Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

CUWL EC minutes for June 15 meeting - have been sent out with revisions

CUWL Executive Committee Conference Call

Meeting Minutes

August 11, 2005


Participants:  Pat Wilkinson (Chair), Lorie Docken, Jean Gilbertson, Leanne Hansen, Valerie Malzacher, Paul Moriarty


Conference call began .


Develop agenda for August 31 CUWL meeting at PyleCenter, :

The following items were identified:


Strategic Update from Endeavor reps: allow about one hour – reps have about 30 minutes to give update on Endeavor and its strategic directions, etc., followed by conversation with CUWL members.


OCLC Group Services proposal:  allow 45 minutes to an hour – Wilkinson will do another demo of Montana’s group catalog.  Malzacher will report on what she’s learned about deep-linking from an item in the OCLC group catalog to its record in the local Voyager catalog, specifically for placing UB requests.  Gilbertson indicated that circulation staff at Madison libraries now process incoming requests for both UB and Campus Book Retrieval requests, a staffing model that works well for the campus.     Malzacher was able to deep-link from a search in the Illinois Group Catalog to an item in the Illinois academic libraries’ combined Endeavor catalog.  When she tried to place a UB request, she was prompted for a login. Wilkinson will request a password for the Illinois academic library catalog so that Malzacher can further explore issues related to deep-linking and placing UB requests.  Kathy Schneider will be at the August 31 meeting to talk about the Group Services contract language and costs.  CUWL will be asked to vote on the OCLC Group Services proposal in September before the fall meeting.


Strategic Directions for 2005-2007:  Docken will ask Ed Meachen and Cora Marrett for their comments prior to CUWL approval on August 31.   Joyce Huang will be the point person for this agenda item on August 31.


UW System Budget:  Recommendations for use/allocation of library automation funds, hardware replacement and expansion of hub concept for Voyager servers.  At some point CUWL could look at serials control tracking software available from vendors such as ExLibris and Endeavor. 


Collection Development Committee Report:  Richard Reeb


UW Libraries Budget Reduction Template Draft:  Discussed possible changes.  Docken will ask Chris Goss to have three categories of budgetary expenditures - collections, staff and S&E.   Would like comprehensive totals for each library/campus as  well as grand totals for the UW system libraries as a whole and an executive summary.  Hansen would find the summary information useful in her capacity on the WLA Board, which is starting to talk about the legislative agenda for the next biennium.  Before asking campuses to complete the template, clarify whether the intended purpose for the detail boxes is to gather anecdotal comments on the impact of the reduction. 


Collection Management Task Force Update:  Ewa Barczyk


Working Group on CUWL Subgroups:  Malzacher asked about how subgroups, OLIT staff, and CUWL communicate with each other.  Do subgroups come up to CUWL through standing committees?  Hansen, who drafted the charge for the working group, indicated that all of the task forces and standing committees are “subgroups” that report directly to CUWL.  The intent is to review all of these groups.  Hansen will be the point person for this agenda item on August 31.


MetaLib implementation update from each campus:


CUWL meeting schedule for 2005-2006:  There will be no joint CUWL/ITMC meeting this fall.  CUWL needs to set a date and location for its meeting, probably in early November.  CUWL will also meet in conjunction with Library Legislative Day in 2006.  Tentative dates for a spring CUWL meeting should be identified, but another option would be a joint spring meeting with ITMC. 


Other business:


Wilkinson said Kathy Pletcher recently saw a presentation about the integration of D2L with library resources at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  This could be a good item for a joint meeting with IT people. 


There are two new CUWL directors.  Kathy Davis is the new director at Stevens Point and Brenda Swannack is the new interim director at Stout, replacing Phil Schwarz who is retiring.    


Conference call ended .


Submitted by Jean Gilbertson