Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries




Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

Executive Committee

Conference Call

February 11, 2003

Present: Robert Rose (Chair), Lorie Docken, Anita Evans, Leanne Hansen, Paul Moriarty

Chair Rose called the meeting to order at .

The group discussed the formation of the CUWL Serial Procurement Review Task Force and confirmed the members identified by the CDC. Joan Robb, UW-GreenBay, will be asked to Chair the task force. Work should begin in March with a preliminary report to CUWL at the April meeting. Docken will write and forward a brief charge statement to the Executive Committee for review prior to notifying the task force. The charge will also be sent to CDC and CUWL.

Prior to the conference call, Docken had sent an email identifying potential members for a federated searching task force and had drafted a charge. The Committee reviewed the charge and suggested a few changes. The charge to this task force will be to investigate modules for federated searching and linking, not necessarily together in one package. The charge will be edited and sent to the Committee again for review. The Committee agreed upon the suggested participants and identified a Chair, Valerie Malzacher, UW-RiverFalls. A preliminary report to CUWL will be requested for the April meeting.

The call ended at .

Respectfully submitted,

Leanne Hansen

CUWL Secretary