Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

CUWL Executive Committee Meeting

CUWL Executive Committee Meeting

January 10, 2001



Present: Joe Jax (chair), Bob Carmack, Anita Evans, Paul Moriarty, Patrick Wilkinson and Lorie Docken.

  1. The meeting was called to order at 3:30 P.M.
  2. Presentation by James G. Neal.
  3. James Neal, director of the Milton S. Eisenhower Library at The John Hopkins University is booked to address CUWL on Tuesday night, February 13 on "The Changing Nature of Academic Libraries: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities." He will also attend CUWL’s discussion the next morning that will be facilitated by Jax. Neal’s recent article ("The Entrepreneurial Imperative: Advancing From Incremental To Radical Change In The Academic Library" in the current issue of portal: Libraries and the Academy) was briefly discussed.

    Docken will investigate whether the evening presentation can be video taped. She will also ensure that Neal is aware of some of the issues that CUWL would like addressed such as those noted in the November 10, 2000 executive committee’s minutes. It was agreed that the discussion on the morning of February 14 might be extended past 10 am if needed. This will be noted on the agenda.

  4. Meeting with Endeavor on January 5, 2001.
  5. Jax reviewed the January 5th meeting with Endeavor. Those in attendance at the morning meeting included Jane Burke, Ruth Anderson, Jax, Lorie Docken, Lori Voss, LAM representatives and others. Burke admitted that there had been problems with Release 2000 and that Endeavor was hiring a new quality assurance position and 70 additional staff. There was a new patch arriving soon intended to fix some of the problems encountered in the areas of acquisitions, simultaneous searching, overdue notices and more.

    In addition, Burke did admit that there were problems with customer support. She suggested that Endeavor and UW System have quarterly meetings (the next is scheduled for April 2001) to resolve outstanding issues. The Executive Committee discussed releasing to Endeavor the payment that has been withheld; the schedule for the release of Universal Borrowing software, UB training and UB implementation; and the schedule that UW Libraries were following for upgrading to Release 2000. There was general consensus that Directors should encourage staff to upgrade to Release 2000 as soon as practical so that the implementation of Universal Borrowing is not unnecessarily delayed.



  7. There was concern expressed about the proposal from Reference and Loan that UW Libraries be asked to bypass OCLC and directly supply records from their catalogs to the revised WISCAT. The Executive Committee directed Docken to contact Sally Drew and inform her that this is a decision that CUWL needs to discuss as a group. It is scheduled for the April meeting. Drew will be invited to the meeting. Also, individual UW libraries should not be contacted regarding directly supplying records to WISCAT.

  8. UW System Allocation Formula.
  9. The committee discussed the formula used to allocate acquisition funding to the campuses. The sentiment was expressed that CUWL should look at the current formula and its rationale to see if it is still meets the needs of the "One System, One Library" concept. Docken will invite the appropriate System personnel to CUWL’s February meeting to explain the formula. It will be on the February agenda.

  10. UW Library, $4.7 million dollar DIN.
  11. The committee discussed what action has been taken by UW System libraries to support the library DIN. A few campuses have passed resolutions in support of the DIN, but there has been no concerted effort to lobby for this appropriation by the libraries. Jax will contact Ken Frazier about the committee formed last fall to support the DIN and see what can be done to lobby for it.

  12. Digital Library Groups.
  13. The committee discussed the roles of the Digital Library Task Force, chaired by Jax, which is working on the pilot project, etc. and the Digital Library Strategic Directions Steering Group, chaired by Peter Watson-Boone. It was decided that the groups have different (but related) missions and that they both need to exist to move UW System libraries forward in this area. Brief reports from each group will be given at the February meeting.

  14. National Legislative Day.
  15. WLA has contacted Jax about sending a CUWL representative to Washington, DC in April to represent Wisconsin academic libraries at National Legislative Day. Since expenses must be paid by the attendees’ institution, Jax will send out a message asking for volunteers.

  16. Since there was no other business, the meeting adjourned at 4:30 P.M.



Respectfully submitted


Patrick Wilkinson