Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

Executive Committee Minutes, January 23, 2006

CUWL Executive Committee Conference Call
Monday, January 23, 2006, 3:30-4:30PM
Draft minutes

Attendees: Evans (for first agenda item), Moriarty, Docken, Wilkinson, Gilbertson, Malzacher, Boucher

1. Discussion regarding next steps for the Diversity Task Force

The Task Force’s report was discussed at the November CUWL meeting. Evans wants the task force recommendations to CUWL to result in concrete actions.  Participants in this conference call walked through each of the recommendations to prepare for a follow-up discussion at the January 30 CUWL meeting.

Increase awareness of the CUWL commitment to diversity by widely sharing [the] document.   Wilkinson should write a cover message and send an official copy of the report to Cora Marrett and Vicki Washington at UWSA, copying Ed Meachen.   At the January 30 CUWL meeting, Evans will encourage CUWL directors to share the report with their staff.

Establish and maintain a CUWL diversity web site based upon the prototype presented in [the] report.  Evans asked if there is UWSA funding to support the creation and maintenance of such a web site.  Docken said it could be linked to from either the CUWL page or from the UWSA general diversity web page (IS THIS IT?) . Its visibility would extend beyond librarians if it’s on the general diversity web page.  But library staff are more likely to find it through the CUWL web page.  In terms of where to place the actual report on the CUWL page, Docken suggested the section called Reports/Documents.  [NOTE FROM JG: the Final Report is already  posted under the TaskForce heading on ] Docken will have a student post the  final report  [???].   The issue of having an actual website based on the report content will need further consideration.   

Enhance library environments to reflect inclusiveness and appreciation for all by conducting a diversity/inclusion assessment…  Evans said that a possible action could be to determine if the ALA assessment tool would be useful.  Evans will get more information about the tool.  None of the call participants knew if any UW campus has had experience with it. 

Become more engaged with pipeline issues…For example, this year Wisconsin has three ALA Spectrum Scholarship students.  Should CUWL directors (individually or as a group) make contact with these students at least once a year?   Should formal contact be made with all Spectrum students nationally?  Evans thinks that Sandra Guthrie knows how to get list of all Spectrum students.  Wilkinson suggested that the Spectrum student group could be targeted during individual campus recruitment efforts. 

Sponsor a one-day program for UW librarians and staff on diversity…Evans asked CUWL to consider appointing a group to plan such a program for either summer 2007 or 2008 (?).   Focus could be on recruitment, retention, and climate issues.  Wilkinson asked about costs.  Evans thinks that speaker costs (for Tracie Hall at ALA and/or Vicki Washington at UWSA) would be minimal.  However, planning such an event could be a major activity in terms of library staff time and costs. There will be a discussion about this at the CUWL meeting. 

Encourage WLA to reach out to diversity librarians and staff….Evans said that Lisa Strand at WLA has invited her to the WLA Board meeting on Feb. 17.  Some other Task Force members may also attend.  One possible goal may be to establish a WLA roundtable or interest group.  Evans looks forward to meeting with the WLA Board prior to the WLA Strategic planning discussions in March.  Evans will talk about this at the CUWL meeting.   Docken suggested having a motion passed at CUWL and to talk about the message in that context. 

Partner whenever possible with professional organizations that support underrepresented groups… Evans will remind CUWL members about these groups.

Identify funding to send a CUWL librarian to the Joint Conference of Librarians of Color in October 2006 in Dallas….  Does system have any money to support this?   Docken said it depends on the cost.  The issue of CUWL making a funding request to UWSA will be discussed further at the CUWL meeting. 

In 3-5 years, survey the member libraries again to assess progress made toward diversity representation….Evans suggests surveying member libraries in three years.  There was general agreement that five years is too long.

Evans will get 20 minutes on the CUWL agenda.

2. Draft letter to Cora Marrett

The language about Endeavor hubs needs to either be clarified or made more generic.     Boucher suggested making a stronger statement about the purchasing power of working as a UWSA consortium.  Wilkinson will revise the letter again and send it to Docken and Moriarty.  

3.  Finalize charge on CUWL Taskforce on Library Integration with Learn@UW

The Executive Committee approved Malzacher’s draft charge, agreeing that it is very important for libraries to be included in course management software developments on their campuses.  Members of the Task Force will include: a representative from the Learning Technology Development Council (TBD), a representative from the UWSA D2L Integration Subcommittee (recommended:  Alan Foley), a public services librarian (recommended:  Renee Buker, UW-Oshkosh), a representative from UW-Madison with knowledge of the Library Course Pages project (recommended:  Jean Ruenger-Hanson), a librarian with ereserves experience (recommended as Co-Chair of Taskforce:  Lisa Weikel, UW-Milwaukee), a Library Automation Manager (recommended:  Marlys Brunsting, UW-Green Bay),a CUWL representative (recommended as Co-chair of Taskforce:  Marc Boucher, UW-Colleges), a UWSA OLIT representative (Paul Moriarty), and a faculty member (TBD).  Docken or Moriarty will ask Alan Foley for suggestions for faculty member.  Malzacher will invite the proposed members and provide them with the charge. 

3. Update on Group Catalog – Malzacher and Wilkinson
It looks like the go live date will be March 1.  CUWL members need to understand clearly what will happen on March 1 versus the potential for the Group Catalog in the future.  At the CUWL meeting Malzacher and Wilkinson want to clarify and stress the things that are local decisions for each campus.  There are options and defaults controlled at the local level.  CUWL will be updated on the work thus far with OCLC to make the UB function more intuitive and also be updated on Steve Elfstrand’s work with SFX to link back to the local catalogs. 

4.  Last preparations for January 30 CUWL meeting

Wilkinson will remind committee/task force chairs to distribute reports to CUWL members 2-3 days prior to the meeting. 

What outcomes are expected from the discussion about journal collections and cancellations across UW System?  Richard Reeb will participate in this discussion.  Does CUWL want to develop a system-wide strategy on this?   There’s been a lot of talk and a great deal of data collection and analysis, but not much action.  If we need to implement some sort of strategy, we will need to develop an action plan.  CUWL may need to charge a specific group with development of such a plan.   

With regard to Library Legislative Day, Hansen has posted the CUWL strategic directions for 2005-2007 on the WLA site.  There is no specific UW System budget update available at this time because it is the middle of the biennium. 

Minutes submitted by Jean Gilbertson, CUWL Secretary