a single institution. To do each campus would increase costs 13 times. Valerie Malzacher noted that the data is very useful in assessment and accreditation. Discussion ensued on ways the data is useful.  
  • Registration is coming up for LibQual but not before the CUWL meeting.  Training for CUWL is optional at Midwinter ALA. We should talk about sharing expertise across the UW system. 

CUWL mentor for John Pollitz - Valerie has volunteered

  • Just an announcement. Valerie Malzacher has already had a meeting with John. 

CUWL accomplishments for 2005/2007 (Valerie's draft) -- approval/distribution

  • Valerie Malzacher has received a note from Ewa Barczyk to add data regarding cost savings.  It was suggested and discussed adding cost data on:
    • General savings from CUWL programs and initiatives including:
      • Savings from implementing the hub.
      • We need to show how shared collections, for example, are having an effect on materials available and emphasize the savings over all individual campuses.
  • We need to identify the intended audience for this document, CUWL or system administrators.  
  • Valerie Malzacher noted that the document may be longer than it should be.  She asked for recommendations on what needs to come out and what needs to be elaborated.
  • Jean Gilbertson suggested that the Executive Committee review and approve the final version for further distribution. The document will go out to CUWL over the names of the current and past two chairs of CUWL, because of the two year coverage.
  • With regard to the intended audience, we need an overview for the record and also a need to present something to system in a different sort of context.
  • Paul Moriarty made the following points.
    • The document should be brief and have bullets. Highlights of some of the major accomplishments would be ok.
    • The areas in the document on diversity, assessment, and resource sharing, are good.  The document does hit the highlights. 
    • He noted that the savings using the hub are $244,125 over a three year period.  We may put that number in the document.  He also noted that maintenance alone went down significantly.
    • He also suggested adding that libraries are now expected to provide more research materials for their campuses. The proposed budget for 2009-2011 includes additional money for document delivery to help meet user demand in this area.    
  • Valerie Malzacher will add things to the document that reflect savings and will not take anything else out.  She will change some wording to active tense. The revised draft will be reviewed by the Executive Committee. 
  • Discussion of how this and other documents will be delivered to Rebecca Martin.

Other business?

There was no other business to discuss.  Discussion on the Draft Agenda for the October 30-31 meeting ensued.

Draft Agenda items for October 30-31 (for discussion)

DAY 1   
UW System report - Meachen/Goss/Moriarty

Library consultant position - Huang

Strategic plan - distribution of plan w/action items (Wilkinson)

Coordinating Committee reports -
This is an opportunity for CUWL to discuss and provide input on action items identified by the committees.  Jean will ask the chairs if they are bringing forward any other items that CUWL will need to discuss or approve.

Marc Boucher noted that we need more than three days in advance of the CUWL meeting in order to discuss things on our own campuses. 

Ewa Barczyk said that since this is the first time we are having committee reports we should err on the side of giving them more time. We will discuss the committees’ action plans at the meeting. Paul Moriarty noted that action items will be more for a two year span rather one year. Question of whether CUWL needs to approve the action items. Paul Moriarty said that we should give committees space to operate and freedom to establish themselves. We need to turn responsibilities over to them.  Rather than approve, offer advice to them on the action items.

Paul noted that after the CUWL meeting ends he and Jean will meet with the committee chairs and reps to talk about how communication is going.

Plan for communication with Rebecca Martin
The people meeting with Rebecca in November will get together to talk sometime during the two day CUWL meeting.

Budget discussion/recommendations for 2007/08
Paul Moriarty hopes the budget will be done and can be approved at the meeting. 

Paul Moriarty has a request from Laura Dunek for ten minutes to talk about library records schedules. Paul will find out which day she is able to come.

Budget planning for next biennium

Talk about putting together a group to get a start on the next biennium.

COLAND - strategic visioning - Kathy Pletcher

DAY 2 
Briefing on confidentiality of library records (surveillance tapes/collection agency) -- invite Paul Nelson
Diversity update - Anita and Lisa Strand 

WiLS report - Schneider

There should be a UWSAC report at a CUWL meeting later in the year.

MetaLib discussion
Prior to the CUWL meeting, we will have snapshot of campus implementations from the survey. We should allow a fair amount of discussion time.  Each library director will be asked to explain the level of implementation on his/her campus.  Jean will ask directors to discuss issues related to implementation with their staff prior to the meeting. 

LibQual in Spring 2008 -- how to proceed
By-laws revision
Valerie Malzacher stated that the by-laws are not updated yet.  She did talk to Anita Evans and they noted that revisions need to go out four weeks in advance.  We have already missed that date.  They will distribute the revisions and will treat them as a first reading at the meeting and approve at the next meeting.  Jean Gilbertson suggested that change of bylaws does not lend itself to approval by e-mail. 

UB policy recommendations – did not discuss

E-Learning Committee - Valerie? – did not discuss

Ewa Barczyk asked if we need to pull together a group for the summer workshop. Paul Moriarty suggested the Chairs of the committees. We may talk about this at the meeting or afterward. Jean Gilbertson will put on the agenda as a brief item.

The conference call of the Executive Committee ended at 4:12 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted

Paul Roberts
Secretary, CUWL