Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

Executive Committee Minutes, January 31, 2007

CUWL Executive Committee
January 31, 2007   3:00 – 3:35 p.m.
Phone Conference
Draft Minutes

Present:      Valerie Malzacher, Marc Boucher, Jean Gilbertson, Paul Moriarty, Kathy Davis, Pat Wilkinson      

*Implementation of new Coordinating Committee Structure: 

Courtesy letters will be sent to current committee chairs sharing the final coordinating committee structure report and implementation plans.  Paul will send a list of all committees to the Executive Committee for follow-up.  Valerie will draft letters to the chairs of these committees and ask that chairs share the information with their committee members.

Nominations for committee members will be requested from each campus.  Two members will be nominated for each committee.  Valerie will ask directors to nominate two staff members for each committee (maximum of eight names) as well as recommendations for the chairs, either from their own staff or any library in the system.  The executive committee will select members and chairs from library director’s recommendations as well as other recommendations.  The Executive Committee will recommend four CUWL members to act as liaisons to the committees. 

Committee membership terms will need to be staggered to eliminate the problem of having members rotate off at the same time.  Each committee could take care of scheduling terms once they are formed.  Terms will be up to three years. After the first year, chairs will be chosen from members who have been on the committees at least one year. 

After the committee chairs are selected, there will be a meeting called between committee chairs and the executive committee to discuss communication, expectations, guidelines, etc.  This meeting could be held the night before the Green Lake joint meeting in April. 

The executive committee will meet again in a couple of weeks to select committees from recommendations.

*Some libraries have Voyager configured so that the link doesn’t break when UB items are checked in.  The Executive committee recommended that this issue be delayed and assigned the new committees. 

*Strategic Directions committee – Valerie has asked Ewa to chair this committee and will follow-up with her. 

*Discussions for recruitment for Lorie’s position have begun.  Ed will send a message to CUWL members for input.  The position will be full-time.  Paul will talk with Ed about having CUWL representation on the search committee. 

Adjourn 3:35