Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries



CUWL Executive Committee Meeting

June 28, 2001




Present: Jax (chair), Baum, Bredeson, Carmack, Docken, Evans, Moriarty, Rose and Wilkinson.


1.     Jax called to order the meeting of the incoming and out-going executive committees at 10:10 AM.  He noted that Peischl would be unable to attend because the CIOs were also meeting at this time.


2.     UCITA.  Jax noted that on June 7 he sent CUWL’s resolution opposing the introduction of UCITA in the Wisconsin Legislature to UW System President Katharine Lyall.  UCITA has not been introduced in the session so far, and it is not faring well in other states.  Docken noted that UW System legislative people are aware of this issue.


3.     Academic ADL Co-Lab.  The group suggested that Ken Frazier and Arne Arneson serve as CUWL’s contacts with the Co-Lab project.  Jax will contact them to see if they are interested.  Docken suggested that some members from the UW Digital Collections Advisory Committee (see number 7) should be involved with the Co-Lab project also.  She noted that Nolan Pope has had some conversations regarding standards for digital objects.  There was a brief discussion regarding the relationship of private publishers to this project.  On a related issue, Carmack noted the recent court decision regarding the copyright rights of free-lance writers whose articles are included in electronic databases without their permission.  The group wanted the CDC to monitor this issue.  Docken will inform CDC.


4.     Electronic Publishing by Faculty.  There was discussion regarding how CUWL members could raise the issue of electronic publishing by university faculty and its relationship to the tenure and promotion process.  Obviously, CUWL members need to be careful with this issue and not appear to be involving themselves in issues that are the prerogative of faculty.  The group decided to encourage CUWL members to make faculty and campus administrations aware of this issue as was done at UW Milwaukee and report at the fall meeting regarding progress on raising awareness of this issue.


5.     Strategic Planning.  Evans reported on the work of the UW Libraries Strategic Directions Planning Committee.  The committee’s charge is to “identify strategic directions that UW Libraries should pursue for the next two years, starting July 2001, including specific goals and objectives to advance these directions.”  She distributed a timeline of what the committee has done and intends to do.  The committee is working on a draft plan and will distribute it to CUWL around July 13.  Then at CUWL’s special meeting on July 18 in Madison, the draft will be discussed.  The committee will incorporate this discussion, add objectives and construct recommendations for expenditures.  The preliminary report will be given to Ed Meachen and Al Beaver in August so its ideas can be included in general IT System planning.  It will be submitted to CUWL for approval at its fall meeting.  There was discussion about the need for continuous planning and the need to integrate this plan with individual campus and library plans.


6.     WiLS Board and CUWL Executive Committee.  The group discussed whether it was necessary to stagger the terms of CUWL’s representatives to the WiLS Board as stated in CUWL’s operating procedures.  Docken noted that staggering the terms was not seen as important by Kathy Schneider.  The group decided that the incoming Executive Committee would deal with the issue of changing the wording in the operating procedures or not.  The group then clarified the terms for the At-Large members on the CUWL Executive Committee.  They are:


·       Peischl, At-Large, 2001 – 2002

·       Gulig, At-Large, 2001 – 2003

·       Baum, At-Large, 2001 – 2003


7.     UW Digital Collections Advisory Committee.  The group identified those who would be asked to serve on this committee.  CUWL and UW System Office of Learning and Information Technology (OLIT) will appoint the committee members jointly.  Members will serve a three-year term.  Those recommended were:


·       One CUWL representative.  Wilkinson

·       One librarian representing the UW doctoral campuses. Watson-Boone.*

·       One librarian representing the UW comprehensive campuses and UW Colleges.  Laura Jacobs.*

·       One teaching faculty member representing the UW doctoral campuses.  Docken will check with Gary Alexander to identify a candidate.

·       One teaching faculty member representing the UW comprehensive campuses and UW Colleges.  Docken will check with Gary Alexander to identify a candidate.

·       One representative of UW System Archives Council (a standing committee of CUWL).  The council will recommend their representative.  Jax will contact Joshua Ranger, the council’s current chair.

·       One representative of UW System OLIT staff.  Docken will talk with Meachen about this.

·       One representative of UW museums.  Peter Gottlieb.*

·       One representative of UW System learning technologies (ITMC, LTDC, etc.).  Docken will talk with Meachen and Alexander about this rep.

·       One representative from UW Libraries Digitizing Center.  Nolan Pope.*

(*Jax will contact to confirm interest in serving)


8.     Concept of Enriched Catalog Records.  Rose noted that during UB beta testing, some UB requests were going to La Crosse when Eau Claire actually had the book requested because La Crosse had enriched cataloging records.  He mentioned that La Crosse and Milwaukee had loaded enriched cataloging records (Blackwell) into their catalogs.  He surmised that they would likely receive a disproportionately high number of UB requests and could receive requests for materials owned by the home library.  He raised the question of whether UW libraries needed to take a system-wide approach to enriched records.  After discussion regarding enriched records, their cost and other differences in catalogs that might raise similar issues, the group requests that La Crosse and Milwaukee give a presentation at the fall meeting regarding enriched records.  Issue that were of interest to the group were:


·       What are the costs associated with enriched records?

·       Will enriched records significantly impact UB and how?

·       Are the benefits of enriched records worth the cost of adding them to a local OPAC?


9.     Universal Borrowing Recommendations.  Docken distributed a UB Update, dated June 28.  It contained recommendations from the UB sites.  It basically recommended:


·       If Endeavor can resolve three open incidents involving simultaneous searching, then UW System libraries should proceed with UB implementation.

·       If these problems are solved and the UB sites verify that the gold version has resolved all remaining bugs, then River Falls, Stevens Point, Whitewater and Milwaukee will start implementation in July or as soon as possible.

·       Green Bay, Oshkosh, Parkside, Platteville and Superior will load UB upgrades and have training during the fall semester.

·       UW Colleges will do UB upgrades between the first and second group.

·       UW Madison will be the last UB upgrade.


The executive committees accepted this recommendation.  There was additional discussion regarding two issues:  the problem with distance education students and ID numbers and the problem of incomplete information provided to libraries (on some campuses) for the patron database.  The group would like the UB sites to recommend a minimum standard for information in patron databases and wanted the LAMs to have both of these issues as discussion items at their next meeting.


10. Fall 2001 CUWL Meeting.  Moriarty noted that planning was moving forward for the fall joint meeting.  Dates in late September or October are being considered.  Also, the two locations that are under consideration are Green Lake and the Wisconsin Dells.  [The dates and location of the fall meeting were announced the following week.  The meeting will be held October 1 & 2 at the Heidel House in Green Lake.]


11. Future Agenda Items.  CUWL will have a special meeting on July 18 to consider the strategic planning document.  It will likely hear an update on UB.  For the fall meeting, tentative agenda items include:


·       Strategic Directions Committee

·       E-publishing by faculty and tenure/promotion update

·       CDC Report*

·       LAMs Report*

·       USAC Report*

·       UB update including issues regarding ID numbers and incomplete information in patron databases

·       UW Digital Collections Advisory Committee

·       Staggered terms for WiLs representatives

·       Enriched cataloging records

·       Formula Funding Committee


(*The executive committee will need a written report from these groups and will decide which groups will need to send a representative for the fall meeting.)


12. The meeting adjourned at 12:45 PM.



Respectfully submitted,



Patrick Wilkinson