Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries



CUWL Executive Committee

October 22, 2001

Telephone Conference Call

Present: Moriarty (chair), Docken, Peischl, Jax, Bredeson, Rose, Gulig.

Moriarty called the meeting to order at 2:05 p.m.

The group discussed the composition of the Enhanced Resource Sharing Group subcommittee after receiving nominations from campuses. Ten names were submitted. The group discussed the importance of having a person to represent the LAMs group and a preference for someone who had also worked at one of the Universal Borrowing beta sites. After a short discussion, the group decided to include all 10 submitted names on the committee, plus a rep from UWSA OLIT (Docken) and a rep from UWSA Procurement. The ten committee members would be: Brian Beecher, Whitewater; Todd Digby (River Falls); Randy Hoelzen (LaCrosse); John Jax (Green Bay); Tom Murray (Madison); Gail Piotrowski (UW Colleges/Barron); Diana Slater (Stout); Lisa Weikel (Milwaukee); Mary Williamson (WiLS); and Tanner Wray (Madison). Moriarty will contact the group and seek interest in chairing the committee. Moriarty said that the committee should not need many face-to-face meetings and he would like to have a report ready for the January CUWL meeting.

The group then discussed the range of questions for the LAMs survey of libraries on E-reserves. Moriarty asked if the scope of the survey should include proxy services. Rose said it might be best to keep the focus more strictly on E-reserves for the moment. Docken said that Bill Doering (LaCrosse) had done a survey recently on proxy services and that could easily be updated without adding it to the E-reserves survey. Rose said that what he would really like would be comparative cost data on outsourcing E-reserve projects vs. home-grown projects; he doubts that that type of information would be easily attainable. Other topics would include: statistics on usage, type of materials, restrictions on use, and many copyright/fair use questions. The group agreed that there are a wide range of interpretations of fair use provisions, some deriving from the use of learning management systems with distance education programs. Rose said it would be important for libraries to be vocal on this issue and also to have consistent policies on fair use issues.

The committee next discussed forming a subcommittee to begin work on the 2003-05 library budget request. In order to make it possible to have a chance at a presentation to the Regents in April 2002, the subcommittee would need to have a budget plan formulated by January. The group agreed that this would be a good opportunity to make our case for the budget and tie it as much as possible to our strategic planning document. Moriarty asked for volunteers for the committee; Rose, Gulig, and Docken were enlisted from the immediate group. Moriarty would seek to add reps from Madison, Milwaukee, the other four-year campuses, and a rep from UWS budget office.

Locations for the next CUWL meetings were discussed. Christina Baum had offered River Falls as a site for our May meeting, but Milwaukee was already slated to host. River Falls is a likely location next year.

The group also discussed briefly a nominating committee for officers for 2002-03; Moriarty said that a small subcommittee would be formed. He also said a conference call meeting of the executive board would be likely before our January meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 2:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Bredeson

CUWL Secretary