Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

CUWL EWxec Comm Conference Call

CUWL Executive Committee Conference Call

Thursday, April 19, 2006

Minutes (final)


Attendees:  Boucher, Docken, Gilbertson, Hansen, Malzacher, Moriarty, Wilkinson


Call began at


The primary purpose of the call was follow-up to the spring CUWL meeting and planning for the summer CUWL meeting.


Malzacher would like to change the proposed CUWL summer meeting date from July 28 to July 25.  Call participants indicated that July 25 works for them.  Malzacher will check with the other CUWL members. 


Topics for summer CUWL meeting:


At the April meeting there were many questions about UB policies and procedures. The Resource Sharing Committee should address these issues and provide CUWL members with a follow-up report, including any recommendations, prior to a discussion at the summer meeting.      


The D2L/Library Integration Committee should provide an update at the meeting.  A survey about integration activities at the individual campuses has been sent to each CUWL director. 


The Working Group on Subgroups should provide an update. 


There should be an update on the Book Bid procurement process.  The Collection Management Task Force should provide the Book Bid Working Group with direction and assistance on procedural issues related to expanding use of common vendors and minimizing duplicate purchases across the campuses.   New vendors are expected to be in place by summer 2007. 


At the April meeting Malzacher suggested that all campuses use a common name/label for the UW SystemSearch button.  She will draft a message to the Reference Coordinators Committee, asking for a name recommendation for the button [also for the service?]  by the summer CUWL meeting.  Moriarty said that the RCC has a conference call scheduled for early May.


Sally Drew wants to speak with CUWL about uniform policies for UW libraries lending directly to Reference and Loan.  Docken will ask Kathy Schneider if she can quantify the lending volume to RLL for each campus and also clarify current fees (if any).  Tentative plan is for CUWL to discuss this in the AM at the summer meeting.  Drew would be invited to come in the afternoon for a follow-up discussion and also to provide CUWL with an update on the procurement process for WisCat software. 


Other items:


Malzacher sent an email to CUWL reminding each campus library to let Kirsten Houtman at WiLS know by April 21 if it wants to implement the “Request this item” UB/ILLiad requesting functionality in BadgerCat and WorldCat.


Following up on an item from the January CUWL meeting, a letter should be sent from CUWL to President Reilly about need for additional funding for library collections. It may be more appropriate for the letter to go to Cora Marrett.  Wilkinson will work with Docken and Frazier to complete a draft letter within the next few weeks.  The draft will be reviewed by the Executive Committee. 


A conference on assessment of MetaLib was suggested at the April meeting.  Malzacher and Moriarty will sketch out a possible program for a one-day event in Madison.  Possible speakers/topics:  Chris Cox at UW-Eau Claire, who is doing an ALA preconference on how to teach federated search, UW-Madison presentation on its recent MetaLib assessment activities  (or possibly a panel on MetaLib assessment at a couple campuses), a presentation on the Virtual Undergraduate Library at University of Minnesota.  They are looking at open dates in July or August at the PyleCenter. 


Wilkinson and Lisa Saywell will send out a memo to CUWL asking each campus to identify its point person for Minds@UW activities.    


CUWL agreed to continue submitting the annual ALS survey statistics, so Docken will follow up on this. 


A joint meeting of outgoing and incoming CUWL Executive Committee members will be held in Stevens Point on June 14 from until . 


Docken will clarify the status of the October 30-31 ITMC meeting.  If it is not a joint meeting with other UW groups, CUWL will plan to have its fall meeting during a different week.    


The term of the CUWL faculty representative from the Colleges, Ken Grant, ends July 1.  Wilkinson will ask Grant if he’d like to remain on CUWL for another term.  If not, Boucher offered to solicit other faculty from the Colleges.  


Kathy Pletcher asked Wilkinson to speak to COLAND (Wisconsin Council on Library and Network Development) on May 12.  He will talk about how CUWL has done its strategic planning activities.  Ken Frazier did a presentation for COLAND a couple years ago.


Wilkinson has been asked to determine if OCLC Members Council members want to communicate their disappointment to publishers about the NetLibrary consortium purchasing arrangements.  UW System is not likely to be interested in purchasing more NetLibrary books through the Wisconsin consortium. 


Wilkinson mentioned attending a presentation by Gregg Silvis from University of Delaware Library about using WorldCat as your local catalog.  He might be an interesting speaker for a future meeting/conference.  His slides are available at:


Call ended


Minutes submitted by Jean Gilbertson, CUWL Secretary