Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

CUWL Exec Comm – joint meeting

CUWL Executive Committee

Joint meeting of 2005/2006 and 2006/2007 members

Wednesday June 14, 2006

Stevens Point

Minutes (final version)


Attendees:  Boucher, Davis, Docken, Gilbertson, Hansen, Malzacher, Wilkinson


1.  Meeting was called to order at




Paul Roberts, the new library director at UW-Stout, will attend the July CUWL meeting.   Wilkinson volunteered to be his mentor.


Wilkinson spoke at COLAND about the CUWL strategic plan and planning process.  He had been asked to do this by Kathy Pletcher, current chair of COLAND.  Wilkinson will share his PPT with us.  Wilkinson also attended the OCLC Peer Council meeting and talked about the UW implementation of BadgerCat and the related UB issues.  Kirsten Houtman from WiLS gave a general presentation about the new group catalog. 


2.  Review ongoing activities and identify needed actions:


Resource Sharing Committee


In response to the questions and discussion about UB at the April CUWL meeting, this committee will provide a follow-up report, including any recommendations, prior to the summer CUWL meeting on July 25. (Wilkinson)


D2L/Library Integration Committee


Boucher said that the names of faculty members to be surveyed at each campus will be distributed to CUWL directors in the early fall.  The committee will meet in July in Green Bay and work on how to gather the student feedback, including the option of focus groups.  If compensation is deemed necessary for focus group participants, Boucher should submit a proposal/request to Docken.  The committee is already working on several parts of its final report, but will have an interim report by the fall CUWL meeting.  It is likely that they will recommend use of documented best practices, based on the information they have gathered through their inventory work, rather than a system-wide technology approach.    


Working Group on Subgroups


Malzacher said the group is looking at significant changes to the current CUWL committee structure.  They are considering broad-based, cross-functional, steering committees assigned to work on initiatives.  She and Rose are drafting charges for possible steering committees.  The future and/or composition of the current standing committees is also under consideration.  Overall, there may be less emphasis on standing committees with representation from all of the campuses.  There may be a CUWL director serving on each committee as a liaison.  It is likely that the CUWL Executive Committee would become more involved in making committee appointments.  Recommendations will be sent to CUWL prior to the summer meeting.


Book bid procurement process


Docken and Moriarty met with Lorie Voss and Richard Reeb.  They will meet again next week to discuss how to draft specs for the RFP process.  A Missouri consortium has done a similar project and is willing to share its documentation.  Docken is still trying to determine the total spending across UW System for domestic monographs.  Boucher wonders how purchasing guidelines for the libraries would be done.  At this point the Book Procurement Working Group needs to define what the role of the primary vendor would be. After that we can discuss the guidelines for each campus.  Issues related to approval plans (Oshkosh, Milwaukee, and Madison already have them) and shelf ready options both need further consideration.  OCLC works with multiple vendors on cataloging issues for shelf ready.  In terms of timeline, Docken expects a contract in place by January 1, 2007.  There should be at least a rough draft of the RFP for discussion at the July CUWL meeting.  The Collection Management Task Force will be involved in reviewing the draft RFP.  Docken clarified that this will be an RFP, not a bid process.  The process of selecting a vendor will be evaluative.  There will be vendor presentations for the committee and also some opportunities for others to participate.   The plan is for the Book Procurement Working Group to bring its recommendation to CUWL for approval, ideally at the fall CUWL meeting.   Question – is Frazier remaining on the Collection Management Task Force? 


UB button name consistency


Malzacher had asked the Reference Coordinators Committee to recommend a name for the button.  They have still not reached consensus on this, but should have their recommendation by the July meeting. 


UW System Libraries and ILL requests from Reference and Loan  


Sally Drew had asked to speak with CUWL about the current policy and/or practice.  Docken asked Kathy Schneider to pull data on UW campus loans to Reference and Loan along with charges, if any.  The issue of charging Reference and Loan was discussed by CUWL several years ago and a policy/guideline was established.  At this point, it is unclear whether ILL staff follow the policy.  Drew’s overall goal is to seek free ILL sources for RLL.  We will try to get complete lending data for *all* the campuses to RLL along with IFM charges.  This will be discussed at the July CUWL meeting in the morning.  Drew will be invited to come in the afternoon, present her current views on the charging issue, and update CUWL on the WisCat proposal. 




Wilkinson said that ebooks were discussed at the OCLC Members Council meeting.    Publishers have demanded price increases across all of the e-book vendors, not just NetLibrary.  Consortia across the country are upset with the price increases.  Members Council is looking for ways to have this issue reconsidered by the publishers.

There was a brief discussion about the need for better functionality within NetLibrary titles.    


Docken clarified that the Wisconsin academic e-book consortium can no longer buy just one copy of a book for the whole consortia.   However, UW System will still be able to share one copy across the campuses.  The remaining funds with the e-book consortium will be used to buy on-demand titles.  No new titles will be added to the current e-book consortia holdings.  The Wisconsin academic e-book consortium will be disbanded.  The CUWL Collection Development Committee will discuss this in August.    


