Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

CUWL Executive Committee

Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries (CUWL)

Joint Meeting of the 03/04 and 04/05 Executive Committees


Minutes, Friday, July 9, 2004

WLA Offices, Madison


Present:  Leanne Hansen (chair), Anita Evans, John Krogman, Bob Rose, Tom Murray, Ken Grant, Barb

               Baruth, Arne Arneson, Lorie Docken, Paul Moriarity, Pat Wilkinson

Guest: Chris Goss


The meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m.


1.        Comments / questions about functioning of EC.  There were no questions about the Executive Committee’s operating procedures, which are available on the website.  It was noted that in 2003/04, several Executive Committee meetings were held via conference phone call.


2.        Review Strategic Directions Summary for Dr. Marrett.  Docken reviewed CUWL’s  “Strategic Directions 2003-05. Executive Summary Report” prepared for Dr. Cora Marrett.  The summary highlights major initiatives during the year and outlines progress made.   Hansen will write a cover letter to Dr. Marrett, including a request that the summary report be shared with the Provosts.  Docken noted that Ed Meachen discusses these reports with Dr. Marrett.


A few changes to the report were suggested:

  • Shared Collections: change ”…twenty-four titles…” to “…twenty-four databases…”
  • Shared Collections: change “…eliminate appropriate duplication…” to “…appropriately reduce duplication…”
  • Resource Sharing: change “…made with mathematics and other faculty…” to “…made with mathematics, astronomy, and other faculty…”
  • Resource Sharing: Wilkinson distributed text for an expanded paragraph about the UW Digital Collections.
  • Resource Sharing:  change “…MIT (DSpace) to archive learning objects…” to “MIT (DSpace) to archive learning objects and other materials…”


       Docken will revise the document for 2005-07.


Evans and Hansen have prepared a more extensive version of the report.  It will be shared with the Executive Committee, which will provide feedback and determine whether the report should be more widely distributed.  All CUWL directors should be made aware of this version of the report.


Evans distributed copies of  “UW System Libraries Continuous Strategic Directions Planning,” prepared in 2002.  The guide is very helpful, pointing out the stages and steps of CUWL strategic planning.  It was noted that in October, the Executive Committee will need to appoint a strategic directions planning group.


3.        Review DIN.  Goss reviewed the draft “UW Libraries: One System, One Library” DIN, mentioning that he had already fixed some typos.  A few changes were suggested in the Background/Justification section:

  • Add the justification that many campuses are developing new curricular programs and that libraries don’t receive any money to support them.  For example, there are a growing number of new collaborative programs.
  • Sixth paragraph:  change “…assessing the extent of periodical duplication…”  to  “assessing the extent of duplication…”
  • Sixth paragraph:  change “…duplicate materials are eliminated…”  to  “duplicate materials are reduced…”
  • Eighth paragraph: change  “…campus can borrow from the collection…”  to  “…campus can initiate an online request to borrow from the collection…”
  • Ninth paragraph:  include wording about provision of internet access to the collections.  Wilkinson gave Goss a copy of the UWDC paragraph.
  •  Tenth paragraph, last sentence: …students across the state.”  to  “…students across the state and beyond.”
  • Grant gave Goss some “fussy English major notes.”

Goss doesn’t know the precise timeline for DINs, but assumes they should be done by the end of July.  When he finds out the exact timeline, he will inform the Executive Committee.


4.        Legislative Agenda for WLA and UW Libraries.  Docken and Goss will prepare a document concerning the UW libraries legislative agenda for WLA, working on it in conjunction with the DIN request.  Goss noted that last time, he prepared a short summary of the DIN for WLA.  Goss will send the write-up to Executive Committee members.


