Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

Executive Committee Minutes, August 3, 2006

CUWL Executive Committee Meeting
2:00 pm
Phone conference

Present:  Marc Boucher, Kathy Davis, Paul Moriarty, Jean Gilbertson, Lori Docken, Pat Wilkinson, Valerie Malzacher.

Valarie thanked all participants for working quickly on these time sensitive issues.

1.  Follow-up on Resource Sharing recommendations:

    1. UB Semester Loan implementation – CUWL must move quickly for fall implementation.  Recommendations must be made to library directors so these new policies can be implemented by fall semester.  Paul Moriarty shared a chart of campus policies for campuses that have semester loan.  Madison is already providing faculty with semester loan for UB.  It was recommended that CUWL adopt the Madison dates.  Several libraries use these or similar dates. There was also a recommendation that it might make things easier if each campus looked at their local due dates as well.  It was suggested that institutions should make their own decisions about their non-UB due dates.  Conclusion:  The executive committee recommends that  term loans ending December 30 and May 30 with a 28 day rollover period with one renewal should be adopted for UB by all libraries. Paul will talk with Edi Dixon at UW-Madison to determine what is involved in setting up this procedure with the system.  Instructions will be sent to LAMS with parameters on how to set this new policy up with the system. Valerie will share this proposal from the CUWL executive committee with members for input.  Winterim and Interim issues will be communicated and considered.  Valerie will draft a motion for CUWL members and request an electronic vote on this issue. 

b.  UB policy/procedure task force – Valerie will appoint a small committee to gather existing policies, procedures and exceptions for UB and put into an appropriate format for posting to the  CUWL website– The following people were recommended:  Jeanie Foley (Oshkosh), Patty Fragola (UW Whitewater), Michelle Strange (La Crosse), Lisa Weikel (UW Milwaukee) Dineen Grow (Madison).

c.  British Library charges There is no follow-up regarding the decision                         discussed at the  July 25 CUWL meeting.

  1. Valerie shared with the committee the follow-up draft letter to Grobschmidt/Drew reiterating current UW policy for charging Reference and Loan – Between now and the October meeting there is an expectation that institutions will charge the WiLS Basic Request fee, currently $5.82.  A formal review of this policy will be made at the October meeting. 
  2. Reminder regarding distance learning reports – Marc Boucher will collect these reports by September 1, 2006
  3. Collection Management Task Force – Ewa Barczyk reminded the committee that replacements are needed for Ken and Barb on the Collection Management task force.  Richard Reeb will replace Ken and Kathy Davis will replace Barb Baruth.    The committee accepted these recommendations unanimously.  Valerie will also recommend that the taskforce wait on the survey for collection space needs until the Madison facility is further along.
  4. ExLibris Meeting Update – Valerie reported a very fruitful meeting and a positive experience for all attendees.  There was a variety of types of librarians in attendance.  There were many new ideas exchanged.  Consistency issues will be taken to the task force for discussion. 
  5. A conference call with Lisa Strand is being planned to talk about UW library system and WLA relationship.  Lori Docken suggested that Valerie Malzacher, Ed Van Gemert, and Chris Goss might be a good group for this discussion.
  6. Pat has agreed to mentor Paul Roberts.  Valerie will confirm this assignment officially.


Adjourned at 3:00 p.m.

Submitted by Kathy Davis
CUWL Secretary