Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

CUWL Executive Committee Conference Call Meeting

CUWL Executive Committee Conference Call Meeting

September 17, 2004

2:00 p.m.


Present:  Leanne Hansen (Chair), Arne Arneson, Barb Baruth, Lorie Docken, Anita Evans, Ken Grant, Paul Moriarty, Pat Wilkinson


The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m.


Changes or additions to the agenda.

There was one addition to the agenda: Strategic directions.


Determine a delegation of Library Directors to join with Ed Meachen in meeting with UW System President Reilly.

·        Docken will ask Meachen to set up a meeting with President Reilly; the meeting will probably not occur before mid October.

·        The CUWL delegation will be Ken Frazier, Ewa Barczyk, and Leanne Hansen.

·        The delegation will present the LibQUAL summary, the CUWL Strategic Directions 2003-2005 Executive Summary, and the DIN.  Discussion of the strategic plan will be expanded to cover CUWL themes and projects over the past several years


LibQUAL findings to present to President Reilly and Dr. Marrett.

Moriarty will expand the LibQUAL summary for President Reilly and Dr. Marrett, and will send the draft to the Executive Committee for reaction.


Strategic Directions Group

The following persons were recommended to serve on the group: Joyce Huang (Chair), Arne Arneson, Felix Unaeze, Ken Frazier (or his designee), Mordecai Lee, and Marc Boucher.


Update on consistency work already accomplished after the CUWL meeting with Valerie and the SFX/MetaLib Advisory Council and the RCC  (Paul) 

Moriarty thinks that the group will be able to quickly come up with some suggestions on how consistency can be preserved yet still allow flexibility.  The issue of reviewing SFX decisions (e.g. placement of buttons) will be brought up. Recommendations will be sent out to CUWL, LAMs, and RCC, with feedback solicited.


Discuss charge to the RCC regarding Virtual Reference.

The first sentence of the charge was slightly changed to read: The RCC will recommend to CUWL whether UW libraries should pursue as a strategic goal the development of robust virtual reference service.”  The charge will go to RCC at their Oct. 8th meeting, along with a request for a preliminary report in February and a recommendation by the May/June CUWL meeting.   


Charge to the UW Repository Task Force and discussion of potential members. 

The charge was reviewed and another bullet was added: Investigate relationships with other repositories worldwide. Wilkinson will revise the charge and send it to the Executive Committee. Proposed members: Nolan Pope (Chair), Lorie Docken, Lisa Saywell, Patrick Wilkinson, David Wirth, Kim Coska (Bob Hoar as backup). Once those persons have agreed to serve, Hansen and Meachen will officially appoint group.


Discuss charge and working group for review/edit of the policy on distance education

·        Members recommended:  Marc Boucher, Jill Markgraf (UW-Eau Claire), Lisa Weikel (UW-Milwaukee). 

·        Hansen will write up the charge and send it to the Executive Committee for review.

·        The draft charge: Review and update existing policy on distance education, consult with distance education library liaisons on each campus, and report back to CUWL in Feb 2005.  It was suggested that “distance education” be changed to “online services.”


Discuss committee to develop charge and potential members for task force on diversity.

Anita Evans was asked to chair a committee to develop a charge and suggest members for a task force on diversity.  Evans will contact Phil Schwarz and Bob Rose to see if they are interested and will report back to the Executive Committee before the document goes to CUWL.


Wisconsin Library Association LD&L request. 

Tom Hennen would like to meet with CUWL at the February 7th meeting to share information about the WLA LD&L Committee. Hennen will ask CUWL how LD&L can best help with our legislative agenda.


CUWL Conference Call

·        Hansen will send out an email to CUWL suggesting a few possible meeting times the week of November 8th, including Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 10th and Friday, afternoon, Nov.12th at 2:00.

·        An agenda item will be information/discussion about the Wisconsin Digital Library.  The group working on this will probably contact Wilkinson; the Executive Committee will wait to hear from him.

·        After the CUWL conference call, suggestions for a couple of dates for the April/May meeting will be sent out.

·        The first 2005 CUWL meeting will be in Madison on Monday, February 7th.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:07 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Barb Baruth