Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries



Teleconference Call

Wednesday, August 20,


Present: Anita Evans, Leanne Hansen, Tom Murray, Robert Rose, John Krogman, Paul Moriarty, Lori Docken


1)      The agenda was approved as distributed.


2)      The proposed agenda was reviewed for the September 29 & 30, 2003 ITMC joint meeting.


a.       The Gartner Group will present at lunch (about 10-15 minutes).

b.      During the general session, there will be presentations on the UWDC (20 minutes) and current “hot” CUWL topics (10 minutes), including electronic resource management, the Strategic Planning Taskforce, electronic document delivery, an update on serials procurement, integration efforts with D2L, etc.

c.       The CUWL specific agenda (not in any order) will include:

                                                               i.      Ed Meachen’s System Report (15 minutes)

                                                             ii.      Strategic Planning Taskforce (1 hour, 15 minutes)

                                                            iii.      Electronic Resource Management Task Force Report (1 hour) – move to the start of the agenda

                                                           iv.      UWSAC Report – Peter G. (15 minutes)

                                                             v.      WiLS Report – Kathy S. (15 minutes)

                                                           vi.      CDC Report – John J. (30 minutes)

                                                          vii.      Composition and Rotation of Task Forces & Committees (15 minutes) – Leanne, Tom and Bob will draft recommendations

                                                        viii.      UWDC Report (15 minutes)

                                                           ix.      LAM Joint session:

1.      Illiad/Odyssey Report – Paul (15 minutes)

2.      Endeavor Report – Paul (15 minutes)

3.      LAM Group Report (15 minutes)

                                                             x.      Rick Grobschmidt, DPI Assistant State Superintendent (30 minutes) – invite and see if he can come; schedule Monday afternoon first

                                                           xi.      Future meeting dates and locations (15 minutes) – February 2 and Spring meeting (RiverFalls?)

d.      Anita will draft the order.


3)      July 22 Meeting Follow-up.

a.       We’ll proceed on implementing the Mentoring Plan

b.      Nothing new to report on the WLA legislative response; Lori will follow-up to see if there are any budget issues

c.       No further issues to report on the Grobschmidt letter concerning WiLS referral credits


4)      CUWL Website.

a.       UW System student can continue to maintain basic information, but not a “self-submit” arrangement

b.      Tom offered to fund some software (about $700) if needed or we could explore using D2L to self-submit information. Tom will do some checking, with Paul’s assistance


5)      Next Conference Call – Anita will schedule an October call.


6)      The meeting adjourned at



Respectfully submitted: John Krogman, Secretary