Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

Executive Committee Minutes, November 29, 2006

CUWL Executive Committee
November 29, 2006 10:00 - 11:20 a.m.

Draft Minutes

Present:      Valerie Malzacher, Marc Boucher, Jean Gilbertson, Paul Moriarty, Lorie Docken, Kathy Davis, Pat Wilkinson

Valerie confirmed that the Executive Committee has had a chance to look at all input to the subcommittee report.  Valerie summarized the report:  Most participants are in favor of the basic intent of the subcommittee report, but there is a stumbling block in respect to the CDC and LAM groups and their role in the future structure.

Valerie suggests that more specific language should be developed to accommodate specificity in the role of the CDC and LAM groups.  The language should communicate the expectation that the CDC and LAM groups should continue and address communication issues in regard to the Coordinating Committees and CUWL.

Marc pointed out that the Coordinating Committees will not be expected to do all the work in isolation but will be encouraged to gather input and participation from various interest groups.  We need language in the report that specifies the role of the Coordinating Committees and their relationships to other groups.  Coordinating  Committees will gather input and report issues and proposals to CUWL.  Jean pointed out that #4 in Principles and Expectation of the Subcommittee Report broadly covers the issue of how the Coordinating Committees operate and communicate.

Lorie suggested that specific language in #4 (Principles and Expectations) will be added to the Coordinating Committees’ membership area that specifies the relationship of CDC and LAM to the appropriate Coordinating Committees.  The CDC will be named in the membership section of the Collections and Resource Coordinating Committees and the LAMs will be named in the membership section of the Technology Initiatives group.  All other groups would be accommodated in the current language that encourages the Coordinating Committees to seek input.

The language beginning:  “All Coordinating Committees will consult appropriate staff across the system….” will be brought forward in the document.  Valerie will work on the language of the document to implement suggestions.

2.   It was pointed out that there are no term limits stated in the report.
Bylaws will need to be edited to reflect all changes.  The official language about terms could be included in the bylaws.

  1. In the Charge and Membership sections of the Technology Initiatives Coordinating Committee section, language referring to technical services will be kept. 


  1. A comment was offered that the Chairs of Coordinating Committees should be included in the Strategic Directions Committee appointments. This change could also be handled in the language of the bylaws.  It was decided by the Executive Committee that this issue will be handled separately and not included in the subcommittee report.
  1. USAC –USAC will remain as it is with Peter Gottlieb reporting to CUWL on behalf of USAC.  It was suggested that CUWL contact Michael and Peter to discuss a misrepresentation of the wording of USAC’s role in the CUWL structure.  USAC could report to a Coordinating Committees and report through the proposed CUWL structure.  It was suggested that CUWL might view USAC as another Coordinating Committees.  Another suggestion was offered to leave USAC attached to the Historical Society and to add wording to the subcommittee document that instructs the USAC Chair to periodically report USAC activities to CUWL.   The wording of the reporting process should be refined and moved up in the document.  A statement could also be added to the document that specifies that any Coordinating Committee could call upon the USAC Coordinating Committee when needed.  USAC could always bring issues to the appropriate Coordinating Committee for input.  Valerie will rewrite the document and then contact Peter to verify the USAC can work within the process recommended.


  1. Since the CDC and LAMS will continue, the communication paragraph will need to be edited to reflect the continuance of their listservs. 
  1. Lori has sketched an organizational chart that will visually illustrate the communication and operation in and among groups.  Valerie will share this chart with the Executive Committee for input.


  1. Government document issues can be referred to the Collections Coordinating Committees.
  1. Process for bringing the newly revised report to CUWL membership:


Valerie will implement changes.  The revised report will be sent to the Executive Committee for a careful read.  Valerie will make any edits necessary and send out the draft to CUWL prior to the next meeting.  CUWL members will discuss the latest draft at the next CUWL meeting and a vote will be conducted at the meeting.  Pat will work with Valerie to work through the editing process.