Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries



Teleconference Call

Friday, October 3,


Present: Anita Evans, Leanne Hansen, Robert Rose, John Krogman, Paul Moriarty, Lorie Docken. The agenda was approved as distributed.


1)      Task Forces:  Composition and Charges


Three Task Forces or Working Groups were discussed and approved:


a) Collection Management Task Force: 6-7 members (2 from CDC, 2-3 from CUWL, 1 LAM, 1 Faculty); need reps from Madison and Milwaukee for sure; Green Bay has a volunteer. The task force would examine collection management issues of system-wide importance, including assessing the extent of periodicals duplication and recommending collaborative, cost-effective policies for de-selection and re-selection of journal subscriptions and other resources. With the assistance of the LAMs, the project would include a review of UB/ILLiad data.  The group would also explore options for collaborative auxiliary storage for physical collections.


b) Electronic Communication Task Force: 5-7 members (rep each from LAM, CDC, RCC, CUWL, UWSAC, at large); Tom Murray would be a Madison rep; need others with web experience (Madison & Platteville?). The task force would develop a self-submission web page (D2L) and online discussion group for CUWL. The web site could share tutorials, FAQs, policies, campus outreach efforts, etc.


c) Copyright and Intellectual Property Task Force: 5-6 members (2 from CUWL, 2 CIOs, Glenda Morgan, 1-2 at large); need reps from Madison & Milwaukee; need to formalize charge and take to CIOs. The joint CUWL/CIO task force would explore the development of common intellectual property and copyright policies across the system.


d) The Reference Coordinators Committee will be asked to explore the feasibility of creating new and using existing online tutorials in the Desire2Learn environment.


2)      October CUWL Conference Call:  Federated Searching/Linking Software


Schedule for 90 minutes during the first week of November; Anita will collect schedules from the Executive Committee and suggest some times and dates to CUWL. The CDC may have some action items.


3)      February 2nd (Monday) meeting.


Rick Grobschmidt will join the group for an hour “conversation”. The meeting will be at the PyleCenter, beginning at ( coffee) with a dinner Monday evening. UWSAC will be asked to give a report.  One agenda item will be DSpace (Nolan Pope).


4)       May meeting:  Dates & Location:  Green Bay?


Leanne has agreed to host and will book meeting rooms and a block of hotel rooms. Thursday afternoon, May 6th and Friday, May 7th will be reserved.


5)      UWDC:  Patrick Wilkinson and Public Relations


It was suggested that a press release be done on the UWDC and a request be made to present to the Regents. It was recommended that staff, faculty and students be incorporated into any presentation. Docken indicated that it would be more likely that a presentation could be made before the Education Committee.


6)      Operating Procedures Changes


With changes to the standing committees, the CUWL operating procedures need to be updated. Bob and Anita will draft changes for the February meeting.


7)      Other Business


- Mentoring assignments will be made. Geographic locations will be a factor.


- CUWL will wait for more information from Cora Marrett before proceeding on

any efforts for a Joint Budget Initiative.  This would be in addition to the cost to continue budget item.    


8)      The meeting adjourned at



Respectfully submitted: John Krogman, Secretary