5.        South Central Library System Contract.  The South Central Library System contract expires at end of Dec 2004 and it’s time to renew the contract.  Originally, an RFP process was used to select South Central. The options this time: an RFP, a straight bid, or sole source.  The potential disadvantage with sole source is that the ability to negotiate price is lost.  Although South Central’s price five years ago wasn’t the lowest, it was within the range of the other vendors.  In 2003, routes needed to be reconfigured, and our volume pricing went up a little.  The UW System now pays $600,000 a year.  Other consortia have contracted with FedEx and UPS but they don’t have as big a volume.  South Central may offer to extend the current contract, which has price increases built in.  The South Central contract is a good example of cooperation between multi-type libraries.  By group acclamation, it was agreed that sole source be used to extend the contract with South Central.


6.        Endeavor Issues.  Meachen and Docken have a meeting scheduled with Endeavor executives on Tuesday, July 13, 2004.  The UW System wishes to hear the Endeavor CIO perspective on corporate long term plans for Voyager, certainly including Universal Borrowing.  The meeting’s focus will be at the executive level and not on solving specific functional problems.  Don Muccino, Endeavor’s Chief Operating Officer, will be made to understand the very high level of frustration among the UW libraries, resulting from the sheer number of software problems and the poorly organized and inadequately tested patches.  Among other things, the UW System wants Endeavor to supply, free of charge, test server software.  Murray mentioned UW-Madison’s problems with journal searches that unpredictably time out.  Other committee members noted that Media Scheduling software doesn’t work well.  Another issue involves the lack of UW representation on user groups, and that the UB user group has been disbanded.  The UW System has already disputed UB maintenance and withheld UB maintenance fees; UW-Parkside and UW-Platteville have been asked to withhold their entire maintenance fees (no response from Endeavor).  After the meeting, Docken will report back and the next steps will be decided


7.        “UW System Policy on Library Support for Distance Education, Extended Education Students and Faculty.”  The policy was prepared in 1999 and revised in 2001.  It hasn’t keep up with the changes in distance education and needs further revision.  Three persons were recommended to form a small group to work on revisions:  Jill Markgraf, Ed Van Gemert, and Mark Boucher.  Hansen will add this item to the next CUWL agenda.


3.        UW Library Site.  Murray briefly reviewed the history of the web site.  More than a year ago, CUWL envisioned the creation of a website that could be used for discussions among CUWL members as well as UW librarians in general.  The site would enable librarians to share tutorials, presentations, and ideas of all sorts.  The Electronic Communications Task Force started out working with D2L, but found there were problems  (e.g. D2L requires that everyone establish an account and login every time they visit the site, which presents quite a barrier).  Freeware with more flexibility was located on the web.  The current URL, which uses the freeware, is  The website resides on a server located in the College of Engineering and can continue to do so.   There’s also a staff member at Wendt who can continue to help with the site.  Murray showed the group around the website.   The current thinking is that there will be templates for self-submission; self-submission can be limited to secretaries if the CUWL wishes.  Posting minutes requires a login, a doc title, and doc category.  As soon as minutes are submitted, they would be posted under Newly Posted Documents.  Once minutes are approved, they would be put under the appropriate area.  There can be both open and closed forums.  To post to a forum, an individual would need to register and login.  Self-registration can be set up to pass through a gate keeper to assign rights (e.g. access to director’s forum).  Email lists will continue to be used, to ensure that everyone sees important information.  A new task force chair needs to be appointed; the individual could be a LAM.  The new task force chair will work closely with Moriarity.  The new URL will be:


4.        CUWL List.  Hansen distributed the latest CUWL list, dated 7/6/2004.  There are some changes to be made: Felix Unaeze is the new director at UW-Superior.  Bob Rose agreed to serve as mentor to him.  Faculty replacements are needed for a comprehensive representative for Tony Galt’s expired term and for a doctoral representative from UW-Milwaukee.


