Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

Executive Committee Minutes, October 18, 2006

CUWL Executive Committee
October 18, 2006 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Draft Minutes

Present:      Valerie Malzacher, Marc Boucher, Jean Gilbertson, Paul Moriarty, Lorie Docken, Kathy Davis, Pat Wilkinson     


1.   Editing Working Group Report

The committee reviewed the subgroup draft changes submitted by Valerie Malzacher. Specifically, discussions involved the role of automation managers and other UW library staff on each campus in the new subgroup structure and how to involve them to capitalize on the expertise available on each campus.

USAC has expressed concerns about the relationship of archives to the historical society and CUWL in the new structure.  There is a desire by USAC members that USAC not change in this new structure.  Records management is handled differently on various campuses.  Discussion included the role of records management in the archives function on campuses and how to include their role in the new structure.  Peter Gottlieb will be asked to consult with USAC to develop a charge that outlines their issues for presentation to CUWL.  Peter would be charged with reporting USAC issues to CUWL.  Archives would continue to have system-wide representation of the Digital Initiatives Committee.

Valerie will apply the edits and agreed upon suggestions to clarify the subgroup document.  Valerie will provide a summary of the reasoning behind the change of wording attached to the revised draft document and send it to CUWL members.  After the revised language is issued and input comes back, a final report will be sent out to the group and a vote will be requested.


  1. Reference and Loan Notification Letter

Valerie drafted a follow-up letter to be sent to Richard Grobschmidt concerning the Reference and Loan Library charge for services to UW libraries.  The executive committee recommended a changes that Valerie will make before sending the letter.

  1. CUWL support letter for the Federal Research Public Access Act. 

Valerie checked and found that it would be more appropriate for a letter of support to come from the provost or chancellor level.  Lorie suggested that CUWL draft a letter in support of the FERPA and then Valerie will circulate the letter to the Library Directors for comment. Lori will send the final version up to the Senior Vice President of the UW system for a signature.  Library Directors will also be encouraged to brief their campus provosts on this issue.

Adjourned 3:30