Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

Executive Committee Minutes, September 14, 2007

CUWL Conference Call
September 14, 2007, 2 p.m.

Present:  Executive Committee:  Jean Gilbertson, Ewa Barczyk, Paul Roberts, Valerie Malzacher, Marc Boucher, Charles Rybak, and Paul Moriarty. (Ewa Barczyk, Marc Boucher, and Paul Moriarty are also on the Strategic Planning Committee)

Strategic Planning Committee: Pat Wilkinson, Leanne Hansen, Chris Cox, Felix Unaeze, Ed Van Gemert,  Ewa Barczyk, Marc Boucher, and Paul Moriarty.

I. The first item of discussion was a request from the Strategic Planning Committee to consider amendments to the Strategic Directions 2007-2009 Draft Document offered by UW-River Falls and UW-LaCrosse.

  • UW-River Falls suggested adding another objective under Strategic Direction 2.  After discussion the additional objective was added as objective 6 and accepted by the Executive Committee.  The new objective reads:
    Objective 6:  Develop a comprehensive program for cooperative collection development across UW System.
  • UW-La Crosse proposed five amendments to the document.
    • The first amendment was to Objective 1 under Strategic Direction 2.  After discussion the change as proposed was accepted.  The objective now reads:
      Objective 1:  Enhance alliances and communication with senior campus administrators, faculty, students, public policy makers, and the K-12 community.
    • The second amendment was to Objective 1 under Strategic Direction 3.  After discussion the change as proposed was accepted.  The objective now reads:
      Objective 1:  Develop a culture of assessment by collecting library data that can be compared across institutions, is relevant to current library services, and is outcomes based.
    • The third amendment proposed was to Objective 3 under Strategic Direction 3.  In discussion it was felt that the suggested change did address diversity. Pat Wilkinson suggested that an action item addressing Diversity should be placed that objective. There was discussion on adding diversity to strategic plan. After modification the amendment was accepted. The objective now reads:
      Objective 3:  Build and utilize diversity of staff and expertise across the System.
    • The fourth amendment proposed was to Objective 4 under Strategic Direction 3. After discussion the suggested change was not adopted but the objective was rewritten.  It now reads:
      Objective 4:  Focus on most pressing needs by realigning priorities and budgets.
    • The final amendment proposed was to Objective 6 under Strategic Direction 3. After discussion it was decided not to approve the suggested change and the objective was left unchanged.
  • At this point a discussion occurred of what steps to take next.  It was felt that the document should be presented to Rebecca Martin, UW System Senior VP for Academic Affairs.  Paul Moriarty, Ed Van Gemert, and Pat Wilkinson should make the presentation.  Paul Moriarty will talk to Ed Meachen to see how we should proceed.
  • An update on the draft budget was given by Paul Moriarty and a discussion ensued of the next steps in the process including when and how to present it (whether in advance of the next CUWL meeting or not).  A general statement is necessary and should be included what has been accomplished or is still in process during the last biennium.  As a final note Pat Wilkinson will be talking to Dr. Martin during her visit to UW-Oshkosh on the 25th of September
  • Valerie Malzacher and Pat Wilkinson agreed to draft a document detailing what has been accomplished during the last biennium.
  • Pat Wilkinson will revise the Strategic Directions 2007-2009 document to reflect the changes agreed to today and will distribute the document to the CUWL membership. We will be discussing action items to go with the objectives at the next CUWL meeting and Committees will be asked to develop language for their action items.
  • Jean Gilbertson thanked the Strategic Planning Group for all of their hard work. 
  • At this time the Strategic Planning group (other than Executive Committee members) exited the telephone conference.

II. Jean Gilbertson chaired a telephone conference meeting of the Executive Committee

  • The announcement for the October meeting dates has been sent to the membership.  The meeting will be at the Wisconsin Library Association Office.  Location and motel information has been included.
  • Discussion of agenda items for the meeting took place.
    • One suggestion was to have Committees report and reference items that they are identifying as action items.  Paul Moriarty suggested the reports be submitted in writing ahead of time.  This could be just a brief bulleted report. Jean Gilbertson will contact committees and give them the format for reporting.
  • There was discussion of communication between committees, chairs, reps, etc. and also discussion of current listserv activity.
  • Kathy Pletcher (CIO UW-Green Bay) and Ken Frazier (Director of the UW-Madison General Library System) discussed strategic visioning at a COLAND meeting (Council on Library and Network Development of the DPI).  Kathy Pletcher wants to come to CUWL meeting and talk about it and also hear about our strategic plan.
  • It was agreed that we want to try and get all the faculty members of CUWL to the meeting in October.    
  • Jean Gilbertson asked the Executive Committee to plan another conference call during the second week in October to finalize agenda. The Committee was asked to check their calendars.
  • Ewa Barczyk brought up the topic of interpretation of public library records.  New interpretation of the laws would indicate for example that Libraries cannot turn over tapes from surveillance systems something happens due to the privacy limitations on libraries. A library cannot share such information because it is a library record and falls under the statute of privacy. The Attorney General may have a recent interpretation is that a library cannot send fines and lost book costs to a collection agency for the same reason. There is much confusion on this issue and this is a good opportunity to get everyone on the same page.  An agenda item to update us on what is current is appropriate.
  • Paul Moriarty has sent out survey about Metalib use and implementation to CUWL Library Directors (due October 6). Discussion of Metalib will be an agenda item. The discussion should focus on if Metalib has not been implemented, why hasn’t it?  

The telephone conference call was adjourned at around 3 p.m.