Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries



Teleconference Call

Tuesday, July 1,


Present: Anita Evans, Leanne Hansen, Tom Murray, Robert Rose, Ken Grant, John Krogman, Paul Moriarty


1)      The agenda was approved as distributed.


2)      Carryover Business: Anita will email out to the group the Student Services Working Group Joint Programs report.


3)      CUWL Meeting, July 24th Agenda: In general the group agreed with the proposed agenda. A request was made for more specifics on the Odyssey project. It was noted that Lori and Arne will present more information on the strategic planning. Tom suggested that some future discussion revisit the “one system/one library” concept and evaluate the journals across the System. The “sharing session”: should include a report on the library piece of the D2L implementation.


Discussion ensued on the proposed agenda and the order and time of the items was formalized (attached). More time was allotted for the report and discussion from the Strategic Planning Task Force. A short recognition program will be included around lunch. Ed Meachen and Lori Voss will be present for their respective agenda items. Bob will draft some initial discussion notes relative to “New Member Mentoring”. It was suggested that there be consideration of some orientation for new members at the fall CUWL meeting.


It was decided by consensus that the July 22 meeting would run from to in Madison at Learning Innovations.


John indicated that since he could not attend the meeting, he would find a substitute secretary.


4)      ITMC Meeting: There was consensus to participate in the UW System ITMC Joint Conference if it is held. Possible date are September 29 & 30 or October 1 & 2. A call was made to submit topics of interest and volunteer for the planning group when formed.


5)       Standing Committees: It was noted that the membership of the CUWL Standing Committees needs to be re-evaluated with the recent turnover.


6)      The meeting adjourned at



Respectfully submitted: John Krogman, Secretary


Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries (CUWL)

UW Learning Innovations

505 South Rosa Road


July 22, 2003



Proposed A G E N D A


10:00 a.m.       Call to order:  Introductions, announcements, and approval of the minutes of the April 1, 2003, CUWL meeting and review of the CUWL Executive Committee meeting minutes of 7/1/03


       Strategic Planning Task Force: Discussion of 2003/2005 Draft Plan (Arne Arneson)

·        UW Board of Regents “Rethinking the UW System” planning exercise (Ed Meachen)


       Desire2Learn Update (Ed Meachen) and roundtable discussion of what individual campus libraries are planning in order to build in a library presence in Desire2Learn courseware management system (All)




         Electronic Resource Management Task Force Report (Valerie Malzacher/Paul Moriarty/Lori Voss)


         Serial Procurement Task Force Report (Lori Voss/Paul Moriarty)



         Resource Sharing Committee: recommended response to DPI requests (Kathy Schneider)


1:45 p.m.         LAMs Recommendation (email from Barbara Fahey, LAMs Chair):  Whenever possible, schedule a Voyager upgrade/release during a single annual upgrade window of late July/early August.


         New CUWL Member Mentoring (Bob Rose)


         ILLiad/Odyssey Implementation Update (Paul Moriarty)


         Student Services Working Group on Administrative Issues in Collaboration (Ed Van Gemert?)


         Miscellaneous items:  Fall CUWL meeting agenda; WLA Legislative Agenda