Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

Executive Committee Minutes, June 29, 2007

CUWL Executive Committee
June 29, 2007
UWSP Stevens Point

Valerie Malzacher, Paul Moriarty (by phone for part of meeting), Paul Roberts, Marc Boucher, Pat Wilkinson, Ewa Barczyk, Jean Gilbertson, Kathy Davis

1. Announcements- no announcements

2. CUWL Coordinating Committees Update

Valerie will send the list out to CUWL with appointments to be verified by library directors.  Paul Roberts has suggested Carol Hagness as a replacement for Mary Richard who has retired.  This addition completes the slate for the CUWL Coordinating Committees.  Valerie will send out a message to committee members congratulating them for their appointments.  CUWL representative terms will be reviewed and revised as needed during the assessment of ’08.

Valerie reminded the group that listservs for the new committees need to be communicated to all interested parties.  Paul has set up a trial mail list through DoIT.  He will compare DoIT to the UW System mail list to see which would be most functional for this purpose.  Four new mail lists will be set up according to the mail list provider selected. The address will be provided on the CUWL site but will not allow self-registration.  Paul will be developing a mechanism for registration to the lists.  Coordinating committee members (and anyone else that needs access) will be automatically notified how to register, once Paul has worked out the details.  Paul will maintain the list for CUWL.  CUWL Directors will be notified of the lists and be encouraged to make their staff aware of the lists.  Valerie will update Coordinating Committee members on the progress of the listservs in her congratulatory letter.

CUWL website- Jean, Karen Dunn at Steenbock and Paul have been working on the website redesign and updates. Karen is putting up the new content about the Coordinating Committees and organizing existing content to make it accessible.  Some of the older committees and the Executive Committee need to have text descriptions or charges developed for the web site.  The structure and formatting uses the UW System web design templates.  Past committee and task force reports and minutes will be gathered and added to the web site.  Coordinating Committee minutes will also need to be put on the web as a record of their activities.  Coordinating committees’ draft minutes must be reviewed by Chairs and Paul Moriarty prior to posting, even as draft minutes.  Agendas will also need to be posted.  At the first meeting of Coordinating Committees guidelines for posting minutes and agendas will be discussed.

Pat shared with the group how hard Valerie has worked to get the new Coordinating Committee structure developed and implemented.

3. Strategic Planning- A process is in place under the leadership of Pat Wilkinson.  Pat updated the group:
a. A brain storming process has been completed and comments have been collected and organized for future discussion. 
b. The Strategic Planning Committee meets on July 3 in Madison – the agenda includes the defining of a key question to be answered by the process.  A quick SWOT process will then be undertaken to determine strength, weaknesses, and challenges. The process will result in four or five basic themes or directions.  A strategic plan draft is planned for sometime in August.  At the CUWL meeting on July 24, the committee will present their progress and duplicate some of the evaluative processes with the CUWL group.  Pat is interested in looking at a plan that is user and system directed and ties into some of the UW system priorities.  Once the plan is completed, the committee will develop a glossy PR piece to market and communicate CUWL’s strategic plan.  Pat also suggests that the plan should be presented to the UW System Administration.  This strategic plan will also inform CUWL future funding proposals. 

4. CUWL’s immediate priorities (projects to complete or undertake from our existing strategic plan) –
a. Assessment of the ongoing projects –
*ExLibris products-
Where are we in terms of implementation (i.e., Metalib)?  Institutions are at various levels of implementation.  The assessment should look at the barriers or problems that have slowed down the complete implementation [across all campuses?].  The Technology and User Services Coordinating Committees will be called upon to do this evaluation.  The cross-functional nature of the new structure should accommodate more sharing of solutions to problems institutions are having in fully implementing products.  The need for more training should be examined as well.  Some institutions don’t have the technical support or large enough staffs to implement some of the products.  The committees will be encouraged to investigate ways to share technical expertise.  Also, CUWL needs more help at the system level to evaluate and support the system.
*System-wide purchase of electronic resources
*Diversity issue follow-up – survey component follow-up
b. The Voyager system assessment has a timeline for review of current products that needs to be considered. What is the future of the Voyager System?
c. What is the future of Illiad and Universal Borrowing?
d. CUWL needs to be assessing the direction of technology in the field and how these will impact our institutions and our users.
e. The “one system, one library” concept should be assessed to determine whether this concept still has meaning to participating institutions 
f. Collaborative collection development
g. Primary book vendor implementation assessment – criteria for determining how the common vendor project has progressed.  Savings and benefits of the primary vendor project should be marketed to our administrators and system. 
h. Discussions should be entertained about a shared remote storage facility and how this might impact CUWL institutions. Discussions should include a look at how CUWL institutions might partner with Madison on the planning for a remote storage facility.
i. The facilitation of integrating libraries into D2L implementation and assessment.- A User Service Coordinating Committee project.
j. Evaluation and consistency of system-wide settings for Metalib - A Library Technology Coordinating Committee project
k. Shared electronic collection collaboration – how institutions can meet the demand for stronger research collections.
l. LibQual – institutions will administer the survey again in 2008 – We need to determine whether system will fund LibQual again. Other tasks to be examined include, training, marketing, the development of a unique question set (should they be developed system-wide or by each institution or maybe a mix?).  The executive committee will coordinate this initiative.
m. Distance Education – issues relating to providing services for distance courses- need more info about Learning Innovations plans and how they impact libraries.
n. The strategic plan and the executive committee should inform Coordinating Committee Chairs and liaisons to communicate current and ongoing issues that committees should begin to discuss.  Committees are also expected to generate their own unique issues.
o. Input into Lorie Docken’s replacement search. – comments should be submitted by July 8. Joyce Huang and Ed VanGemert will serve on the search committee.  An update on the search will be provided to the group at the next CUWL meeting.

5. CUWL Operating Procedures Update – Operating procedures need updating based upon the new structure and the new coordinating committees.  Valerie proposed that she work with Anita Evans to complete this updating and send out a draft four weeks prior to the fall CUWL meeting for review.

6. Faculty Appointments to CUWL update – Michael Pickart (UW Stout) will serve as a faculty representative. Tony Gulig will also serve another term.

7. Agenda topics for July 24 CUWL Meeting at UW Madison Memorial Library Special Collections.

Strategic Planning Report planning
WILS report
UW System Report
UB Policies
Update on Library Consultant search process
Update on Blackwell implementation
Coordinating Committee update
Library Records Management Group update
Tentative plans for joint meeting
Google project update from UW Madison


Submitted by Kathy Davis