Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

CUWL Conference Call

CUWL Executive Committee Conference Call

Monday, September 19, 2005,


Attendees:Moriarty, Wilkinson, Schneider, Gilbertson, Boucher, Malzacher, Docken

1. Group Services Catalog (Schneider)

At its August 31 meeting, CUWL voted unanimously to approve the Group Services Catalog proposal.†† An Implementation Committee needs to be appointed and begin its work.The Implementation Committee should include representatives from each community of libraries that is expected to participate in the group catalog.The committee will participate in a conference call with OCLC on September 30.Malzacher agreed to be the CUWL representative on the committee.Lee Konrad will represent UW-Madisonís interests, as well as providing a public services perspective, on the committee.Wilkinson, current CUWL Chair, will participate as a member of the WiLS Group Service Committee.Boucher will recommend someone from the colleges to participate (update: Jon Mark Bolthouse).A few representatives are needed from private academic libraries and public libraries that may wish to participate in the project.††

The committee will be asked to define and name the various catalog scopes (geographic/regional, type of library, etc.), decide on default search options, develop and agree on a logo, user interface colors, web links and OPAC links, and decide on, or recommend, the name of the statewide catalog view.Once these decisions have been made, individual libraries will need to set up their FirstSearch modules.††

Moriarty asked if there is anything we need to ask OCLC about UB.Malzacher restated her current understanding of how deep linking from the group catalog to the local catalog for placing UB requests works.Wilkinson said we need to raise the UB issue with OCLC right away.Schneider wants specific language in the OCLC agreement for our Group Services contract about working through our UB needs.Schneider also urged the entire CUWL Executive Committee to participate in the September 30 conference call with OCLC.

Administrative staff at DPI and DLTCL will need to be apprised of the proposed OCLC Group Catalog implementation, since it is likely to include more than just UW system libraries.†† A meeting between DPI and DLTCL staff and some of the OCLC Group Catalog participants should be scheduled.Wilkinson will finalize the group of people to be invited and will schedule the meeting for sometime in October.

2.UW Formal Assessment of Group Catalog (Boucher)

Boucher suggested having an assessment plan in place at the very beginning of the project, so that assessment can occur over the entire 2.5 year period of the initial contract with OCLC.†† If a UW group is charged to work on assessment, they need to understand the overall goals of the project.Although the goals have not yet been formally articulated, the following were suggested as examples:Creating a robust virtual union catalog for UW libraries, Facilitating the efficient discovery of materials and resources across the UW system, Enhancing resource sharing among the UW campuses, and Determining the benefit of the scoping functions of the group catalog.More thought will be given to this after the September 30 conference call.

3.New Committee: UW Digital Repository Advisory Committee

This Advisory Committee will include the following representation:faculty or academic teaching staff (Kim Kostka, faculty member from UW-RCK was suggested), CUWL (Wilkinson), OLIT (Moriarty), a public services librarian (Wilkinson will ask the chair of the Reference Coordinators Group), a learning technology specialist(Docken will ask the chair of LTDE), coordinator of MINDS@UW (Lisa Saywell), Nolan Pope, and an archivist (Wilkinson will ask the chair of USAC).It was suggested that Nolan Pope chair the committee.

4.CUWL meeting in RiverFalls

Valzacher has made room arrangements on the UW River Falls campus for the CUWL meeting on Nov. 10-11.The rooms are available from on Thursday and on Friday. Wilkinson will arrange to have a presentation/discussion about government documents at the meeting.He will contact Beth Harper, documents librarian at Madison and Michele McKnelly, document documents librarian at RiverFalls, about this item.

5.Budget Template

Wilkinson asked Docken if Goss has the information needed to continue working on the budget templates.†† There was agreement that the data the Goss collects and compiles, based on the discussion at the August 31 CUWL meeting, will be reviewed at the November CUWL meeting.

6.Standardize Reporting (Boucher)

Boucher would like to clarify what reports should be provided to CUWL regarding distance learning programs and services at the UW libraries.Initially, the reports identified in the latest Distance Learning policy revision should suffice.There was a suggestion that the committee that revised the policy be asked to think more about the reports issue.Malzacher is a member of the CUWL working group reviewing all CUWL groups and subgroups.She will raise the DL reports issue with that group.

Wilkinson suggested that CUWL committee/group chairs send reports to CUWL members at least 2-3 days prior to the CUWL meeting.†† Also, a list of the current committees and groups and their chairs would be very helpful.Moriarty said that heís going to update the CUWL website with all the current info.It could also be added to the printed sheet that lists the current yearís CUWL membership info.

Meeting adjourned

Minutes submitted by Jean Gilbertson, CUWL Secretary