Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

Executive Committee Minutes, March 26, 2007

CUWL Executive Committee Meeting
1:00 pm
Phone conference

Present:  Marc Boucher, Kathy Davis, Jean Gilbertson, Pat Wilkinson, Valerie Malzacher, Paul Moriarty

Valerie followed up with progress on the coordinating committee chairs.
Steve Elstrand will serve as chair and Leanne Hansen will serve as CUWL representative
Richard Reeb will Chair the Collections and Resource Sharing committee; Ewa as CUWL representative has not responded yet.
Steve Frye will Chair the Users Services Committee; Valerie Malzacher CUWL representative.
Joshua Ranger will serve as Chair of the Digital Initiatives Coordinating meeting; Pat Wilkinson as CUWL representative.

Chairs will come to the 7:00 pm, Sunday Evening meeting with the Executive Committee in Green Lake CUWL

The length of terms for the committee members and the CUWL representative have not been determined.  It was suggested that CUWL be consulted as to the length of term issue.

Topics to orient chairs:
Communication – list servs, how coordinating committees work with LAMS, CDC, etc.,WIKIs.
Committee membership- Directors have made their recommendations.  The executive committee will review nominations, consult with colleagues and come up with a membership list for each committee within the Coordinating Committee guidelines within the next two weeks.  Term ending dates are needed to facilitate a rotation.  It was suggested to let the committees determine terms within their group.  It was suggested that terms be set at 2 and 3 years.

Setting the agenda for April 23 meeting:

  1.  Approval of Minutes
  2. Coordinating Committee Progress Report – Valerie
  3. LEARN @ UW Integration Task Force report and update – Marc  (for Monday’s agenda with LAMS present)
  4. Blackwell representative presentation (joint meeting?)
  5. Patron Privacy issues  - retention period for library records. – Laura Denuk (Tuesday morning) – impact on committee report.
  6. Valerie, Ewa, Pat, etc. have been talking about interesting ideas to bring more funding to CUWL.  Ed Van Gemert
  7. Future planning roundtables – brainstorming strategic directions for the future.
  8. Library Resources and license researchers
  9. CDC recommendations for renewals
  10. ALS Survey
  11. Michael   UWSAC report
  12. UB issues  - Kathy Schneider
  13. WILS report – Kathy Schneider
  14. UW System report – Paul Moriarty
  15. Recruitement update for Lori’s replacement
  16. UWDC and MINDS@UW - Peter Gorman
  17. All System meeting this summer- Chairs would plan it.

It was suggested that ExLibris be invited to a summer meeting.

Adjourned at  2:00 pm

Submitted by Kathy Davis
CUWL Secretary