Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

CUWL Executive Committee Conference Call Meeting

CUWL Executive Committee Conference Call

Meeting Minutes

 February 23, 2005


Present:  Leanne Hansen (Chair), Arne Arneson, Barb Baruth, Lorie Docken, Anita Evans, Ken Grant, Paul Moriarty, Pat Wilkinson

Guest:  Ken Frazier


The meeting was called to order at 1:32 pm.  There were no changes or additions to the agenda.


GPO resolution electronic vote 

Frazier noted that the replacement resolution drafted by Rose is a substantial rewrite but he was pleased that it is not an endorsement of the GODORT community’s position.  That community has put substantial political pressure on the GPO to continue printing all documents until GODORT is satisfied that preservation and backup arrangements meet its standards.  Wilkinson said that the GPO cannot support both print and electronic systems and must make the move away from print.  Evans noted that documents librarians are concerned about providing permanent access, document authenticity, and a reliable infrastructure, and said that Rose’s resolution takes care of those concerns.  Frazier indicated that he was satisfied with rewrite.  He did not intend the resolution to have wide distribution, but wanted to create a dialog with UW government documents librarians.  Arneson said that government documents librarians had difficulty with the resolution’s first statement about “overwhelming public preference for online resources.”  It was agreed that CUWL needs to look at the cost-effectiveness of the large number of government documents collections in UW libraries.  Frazier thanked the Executive Committee for the opportunity to speak and then left the meeting.


Hansen will send out the revised resolution to CUWL and ask for a vote by a specified date; she will contact those who don’t respond.  If resolution is approved, Hansen will send it to Judy Russell, Superintendent of Documents, and will also urge CUWL directors to communicate with Russell directly.


Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy legal clarification of donation and potential vote

Having received clarification that the $10,000 would be a membership payment, the Executive Committee decided to proceed with a CUWL vote.  Hansen will email an electronic ballot to determine support for $10,000 (for each year FY05-07) for SEP.   The ballot email will be separate from the government documents resolution email.


Completion of:

·        Copyright and Intellectual Property Task Force

Although the FAQ pages still need to be posted on the CUWL website, it was agreed that the Copyright and Intellectual Property Task Force can be disbanded. 


·        Electronic Communications Task Force

Although the copyright information on the CUWL website still needs to be fully populated with links, it was agreed that the Electronic Communications Task Force can be disbanded.  Moriarty noted that the bulletin board idea was a good one but implementation did not turn out to be feasible.


Hansen will send out notification of dissolution of the task forces, thanking all who served on those two groups.


May meeting and agenda items

·        Evaluation of the Reference Coordinators Committee.  The RCC will be bringing forward recommendations and background information for the May meeting.  After some discussion, it was decided that the Executive Committee should ask the RCC to prepare a self-assessment.  The Executive Committee will discuss a final evaluation of the committee closer to the May meeting. 

·        Mentoring program.  Evans suggested that program participants may want to report on how valuable they found the program. 

·        Discussion of the OCLC Group Services contract and the Illinois model.  Kathy

Schneider, Karen Boehning, and Pat Wilkinson have met with OCLC staff to discuss the group services concept and have asked for pricing information.  The Executive Committee agreed that representatives from OCLC and the Illinois group should be invited to discuss the concept at the May meeting; Wilkinson agreed to contact speakers.  Hansen will check with Boucher about West Bend’s taping capabilities.

  • Government documents shared collection.
  • Progress report on D2L/library integration.
  • Reports from the Diversity Task Force, the Distance Education Policy Subcommittee, the Repository Task Force, and the Strategic Directions Task Force.
  • CUWL subgroups.  Discussion of what subgroups are needed, how many can be sustained.  Examples include an Access Services group to talk about circulation policies and an Information Literacy group
  • LAMs report, including the status of the test server, hardware replacement analysis, and the status of the next Voyager upgrade.


Docken has received potential dates from Julie Gammon for her trip to Wisconsin to talk about OhioLINK’s collaborative collection development initiatives.  Once a final date is agreed upon, Docken will send the information to CUWL.


Hansen said that she welcomes other agenda ideas.


Other Business

There was no other business.



The meeting was adjourned at 2:19 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Barb Baruth