Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries



CUWL Executive Committee Meeting

September 19, 2001

Telephone Conference Call

Present: Moriarty (chair), Baum, Bredeson, Docken, Gulig, Jax, Peischl, and Rose.

Moriarty called the meeting to order at 1:35 p.m.

The primary discussion item was to set the agenda for the October 1-2 CUWL meeting at Green Lake.The CUWL Strategic Directions portion of the overall UWS IT plan will be presented at the Monday a.m. concurrent session.The automation budget recommendations will be moved to Day 2 to better include all agenda discussions.The CDC report from Jo Ann Carr will shift to Day 1 because of a schedule conflict for her.The CDC focus will be cost-sharing models.

The executive committee also discussed the strategy for assigning dollar amounts to the recommended projects identified in the strategic planning document: desktop delivery of articles, one-search software, electronic reference, and UW digital library collections.There is $700,000+ in the automation budget for each of the next two fiscal years.Docken thought that CUWL would need to concentrate on just how many projects we could sustain concurrently with that funding.

Docken also reported that she and other CUWL reps will meet with Endeavorís Jane Burke this week as part of a regular quarterly update.Burke will also meet with CUWL on Day 2 of the upcoming meeting.

Moriarty asked if the CUWL resource sharing committee would need to be re-activated with a new charge in light of recommendations within the Strategic Directions report.Docken thought perhaps it was a good idea, and she would investigate how to ensure some overlap with the previous committee, which had completed most of its work in the Spring of 2001.Docken will try to have an update before the October meeting.

The issue of enhanced catalog records and the effects on searching/results in Voyager will also be added to the agenda.Representatives from the LAMs will be asked to join the discussion.

The ongoing issue of IDís and patron records for DE students was also proposed as an additional item.The committee felt that Ed Meachenís presence would be necessary for a full discussion; Docken will check on his time slots for the two days.

Moriarty also asked if it was too early to begin planning for the budget cycle for 2003-5 and appoint a committee to flesh out strategies.Docken said that involvement of United Council (UWS students) would be helpful again as the budget effort gets blended with the UWS request overall.It will have to mesh with the plan of the EGOLL report and the IT emphasis with distributed learning, etc.Rose thought the early appointment of a committee was a fine idea.

Moriarty whimsically mentioned the addition this week of a coffee cart to his library.This provoked a quick discussion of other strategies to help lure students back into the library.Changes in lounge areas?Group study options?Interaction with other campus services?Extended library services outside the building?

The committee also discussed briefly the future CUWL meeting dates and sites.It was agreed to match the February meeting with the WLA Legislative Day in Madison.The spring meeting would fit around the WAAL conference and VUGM, both usually April events.A site will be determined later.

Moriarty said he would revise the full October 1-2 agenda and send to the executive committee for one last perusal.

The meeting adjourned at 2:22 p.m.

Respectively submitted,

Jim Bredeson, CUWL Secretary