5.        Committees


  • UWDC updates.  Wilkinson summarized the group’s activities and plans.  Emphasis is being placed on improving the usability of the site.  Improvements have already been made in site searching.  Printing capabilities will be improved, differences between file formats will be less noticeable, and it will be clearer what is in a particular collection.  Usability studies of the website will be conducted this fall using ARC staff.  UW-Madison Digital Collections will be moved under the UWDC framework, and those collections will eventually be converted to the look and feel of UWDC collections.  Some UW-Madison collections moved under the UWDC umbrella will not be the sort of thing the UWDC would have funded, but this was not viewed as a problem by the Executive Committee.  Criteria about what can be included in the UWDC website will need to be developed.  UWDC will perform an analysis of CONTENTdm software to determine if it is an acceptable alternative to SiteSearch, and interoperability issues will be examined.  The group will continue to market the UWDC site.  The UWDC is in contact with the Wisconsin Digital Library Conference initiative, but their exact relationship is undefined at this time.  Wilkinson attended the School for Scanning in June, which was really about how to build good digital collections.  He came away pleased that the Wisconsin effort is being built on a continuing funding base, rather than on grants.


Hansen distributed two handouts: “Composition/Member Terms of CUWL Task Forces/Committee” and “2003/04 CUWL Task Forces/Committees.”


  • Digital Library Advisory Committee.  Current members Eva Barcyzk, Laura Jacobs, Reema Apple, Lorie Docken, Michael Edmonds, James Oberley, Nolan Pope, Joshua Ranger, and Pat Wilkinson.  Jim Oberley will remain on the committee. Barcyzk will be asked to suggest a faculty member from UWM.  The Reference Coordinators & CDC will each be asked to recommend an individual (only 1 person will be appointed).  Wilkinson recommended Christina Matusak as a person experienced in creating digital collections. The Executive Committee approved her appointment, with her term to begin July 1 2004.  Wilkinson suggested that the group’s name be changed to Digital Collections Committee. This change can be accomplished through the operating procedures when they are next updated.
  • Resource Sharing Committee.  Current members: Kathy Schneider, Eva Barczyk, Barbara Baruth, Leanne Hansen, Ed Van Gemert, and Lorie Docken.  Hansen will ask Marc Boucher to suggest a librarian from the Colleges.
  • Electronic Communications Task Force.  A new chair is needed; this issue will be put on hold for a few weeks.
  • Strategic Directions.  Formation of the planning group will be on the September agenda.


6.        New Task Forces

  • DSpace.  Wilkinson and Docken will develop a charge; this item will be on the September agenda.
  • Diversification.  This item will be on the September agenda.


7.        UW System Joint Meeting

  • SFX and MetaLib will be highlighted during General Session in a half hour presentation by Valerie Malzacher.
  • Hansen will ask the ITMC chair (who is coordinating the joint meeting) which groups are participating.  Hansen will also pull together a short list of CUWL activities for the year and will share the list with the Executive Committee prior to the joint meeting.
  • The LAMs will be invited to the meeting.
  • Suggested agenda items: UWSAC, LAMS, CDC, UW System, Historical Society, Reference Coordinators, Digital Library Committee, Collection Management Task Force, Resource Sharing Committee, Electronic Communications Task Force, WILS, Copyright Task Force, SFX/MetaLib update, Endeavor update, LibQual discussion, DSpace update (with LAMS), future of virtual reference, around the table discussion.
  • Evans suggested that the Executive Committee develop a schedule of reports from various CUWL groups, so that not all groups report at each meeting and a regular reporting pattern is established.


8.        Develop Timeline.  Hansen will develop a timeline and will share it via email.


9.        Announcements

  • Evans recently asked Sally Drew of DPI about the consultants they’ve hired.  Drew mentioned that they are organizing focus groups to discuss interlibrary loan.  DPI will contact CUWL if they would like our input.  Digital collections might be a more fruitful arena for cooperation.
  • A conference call meeting will be scheduled this fall to discuss the Electronic Resources renewal list and other matters.
  • Tom Murray, who is retiring after 37 years at UW-Madison! was presented with a card, a chocolate cake (to share), and a hearty round of applause.


The meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Barb Baruth