Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries (CUWL)

CUWL Executive Committee

WLA Offices, Madison

Meeting Minutes

June 15, 2005


Present:  Leanne Hansen (Chair), Arne Arneson, Barb Baruth, Marc Boucher, Lorie Docken, Anita Evans, Jean Gilbertson, Ken Grant, Paul Moriarty, Kathy Schneider, Pat Wilkinson


The meeting was called to order at 12:01 p.m.  There were no changes or additions to the agenda.


OCLC Group Services.   WiLS is planning to sign a two and a half year contract for the OCLC Group Services product.  The WiLS Board has voted in favor or picking up the cost of a group catalog for the first 18 months.  A September decision is needed from each Wisconsin OCLC library so that the contract can be signed and OCLC can create the group catalog by January 2006.  Every six months after January 2006, Wisconsin libraries not already involved will have the opportunity to join.  When the initial 18-month period is over, participating libraries will need to cover the $34,000 cost.  The UW share would be approximately $15,000 per year.  Wisconsin libraries that do not contribute funding will not be able to view the group catalog, but will be included in it.  Wilkinson outlined the advantages of a group catalog and gave a demonstration using the Montana group catalog.  Several questions were asked, especially in regard to comparisons with WorldCat’s search capabilities and information.  Discussion moved to the relationship between the proposed Wisconsin group catalog and WisCat.  It was decided that after the fall CUWL meeting, Wilkinson will organize a meeting with Sally Drew and Richard Grobschmidt and a small CUWL/WiLS delegation to discuss the WisCat relationship.  Schneider distributed several handouts about OCLC Group Services.  It was suggested that there might need to be an August CUWL meeting to discuss the OCLC Group Services product.  Schneider left the meeting.


CUWL subgroups.  It was agreed that a working group should be formed to help resolve questions about the need for and structure of CUWL subgroups.  The working group will be charged with reviewing CUWL subgroups and making recommendations on issues such as communication, advocacy, membership and structure, the need for new groups, types of short-term policies and decisions subgroups can be empowered to make, and the level of UW System support required for particular subgroups.  The working group should include CUWL members, recent chairs of subgroups, and Docken or Moriarty.  Wilkinson and Hansen will put this short-term working group together.


Statement for WLA regarding the UW System budget.  Hansen distributed Lisa Strand’s proposed text to send to WLA members.  The statement urges them to contact legislators about UW System funding.  The consensus of the group was that it is too late to send this message.


OCLC’s collection analysis tool.  Barczyk, Chair of the Collection Management Task Force, has suggested that this issue be tabled.  The Executive Committee concurred.


Models for Procurement Efficiency.  Ellen James, Interim Director of the UW System Office of Procurement, has requested feedback from CUWL about proposed efficiency models for UW System procurement.   By Friday, Hansen, Wilkinson, and Docken will prepare a positive statement about the assistance the UW libraries have received from the Office of Procurement.  Procurement staff have helped tremendously with library database and technology procurement.


Strategic Directions document.  Docken has sent the Strategic Directions draft to CUWL standing committees, but thus far has not received feedback.   The Strategic Directions Committee will take action on any comments received.  The revised draft will be sent to Dr. Marrett and Ed Meachen, with a letter inviting their comments.  The final draft of the strategic directions document should be ready for the fall CUWL meeting.


Mentor for new UW-Stevens Point Library Director.  Hansen agreed to be the mentor for the Kathy M. Davis, UW-Stevens Point’s new library director.


Executive summary for Dr. Marrett.  Wilkinson and Hansen will prepare a draft document summarizing CUWL’s 2004/05 accomplishments and proposed directions for the future.  They will send the draft to the CUWL Executive Committee for comment.


Other business. 

  • A CUWL member will be added to the UW Digital Collections Advisory Committee; the person should be ready to be chair in 2006/07.  UWDC Advisory Committee membership will be an agenda item at the next CUWL meeting.
  • Wilkinson reported that the WAAL Government Information Roundtable would like to discuss government document issues with CUWL.
  • Wilkinson will ask Dr. Marrett to suggest that Provosts work with library directors to identify faculty willing to serve on CUWL.
  • Barbara Fahey has sent out a letter about creating separate UB patron categories for statistics purposes.   The issue needs follow-up.
  • Docken inquired about UWDC movement to CONTENTdm.  Wilkinson responded that there are no plans that he is aware of for UWDC collections to use CONTENTdm.  He noted that Wisconsin Heritage Online will be using CONTENTdm for most of its projects.  Discovery between CONTENTdm projects and UWDC collections can be done by OAI harvesting.
  • Hansen announced that she has been appointed to a Dept. of Public Instruction ILL working group.  The Executive Committee provided some advice for her.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:39 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Barb Baruth

CUWL Secretary