Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

Executive Committee Minutes, May 15, 2007

CUWL Executive Committee Teleconference
Tuesday, May 15, 2007, 12:30 – 2:00 p.m.
Minutes - Draft

1. Executive Committee Appointments
a. Need to fill the member-at-large position and a faculty representative.  The terms are supposed to be staggered; currently they are not.  Marc will fill the member at large position for one year to help get the member at large position back on a staggered replacement schedule.  Chuck Ryback will be approached to serve as the faculty representative.

2. Faculty Representatives to CUWL –The process involves the Library Director providing a name to the Provost who makes a recommendation to the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs. 

a. Doctoral rep from Madison – Jean or Ed will find a faculty member interested in serving and submit that name to the UW-Madison Provost.
b. Two representatives from the colleges will be appointed for three year terms.  Toni Gulig will be asked to serve a 2 year term.  Michael Pickart will be contacted as the second possible faculty representative for a three year term. 
c. UW Extension position remains open as well.  Jean has been looking into this guideline but there has never actually been an appointment from UW Extension.  Jean and Valerie will work together the UW Extension offices for suggested representatives.

3. Coordinating Committees
a. Appointments – The Coordinating Committees proposed memberships were reviewed and additional members were recommended to complete the committee memberships and to balance institutional involvement. Valerie will complete the membership list and share with the Executive Committee for final approval.  Once these are approved Valerie will contact the library directors for notification of committee members.  The Coordinating Committees will determine how to stagger terms (2 and 3 years terms) of members.

b. Listservs – Paul has proposed four names for the coordinating committee listserv that the Executive committee agreed to go forward with.  LAMS have agreed to communicate with the new listserv and eliminate the LAMS listserv. Valerie will suggest that all committees consider joining the coordinating committee listservs and eliminated their individual group listserv. 

4. Records Schedules
a. Valerie suggests a small group be put together to investigate CUWL record management policies and procedures.  Possible members of a small group might be:  Mitch Lundquist, Brian Wilson, Steve Elfstrand, Jon Mark Bolthouse, Michelle Strange, Lisa Wiekel.  Valerie will talk with these individuals about serving
b. Charge and deadline - This group would identify schedules for system-wide library record management.  Laura Dunek will define the charge for the group.

5. Learn@UW followup – Library Directors should be encouraged to work with the D2L campus staff to implement recommendations.  Valerie will send out a reminder to Library Directors to share the report and Marc, Marlys Brunsting, and Jean Ruenger-Hanson are available for consultation about implementation options.  Paul will also talk with System D2L operations to have campus D2L staff follow-up with Library Directors. 

6. Nominations for Learn@UW Working Group to investigate the e-Learning landscape
a. Kathy Pletcher asked for 2-3 Librarian nominations to the working group; Valerie shared the working group charter and ask for nomination suggestions.  Valerie will forward suggestions to Kathy.

7. Summer acquisitions meeting – Richard Reeves and other acquisition staff will be asked to help with the program.  A date needs to be determined for the group. Valerie will move forward with identifying planning participants.  Collaborative collection development discussions would be  an appropriate topic to include in this meeting with change in primary vendor.  Ewa would be a good person to work with this group.  Blackwell vendor representatives would also be involved in this meeting. 

8. Summer CUWL meeting—Tuesday, July 24

9. Joint Executive Committee Meeting—the Week of the 11th in Stevens Point. Valerie will put together the agenda

Adjourn 1:45