ExLibris (MetaLib/SFX) conference


Malzacher said that this one day conference will be held in Madison on August 1.  The agenda has not been finalized, but will include general interest topics in the morning and breakout groups in the afternoon.  Todd Bruns from UW-Madison will do his presentation on assessment of MetaLib on that campus.  There will be a student response panel on MetaLib.  Steve Elfstrand will show a wizard that allows canned MetaLib searches to be put into D2L or course software.  Afternoon breakouts will have multiple tracks.  Chris Cox will do an abbreviated version of his ALApreconference on teaching MetaLib and Amy Kindschi will also do a presentation on teaching MetaLib.   Aimee Glassel from UW-Madison will talk about the A-Z journal lists generated by SFX/MetaLib.  There will be an update from the first ELUNA meeting by Bruns, Dentinger, Malzacher and Glassel (?). Dentinger will facilitate a brief discussion about MetaLib settings.  An email will be sent out this week with the general information on workshop content and format.  Expect firm agenda by end of June. 


Malzacher provided the Executive Committee will info on ExLibris products from the ELUNA meeting.  MetaLib 4.0 will be released in fourth quarter of this year.  New search features will include clustering of search results and faceting.  Users will be prompted on how to refine searches, including by item type (such as peer-reviewed).  The new enhancements will have additional costs.  Once pricing is available, CUWL will need to discuss this.  Malzacher said that the new product Primo is a search system that layers over the top of everything and functions as a major aggregator.  There should be a lot of interest in that.  Primo will search across digital collections, collections, the catalog, databases and other sources.  University of Minnesota is a development partner with ExLibris on this new product.    




Wilkinson said that the steering committee met a couple weeks ago.  A new web interface for the UWDCC will be in production soon and there will be RSS feeds.  There will be a search box on the main page that searches across the collections.   WHO is moving along.  Letters will go out to state libraries asking them to become WHO members.  UW-Oshkosh is the first paying member.  There will be a demo of WHO at WiLSWorld.    


Resource sharing economic model


Malzacher mentioned the issue of CUWL needing to consider new economic models for resource sharing across UW System.  This includes funding for article delivery, commercial suppliers, etc.  This topic falls within the charge of the Collection Management Task Force, so she will check in with Barczyk.  We need to review the adequacy of the system-funded allocation and the continuation of that funding for next FY.  The compensation for net lenders needs to be clarified.


3.  Focus for 2006/07 based on CUWL Strategic Directions and ongoing activities


Malzacher initiated a preliminary discussion of items that may need CUWL attention this year, using the 2005/2007 Strategic Directions document to frame the discussion


Strategic Direction 1:

Collaborating with private academics - possibly to expand consortial buying


Minimizing duplicate serials - think about last copy agreements for online titles 


Sharing expertise/experience with licensing issues – Gilbertson will send URLs for Madison licensing info (list of vendors with current contract terms and template language that other campuses could use) 


Scholarly communications – there was general agreement about this being a slow process for all of the campuses.   Perhaps Ken Frazier could speak to the UW Provosts Council about this.


ERM software - are system funds available? -  what about staffing requirements? -  perhaps only some campuses would be interested -  Docken will talk with Reeb and Pope about Madison’s interests in this and its intended timeline. 


Strategic Direction 2:


System-wide virtual reference?  - not much interest at this point


Online tutorials – hasn’t been much system-wide activity in this area – Reference coordinators are looking at this. 


There was a brief discussion about the general value and possible future of reference.  CUWL Directors are urged to read the new OCLC report.  Gilbertson will distribute a new report from the Reference Services Task Force at UW-Madison, after it is finalized and approved. 

Strategic Direction 3:


Should there be another LibQual survey?  How useful was survey to individual campuses and to UW System?  We might talk about this at the July CUWL meeting.  Some Executive Committee members reported that the data was useful for PR activities and to support budgetary needs.  We need clarification on timeframe for LibQual.


Assessment of MetaLib/SFX and Badger Cat - defer both for another year.


Strategic Direction 4:


Shelving/preservation facility- ask VanGemert to give update on the Madison project at July meeting.


Website accessibility issues – Malzacher said that the new version of MetaLib will be more compliant - some discussion about library websites.


Diversity issues – Will any UW library staff attend the 2006 Conference of Librarians of Color? Also, CUWL would like an update on the intern program being planned at Madison


Using WorldCat as your local catalog – Wilkinson thinks this would be a good “out of the box” discussion topic for CUWL. Perhaps there could be a meeting on this prior to the fall CUWL meeting, with Silvis from Delaware and Goldner from OCLC as speakers. 


Annual report to Cora MarrettMalzacher will do a brief report after the July CUWL meeting


Distance learning reports – add reminder to the July CUWL agenda. Malzacher asked what action would be taken on the distance learning reports.  CUWL Executive Committee agreed that they could be brief and viewed as information sharing/best practices


4.   Working Lunch


5.   Agenda for the CUWL July 25 meeting in Madison


Based on today’s discussions, Malzacher will send a draft agenda for the July meeting to the Executive Committee prior to sending the final agenda to CUWL.  She will check with committee chairs to see how much time is needed for specific reports and to remind them to get their reports out ahead of the meeting.  That is so helpful.


6.   Other CUWL meetings in 2006/07:


There will be no joint meeting in the fall, but there will be in the spring.  The fall meeting will be in Oshkosh.  Dates originally under consideration were October 5-6 and October 12-13.  Decision was made to meet on October 5-6. 


The winter CUWL meeting is scheduled around Library Legislative Day, typically the first Tuesday of February.


7.   Review any needed committee appointments


CUWL needs a new faculty representative from Colleges.  Boucher reported that two faculty from two different campuses are interested.  The Executive Committee asked Boucher to contact the Provost for the Colleges for his opinion.  Boucher will let Malzacher know the outcome. 


The meeting was adjourned at .


Submitted by Jean Gilbertson

CUWL Secretary