Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries

CUWL Executive Committee Meeting

CUWL Executive Committee Meeting

March 29, 2001




Present: Joe Jax (chair), Lorie Docken, Anita Evans, Paul Moriarty and Patrick Wilkinson


Absent: Bob Carmack


1.      The meeting was called to order at 1:05 p.m., and the minutes for the teleconference of March 7, 2001 were approved.


2.     Moriarty discussed the local arrangements for the CUWL meeting in Platteville on Thursday and Friday, April 26 & 27.  Hotel information will be distributed shortly to the CUWL list.  The meeting will start at 1 p.m. on Thursday and finish by noon on Friday.  There will be no registration fee for the meeting.


3.     The Executive Committee discussed the UW Acquisitions Funding Formula Committee, chaired by Carmack.  The Funding Formula Committee is trying to set a date for a meeting in the near future and will give a preliminary report to CUWL in April.


4.     The UW Library Strategic Directions Planning Committee has been officially named by UW System Interim Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Albert Beaver.  Anita Evans will chair the committee.  The committee will develop a plan on how to meet its charge before CUWL in April and give a preliminary report.


5.     The CUWL Nominating Committee, chaired by Evans, will have a conference call on Monday, April 2.  It will present candidates to CUWL at its April meeting.  Evans has started to develop a list of persons who have served in CUWL offices in the past.  There was further discussion on where is the appropriate place to archive CUWL minutes.




6.     There followed a discussion of agenda items for the April 26 & 27 meeting:

·       Report of the Nominations Committee/Elections. (Evans)

·       Endeavor Update including UB beta testing. (Docken)

·       LAMs Report

·       Preliminary Report UW Acquisitions Funding Formula Committee (Carmack)

·       Preliminary Report UW Library Strategic Directions Planning Committee (Evans)

·       CDC Report (Robb)

·       WisCat Issues (Docken, Sally Drew and Cal Potter).  This will be scheduled for some time on Thursday afternoon.  Docken will also informed the LAMs regarding the important issues regarding WisCat, DPI, UW System Libraries and OCLC.

·       Preliminary Report Digital Library Strategic Directions Committee. (Watson-Boone)

·       Update Digital Library Pilot Project Task Force. (Docken)

·       Report from Ed Meachen (Friday morning).

·       Update on UCITA and possible CUWL action.

·       Report of Resource Sharing subcommittee (Kathy Schneider).  The committee is reviewing CUWL’s Resource Sharing policies in terms of UB functionality.


7.     The meeting adjourned at 2 p. m.



Respectfully submitted,



Patrick Wilkinson