Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

Executive Committee Minutes, January 3, 2007

CUWL Executive Committee
January 3, 2007   2:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Phone Conference
Draft Minutes

Present:      Valerie Malzacher, Marc Boucher, Jean Gilbertson, Paul Moriarty, Kathy Davis, Pat Wilkinson      

  1. Final review of CUWL Subgroup report edits.  Valerie has taken all suggestions and edited report followed by collaboration with Pat to do final edits.  Valerie reviewed all changes and wording changes with the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee made a few minor wording suggestions but supported the draft with edits.  Valerie will make final changes and send the final draft out to CUWL members in advance of the January 24 meeting.


  1. January 24 CUWL Meeting Agenda:

Final Subgroup Report and vote – 30 minutes- Valerie Malzacher
Joint Conference of Librarians of Color - Michelle Harrell Washington – 30 minutes
Learn@UW/Library Integration Task Force up-date – Marc Boucher – 20 minutes
Book Bid Taskforce recommendation – 1 hr.
WILS Report -
UW-System Report – 15 minutes
UB Policies Taskforce chart -
Senior VP of Academic Affairs endorsement of the SPARC statement -Federal Research Public Access Act – follow-up
CDC Recommendations discussion & vote
WISYS – discussion from Chris Andrews
MINDS@UW update – Pat Wilkinson
Discussion of Distance Learning reporting changed to every 2 years instead of annually

  1. Resource Sharing Committee investigation of UB blocking policies.  Valerie suggested that the Resource Sharing Committee look at UB blocked items and review of UB chart for consistencies.  The Resource Sharing Committee will be asked to report at the April meeting.


  1. A strategic planning group needs to be appointed and have the membership approved at the CUWL meeting.  Valerie suggests that the members might be Jean Gilbertson, Ewa Barczyk, Marc Boucher,  Leanne Hansen
  1. The April meeting will involve a discussion of the last strategic planning recommendations in preparation for the new planning process.


  1. Green Lake conference – Peter Gorman would be a good person to discuss the UWDC at the joint session.  Valerie will recommend Peter to the person planning the joint conference in April.
  1. Jean will provide a couple of names of faculty at UW Madison to recommend for the UW-Extension faculty appointment to CUWL.  Lori will follow-up.

Adjourned 3:00